• SmSkdm

    First edit

    February 27, 2017 by SmSkdm

    First time editing. I'm SmSkdm, and is anyone still on this wiki?

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  • Lothaq

    MA:SEA is closing down

    July 30, 2015 by Lothaq

    Just when I was starting to get back into the game, Cherry Credits announces (today at official website closure notice ) that they will be closing down MA:SEA on 30 Oct. 2015.  The death countdown has started; 3 months to go.

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  • Virutāria

    As most of you may already know, Gamevil has officially released the soft-launch version of the global edition of Million Arthur. I noticed that most stats, card frame art and some features are different, such as evolving. So please help contribute to this wikia for the Gamevil edition such that it can help new players better. The game is still in the early stages, meaning that there arent many cards yet. So it would be better to start early. Thanks!


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  • Jrdp 18

    I've added descriptions for some release date events. I'll leave it like that for 2 months into the second year so I can observe how I'm going to put release date + events in one category now since I've already added them. (Why do I end up with the solutions to my problems after I've shelved them for later? OTL) I took the event names from the gacha banners with a few exceptions. I wasn't able to deduce the name of some of the events, like the Maid + Four Symbols event. And especially the March and April 2014 events since MA SEA was still starting back then and the faeries and cards weren't so grouped yet.

    If you've noticed, card update/upload has been slow/late this past months. I'm pretty busy with uni life at the moment but after this month,…

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  • Essienweiss

    I've been progressing through the Four Symobls event and was happy that I had managed to secure well over 30-40 copies of Vermillion Bird so not only could I max her I could use the remaining copies as fodder. So I set my sites on her Holo version, vigorously hunting down any "awakened" (I hate the term aroused) copies of her so that I might find her Holo version. Now with 7 days over I am still wholly unable to find a Holo version of her, but before that I am unable to find a Holo of anything at all. As of right now the only Holo in my collection is apparently a Lyonesse or whatever her name is that I accidentally fused away, no biggie being that she is of low rarity, but other than that I have had nothing, NOTHING. Not only am I wholly u…

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  • Jrdp 18

    All card info updated!

    August 20, 2014 by Jrdp 18

    Finished updating all card information!

    Changes that occured were:

    • Added release dates
    • Small/other skill name
    • Sell price, mostly increased for faeries
    • Some min/max HP & ATK stats were switched, so I might have gotten a few MLB stats switched too (but that's probably for old cards)
    • Min/max holo stats
    • Added all existing combos

    Non-card page changes:

    • Unique card combo updated and re-arranged by their number
    • Evolution page re-arranged by base card rarity and added evolution fee note
    • Release date template updated to be able to display unreleased and missing status

    Card combo stats:

    Each factions number of knights w/ combos:
    • Tech Chapter 63 (1 not yet released)
      • Second - Gawain 7
      • Ywain 5, Kay 5
    • Sword Castle 61
      • First - Lancelot 6
      • Second - Gareth 4, Tristan 4, Iseult…

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  • Julyfire

    Hi there~ I hope everyone came out relatively unscathed from that last ranking event! ^^;; I did surprisingly well, way better than the first ranking event, despite using around the same amount of items. I guess that's because I have become stronger and gained more experience now. :)

    When I saw the leak for Toddler - Constantine, I was like "Awwwww, so cute!

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  • Jrdp 18

    Children are cute...

    August 16, 2014 by Jrdp 18

    I was going to wait for the other site to upload the pictures but they're down again. According to Google, the owner is planning to let go of the site because of the massive bandwidth the pictures are using. As you can see, the gacha cards have the multiplier plastered on it. The data they're using comes from iOS. To anyone who uses an iOS device, could you upload your game data so we can try to use it?

    This time, there are no errors on the card images/cost. I will update the Enchanted pictures later, hoping that the other site will be back again. Maybe it's just like that because of the update. I have only used it mid-event week so I don't know. I was also thinking of writing a card editor's guide using that site as source but it might hav…

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  • バージル

    Just enjoy it ^^

    August 15, 2014 by バージル

    Seriously i got nothing to say only...

