Million Arthur (SEA) Wiki

Bosses are an important part of the game. They use BP just like Fragment Battles. When there is a boss available, yours or one found by a friend, a red flashing "Faerie Sighting" banner will appear on the main base page. So far, all bosses have been available as part of an event. Check the Event page for what is currently available.

Bosses come in two varieties, a regular version that you will encounter by exploring and an arousal version that has a low chance of spawning after defeating a regular boss. Arousal versions are considerably stronger and drop much better rewards (minimums being Rares). An important note, do not finish another player's boss while you have one of your own waiting. Only one boss can be attached to any player's name so by killing their boss you have stolen any chance of an arousal version spawning.

The best strategy for defeating difficult bosses is to repeatedly use a small (usually 3 card), low cost deck of your best attack cards. There is no penalty for failing so this method eliminates the weaker cards that would be rotated out. Your best cards will have a high attack to DC ratio, not necessarily a high DC. Since strong bosses will usually one hit KO you, recovery and defense skills are mostly useless.

There are also boss battles as part of the story line. If they are defeated within a certain time limit, a greater reward is given, usually including Gacha Tickets.

Zone Guardians from the end of vanilla exploration zones are another version of bosses. Their card is a guaranteed drop.

Previous Bosses[]

These cards have been bosses in the past. The cards and their shiny versions are very rare drops. To see what bosses are currently available, check the Event page.

Mermaid Icon.png Leviathan Icon.png Student - Gareth Icon.png Student - Ganeida Icon.png Silky Icon.png Kelpie Icon.png Dryad Icon.png Elena Icon.png Fairytale - Kongjwi Icon.png Fairytale - Patjwi Icon.png Culmin Icon.png Tylwyth Teg Icon.png Celestial - Andromeda Icon.png
Scholar - Arthur Blade Protector Icon.png Scholar - Arthur Techno Smith Icon.png Scholar - Arthur Sorcery King Icon.png AWC - Paula Icon.png AWC - Rozalina Icon.png Queen of Avalon Icon.png Pure - Bisclavret Icon.png Pure - Guinevere Icon.png

Enchanted - Mad Hatter Icon.png Enchanted - Pied Piper Icon.png Enchanted - Snow White Icon.png

Toddler - Gareth Icon.png Toddler - Tinia Icon.png Flower - Rose Icon.png Flower - Marigold Icon.png
Sports Day - Dinia Icon.png Sports Day - Myorang Icon.png Sports Day - Score Icon.png Swimsuit - Lavia Icon.png Swimsuit - Snail Bride Icon.png Cross - Constantine Icon.png Cross - Lancelot Icon.png Cross - Mordred Icon.png Student - Lucas Icon.png Student - Kalia Icon.png Student - Duspia Icon.png Student - Evra Icon.png Mirai Suenaga (Boss) Icon.png Kizuna Yumeno (Boss) Icon.png Zodiac - Kaynine Icon.png Neko Icon.png Zodiac - Draco Icon.png
First - Lancelot Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png Morale - Lancelot Icon.png Morale - Gawain Icon.png Confess - Belita (Pure) Icon.png Confess - Belita (Rage) Icon.png Confess - Arthur Techno Smith Icon.png Mahjong - All Terminals Icon.png Mahjong - Fourfold Plenty Icon.png Blitz - Arthur Blade Protector Icon.png Blitz - Arthur Techno Smith Icon.png Blitz - Arthur Sorcery King Icon.png Toddler - Seoktalhae Icon.png Toddler - Bihyungrang Icon.png Traditional - Lucia Icon.png Traditional - Xiaohua Icon.png Scorching - Peridod Icon.png Scorching - Enid Icon.png
Blademaster - Durandal Icon.png Blademaster - Dainsleif Icon.png Sports Day - Morpheus Icon.png Sports Day - Ronnie Icon.png Sports Day - Chibi Sorcery King Icon.png Sports Day - Chibi Blade Protector Icon.png Sports Day - Chibi Techno Smith Icon.png Blitz - Lilith Icon.png Blitz - Popo Icon.png Blitz - Mist Icon.png Student - Khana Icon.png Student - Ling Yue Icon.png SGMA - Avalon Icon.png SGMA - Shiro and Kuro Icon.png Brilliant - Kayla Icon.png Brilliant - Diaz Icon.png Summer - Morpheus Icon.png Summer - Bobbi Icon.png Summer - Miley Icon.png

Boss Rewards[]

The following is an incomplete list of possible drops. The chances of certain drops depends on the level of the boss and possibly your contribution to the fight. Every contributor to the fight will get one card. The player who found the boss will get a second card and, if someone else finished the battle, that player gets an extra card too.

