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• 11/27/2017

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• 3/29/2016

Permission to clear the MA Wikia

As far I can see, all the info about MA you can find here are all came from Cherry Credit version of MA which already shutted down.. So do you guys mind if I remove all those old stuff so that I can put information for Eye Identity version of MA?
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• 11/24/2015

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur released for SG and MY

Kai-ri-Sei Million Arthur is now available in English for Singapore and Malaysia! Game file downloads are currently glacial, and there are some bugs that will prevent you from doing the tutorial.
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• 11/20/2015

Change my avatar to another character

How can I change my avatar into another character...? e.x Miku or something else..?
help  me please
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• 7/31/2015


I keep seeing shiny cards mentioned here and there, are those still a thing in the current game, and what is the biggest difference so I don't accidently use one as food for a nonshiny?
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• 8/17/2015

MA SEA Closing Down on November 6

It as been announced that MA SEA will cease operations on November 6, 2015 (GMT+8). The official website, Facebook page and Forum to follow on November 20, 2015.
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• 7/17/2015

Restart and Change Arthur

Is there any way I could restart the game? I want to change my Arthur.
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• 7/17/2015

Million Arthur Global (GAMEVIL)

Post your questions about GAMEVIL's Million Arthur here.

GAMEVIL Forum/Guides
Editing an old Million Arthur wiki for GAMEVIL but I'm too slow cause I got school. Wanna help out? Someone made a new wiki, go help him out.
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• 6/1/2015

Event resources

Hi there!  Just something that I was kind of curious about.  The new card guide says to get the game resources from a certain website, but since that website has been down for a while now, how have people been getting their hands on the resources/art assets to update the wiki?
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• 5/16/2015

Million Arthur crashes when I find bosses or guardians during investigation.

Everytime I find bosses or guardians during investigation the app crashes. But when I play the story and I have to fight a boss the app doesn't crash. Can you help me?
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• 2/20/2015

Beginners Guide?

I just downloaded the game via apk, are there guides/tips for beginners and things like objectives of the game and the best way to make cards stronger?
Are there certain things I should focus on as a beginner?
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• 1/22/2015

Updated Version

GooglePlay still says not available in your country, got it via apk last time and it works, but couldnt find an apk download of the updated version, if you know where to get it please tell me.
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• 12/25/2014

Download Million Arthur !

Um I wanna ask how to download Million Arthur to my phone (Android) since the apps store said that "It's not available in my country" .Are there any ways to change your area to download the game ?
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• 12/9/2014

Limit Breaker

Got this Limit Breaker from Story clear, so now thinking if it is a good Idea to raise the LV of Seika or Chitose, which I got from my Rank 400 in PvP. Do you think that's a good idea or is it wasted because they aren't good enough?
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• 12/4/2014

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur

Found out there is another version of Million Arthur, only in Jap so far not perfect but still want to test this one, but only can find it on GooglePlay and that says not available in your Region, same as with Million Arthur SEA, which I got though SDK. If anyone found it please tell me. Only found out about it because of profile text of some Players in MA SEA.
Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur
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• 10/26/2014

Story Tab

I'd like to move the stories (from Guides) to a new nav.

Main Story
Blade Protector
Techno Smith
Sorcery King
Side Story
Thank you.
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• 10/17/2014

Re: MATools

Any enhancements you want me to add? Bugs to kill? I'm itching to touch some code so I may fix up some stuff along the way.
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• 10/15/2014

Boss Battles

after I dropped some friends who were inactive, I didnt got any help even against LV1 Arousals, must I do something special to send help request to my friends, when the friend list isnt full or was that bad luck that really nobody were online?
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• 10/14/2014


Right now I have LV 47 with 90 AP and BC 185.
The only events I am really could go till max LB are the Fragment Event got Sophiris and Constantine to max. Is the spliting bad or are my Level to low to be better. Or didnt I used  enough items?
How is this:
Fragment Event and Area Boss - Got till max LB
Random Encouter Bosses - 2-3 copys
Collecting - ~30000 (so 2-3 copys)
Gatcha - hardest for free player, but at least obtainable after event end (got AWC - Alessandra now, good card but I wouldnt get to AWC cards easy because I started the game after that event ended)
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• 10/6/2014

Template re-coding

Hi, I've begun recoding the main templates to make it cleaner and remove all the unsightly #if and #expr stuff. You can view and get the sources here:
Template:Detail (Original: Template:Detail - Modified: User:FZFalzar/Template:DetailPrototype)
Module:DetailMod - Module:DetailMod
Usage for modules:
It's pretty simple to use a module function. Just do #invoke: MyModuleName | MyFunction | MyParameter1 | MyParameter2 with the double braces as an example. You can refer to my prototype for reference, I have commented which parameters are required as well, inside the Module link.
If there are more pressing matters that you require abit of code for, just lmk, otherwise I'll just see where needs work and begin there
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