    Dont complain about the card or skill

    Try not to get mad for stupid reason

    wether you are a free player or a cash player

    It just a game so enjoy it and have fun

    and no offence ^^

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  • Kerzoz

    Soluton for trappers

    August 15, 2014 by Kerzoz

    Trappers seriously annoy us, especially in fragment event. Firstly, I'm gonna explain why they're annoying, we're all players, if u r on the position of the one being trapped, won't u feel angry?Have u ever get trapped like 8 straight battle? Competition is good, but trapping sure is not -,-
    Second, if u trap people, then what?

    DO YOU EVEN GET ANY CARD? NO Then I ask, what's the point of trapping?Being careful, or make people scared to attack you again? Then I ask again :

    If ur being careful, why not set your deck to your full deck?
    Instead of filling ur 11 slots for good cards and 1 card for bisclavret or something like that, why don't u set it to 12…

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  • Arikaze

    Welp. This is my first time to write here so please bear with me xD

    After the tiring ranking event that made me load up MC for the first time and make me cry because not a single gacha card was given to me. //sniffs The MA world has given hope to me with this event. 

    Well, The first time they leaked Constantine in the page, I was like... "oooh~ Toddlers huh?" but she didn't catch my attention that much.

    But when they released Tinia and Gareth, I was literally jumping out of my chair. //forgive me, I love Gareth too much. OTL

    After reading the event pages in CC, I was sooo excited for the other lolis. (forgive me again, i feel awkward saying toddlers) Planning to go all out for Gareth~ ♥ (Is it wrong for a girl to like Gareth that much? T^T)


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  • Julyfire

    Hey guys! I haven't written a blog post in a while since the last event, hope you're all doing well~ ^^~

    I was really excited when I saw Enchanted - Odette and her stats (from the Korean database) and I was all geared up for this event (Oh yay, another fairy tale event!) until I heard that this event was also a ranking event. NOOOOOO WHYYYYY? ;_; (still kind of scarred after the Popping Candy one >

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  • Jrdp 18

    Haaa, feels like I'm racing with something. It won't be this fast next time, it's just a day-off. (But mid-August is also a day-off... Also midterms during that time so... Yeah, maybe not.)

    Some cards have different costs. Maybe I should wait 3 days to a week before uploading next time.

    Also, Mad Hatter

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  • Jrdp 18

    I've been editing the main story and I definitely know that it's hard to read. After FZFalzar has been able to extract the story text, making the text easier to read is a must before making a lot of additions to it.

    At first I thought of making a new template that will let the requirement and rewards column disappear when the story text is shown. After 4 agonzing hours of trying to make a working template, it simply cannot be done. I think I'll have to make a new javascript for it to work because of MediaWiki's limitations.

    So it's down to modifying the table layout. Since the collapsible text only expands on the available space, the content must be moved. I've put it below the respective title but it still needs some work to make it look go…

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  • Jrdp 18

    Finally! After the pains of trial and error plus uploading the event pictures, I finally got it right. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    I'll look into the template code some other time to make it show the whole picture. Or make it reduce the size of the preview.

    I'm still not sure how I made the picture preview work. The uploaded picture must be the preview size already and has the e_[name].png ? Or that's just template requirements...?

    Note in editing the template:

    • The preview picture is a completely different file from the picture on the event page,
    • Or the page uses the preview picture's file, thus it will be smaller.
    • There must be no spaces or breaks on the code, one event = one line
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  • Jrdp 18

    Dinner Break!

    July 21, 2014 by Jrdp 18

    Finished updating the main event cards so I'm gonna take a dinner break!

    The card pictures I uploaded are smaller than the previously uploaded ones, probably because my device is smaller than the typical tablet. But why are the icons larger??? (?.?)

    I was suprised with Little Grey's arousal form. I was lamenting that I was getting lots of materials for her when I don't like her. And then, ta-da! A cute little girl has appeared~

    Ywain's Lion is funny, those eyes.

    And the shiny cards are hard to identify, especially Bisclav's! If it wasn't labeled shiny, I might never notice.

    I still have to figure out why the previous uploads don't have the multiplier plastered on their pictures.