It is possible to get Boss cards from defeating the regular boss, but it is an extremely low chance.

Regular Boss Rewards
Super Rare

First - Lancelot Icon.png Second - Peridod Icon.png Specific - da Vinci Icon.png First - Galahad Icon.png Hybrid - Nimue Icon.png Fairytale - Son of Cinnamon Tree Icon.png Sorceress - Morgan Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png Second - Ellen Icon.png

Rare +

Prototype - Lot Icon.png Second - Pelleas Icon.png Specific - Himiko Icon.png Specific - Lucrezia Icon.png Specific - Orion Icon.png Sorceress - Morgause Icon.png Support - Enide Icon.png Support - Tinia Icon.png Clone - Fisher King Icon.png Specific - Napoleon Icon.png Specific - Wilhelm Icon.png Specific - Georgius Icon.png Specific - Hannibal Icon.png Specific - Caesar Icon.png Second - Colgrevance Icon.png Support - Candy Icon.png Specific - Antoinette Icon.png Green Knight Icon.png Command - Guinevere Icon.png


Prophecy - Merlin Icon.png Prototype - Urien Icon.png Second - Balan Icon.png Second - Ettarde Icon.png Second - Lohengrin Icon.png Second - Tristan Icon.png Specific - Belleville Icon.png Specific - Dietrich Icon.png Specific - Hervor Icon.png Specific - Snow White Icon.png Support - Lunete Icon.png

Normal +

Invader - Ban Icon.png Second - Guivret Icon.png Second - Lanceor Icon.png Support - Brangaine Icon.png Support - Laudine Icon.png


Prototype - Vortigern Icon.png Second - Agravain Icon.png Second - Bernard Icon.png Second - Bisclavret Icon.png Second - Bors the Younger Icon.png Second - Elyan Icon.png Second - Ironside Icon.png Second - Kardeiz Icon.png Second - Lamorak Icon.png Second - Pellinore Icon.png Second - Telramund Icon.png Second - Breunor Icon.png Second - Maleagant Icon.png Support - Ortrud Icon.png

Arousal Boss Rewards
Super Rare

First - Galahad Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png First - Lancelot Icon.png Hybrid - Nimue Icon.png Second - Ellen Icon.png Second - Dinadan Icon.png Second - Peridod Icon.png Sorceress - Morgan Icon.png Specific - da Vinci Icon.png Specific - Robin Hood Icon.png Student - Peridod Icon.png Fairytale - Son of Cinnamon Tree Icon.png Second - Swirl Icon.png Second - Tabek Icon.png Zodiac - Tigris Icon.png Confess - Popular Icon.png Morale - Da Vinci Icon.png


Command - Guinevere Icon.png Green Knight Icon.png Prototype - Lot Icon.png Second - Colgrevance Icon.png Second - Griflet Icon.png Second - Oryll Icon.png Second - Pelleas Icon.png Second - Suneka Icon.png Second - Ywain Icon.png Sorceress - Morgause Icon.png Specific - Antoinette Icon.png Specific - Caesar Icon.png Specific - Georgius Icon.png Specific - Hannibal Icon.png Specific - Himiko Icon.png Specific - Napoleon Icon.png Specific - Orion Icon.png Specific - Wilhelm Icon.png Support - Alma Icon.png Support - Candy Icon.png Support - Enide Icon.png Support - Fyne Icon.png Support - Iseult the Blond Icon.png Support - Juanita Icon.png Support - Reese Icon.png Support - Rosalia Icon.png Support - Tinia Icon.png


Prophecy - Merlin Icon.png Prototype - Urien Icon.png Specific - Belleville Icon.png Specific - Hervor Icon.png Specific - Snow White Icon.png