    Updates to do (besides finishing uploading this event's cards):

    • Upda…
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  • Julyfire

    Wedding Event~

    July 16, 2014 by Julyfire

    Yay, the "boring" AWC event is finally over! After I saw the Pure - Nimue leak, I got really excited for the next event, so I eagerly waited for maintenance to be over and start~ ^^ This event looks pretty busy, with two bosses (Guinevere and Bisclavret), three evolution cards, and a collection card, and can I just say, all the cards look really nice!  :D  Well, actually, Pure - Bisclavret is a bit ugly for a bride but... overall, the art is an improvement from the last event. ^^;;

    Like with the first day of each new event, the first hour was basically just a massacre of everything in sight so all the NFs died really quickly, and the AFs were quickly taken down as well. I managed to get one Pure - Guinevere already, so progress is looking g…

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  • Julyfire

    I had been accumulating the boss cards Rozalina and Paula for a while now, hoping for a shiny since I really, really like that limited black and rainbow border and after 35+ Rozalina and 25+ Paula, I finally had a shiny Rozalina drop ^O^! I was so excited, and it was completely unexpected since I had pretty much given up hope on a shiny at this point with so little time left for the event. I was sadly reading all my messages about how a lot of my friends got all three shiny bosses: Rozalina, Paula, and Queen of Avalon, and I was just thinking that I would be happy with just one shiny card, preferably Rozalina (I love those stars!).

    It's my first shiny boss drop (not counting Andromeda since Cherry messed up on that one and there were way to…

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  • Julyfire

    AWC Event

    June 30, 2014 by Julyfire

    A bit disappointed with the art this time around. I understand that CC hired some indie artists to illustrate the cards, but I thought they would have picked better artists/better representations of these artists' work. I saw other works by the same artists and some look great! Hopefully, the artists can keep improving! ^o^

    I'm not too excited about the stats for the cards either (from what I've seen so far, at least), so I guess I'll just sit back and relax for this event (the Scholars one was too hectic! @_@). I'm just going to focus on stocking up on potions and gacha tickets for future seasons. ^^~

    On another more positive note, I think Queen of Avalon's art is awesome! MUST. GET. (even if your stats aren't the best haha... xD;;).


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  • Ccjgaara

    Group on Line

    June 28, 2014 by Ccjgaara

    Hello guys, I've been thinking of making a Line group consisting of MA players. We can add each other on MA and share arousal bosses, help with fragments etc. I was in a MA group earlier and I'm leaving it due to some problems, in the new group there are currently 3 members including myself so if anyone is interested in joining add me on line. Line ID: Kazekage101

    Thank You ^^ 

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  • Nominibus

    Hello there~

    May 31, 2014 by Nominibus

    Hello there, nice to meet all of you! I'm kinda new here, and I hope I could try helping out a little in this wikia (after the exams, that is.).

    Feel free to chat about anything with me, random stuff or just stuff about the your day. Feel free to add me in the game too, my game id is the same as the one I'm using here, I have a couple of crewmates that are not online lately, so just send in a request~

    By the way, anyone here plays Ayakashi or Fantasica?



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  • Nonanyan

    Alright let's get this straight: when fairytale event first came out I totally thought about Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and the like. I wasn't expecting Korean fairytales... (not that I hated it of course - let's just say I spent at least a day researching the lores of all the cards and, well, yeah...)

    So NOW with the release of the sneak peek of Odette, I assume this next event will showcase the fairytale characters that I grew up reading. And if you can't tell right now, I'm super excited (like bouncing-from-my-sofa fangirling kind of excited because I just really love fairytales ^^;)

    But since I don't know what type of event it will be (evolution, ranking, fragments, or normal), I'll just stick to giving the link to the fair…

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  • Agerus

    Max limit break

    May 16, 2014 by Agerus

    What on earth is that? Will someone explain to me? And what's the best method to achieve this max limit break?

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  • Ccjgaara

    Next Event

    May 13, 2014 by Ccjgaara

    A fairytale is descending on Million Arthur this coming Thursday... With a chance to get this lovely lady in holographic form (not Gacha)!

    The card looks so cute :3 Any guess on what type of Event it will be ? :v

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  • Vyrena

    Dear all

    The purpose I am creating this thread is because I wanted to figure out the selling price of cards at a certain level. However I am unable to do that on my own as I lack sufficient data. The information on the wiki even with regards to the base lv 1 selling price is wrong more often than I would prefer. Hence I have created a google spreadsheet in the hope that everyone can take some time in between your playing schedule . Once sufficient data is collected I will massage it into a readable format. Hopefully this would also help to corect some of the selling price errors in the wiki.

    Everyone can chip in. How to use the spreadsheet:


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  • Riesette

    So i wonder something guys, after the evolution event, as long as we have the materials we can evolve them right? since we can do the evolution, after the event ,do we need to MLB AND max level too?

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  • Thesimpleway

    Well... now I have to spend a lot of money to make a new one :(

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  • Asa Hikari

    Limit break

    May 2, 2014 by Asa Hikari

    Hi,nice to meet you everyone! What do you think is the best way to limit break a card?Max the card level first,then limit break or limit break a card at lv 1? Thanks in advance.

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  • Sin Kuzume

    Skill Questions

    April 28, 2014 by Sin Kuzume

    Uhm hi everyone, I really need some questions to be answered.

    Florence's skill - to have "7 blade protector cards" it doesnt specify if its IN the deck, do you only need to obtain 7 BP cards ?

    Silky's Skill - I dont know. Why does my Silky NEVER proc, unless its on the FIRST attack, or when i use a full team, I know its luck based but wth, ganeida procs more than her >.>

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  • ShinXVII

    hello everyone

    April 24, 2014 by ShinXVII

    hi there.

    It's a little bit late but I'm new? here... nice to meet all of you. btw, I love Nimue :D

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  • Ccjgaara

    RLB or Normal LB

    April 20, 2014 by Ccjgaara

    I RLB'ed lvl 50 peridod n got it to lvl 60 costed me 48k gold.

    Then for the lvl 60 Peridod I fused lvl 1 Peridod one lvl1 3* cherry and a couple of 4* feeders (about 4 ~ 6) costed me about 5k but I got it to lvl 70. so I think RLB is a waste of gold =__=

    So what are your opinions ?

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  • Syroice

    List of Cards by Cost

    April 20, 2014 by Syroice

    Hello. I've created a page dedicated to ranking cards based on HP + ATK / BC, purely for efficiency. List of Cards by Cost

    Its still in the works, feel free to contribute, will help in sorting the 200+ cards :)

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  • Angelina Wong


    April 19, 2014 by Angelina Wong


    I'm new to this wiki...Nice to meet you all. 

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  • Sin Kuzume

    Art Comparison~

    April 19, 2014 by Sin Kuzume

    TCGs, RPGs, Card games and whatnot's population is quickly rising. Though within every category, there are always some considered the best. So I listed down a few card games that I think are ranked topped 3 for the "Card Game" Category. And Those are.

    (In no particular order)

    • DMT - Devil Maker Tokyo
    • AGG - Ayakashi Ghost Guild
    • MA - Million Arthur

    The title of this blog post explains all, how would you rank these 3 card games based on their art?

    Feel free to comment ^_^

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  • Xyonic

    Japanese Wiki

    April 19, 2014 by Xyonic

    Feel free to use the info on the Japanese wiki to get some basic info on the cards since every card info is the same as the jap wiki, this will be easier to get some info on the cards and place them on the wiki.

    But please refrain from adding cards that hasn't been released yet/might not be released in the SEA ver.

    P.S: Use Google Translator or anything that can translate kanji(japanese) into English

    P.S.S: This is only used for getting Basic Information like MAX stats, Cost, Gender, and etc

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  • Ajibcobain

    Cherry Credits is bringing you the ever-popular Million Arthur in English! Join our Pre-Launch Sign Up to receive a limited edition Super Rare+ card when the game launches, and a chance to take part in the Lucky Draw to win fabulous prizes from Dell!

    Sign up now at!

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