Million Arthur (SEA) Wiki

Invite friends and get more card rewards! The more friends you invite, the better the reward!

How to Invite Friends[]

When your friend starts playing Million Arthur with your Invite ID, you will be rewarded with Invitation Points. You will be rewarded according to the amount of Invitation Points accumulated.

To find out your Invite ID:
1. At the home screen, press the 'Menu' button.
Main screen.jpg
2. Press 'News'.
3. Select the 'Invite a Friend' banner.
4. Your Invite ID and invitation status will be displayed.
Invite id.jpg

Your friend can enter your Invite ID at the log in screen. A successful invite is counted when the following criteria are met:

  • The Invite ID is entered when your friend accesses the game for the first time.
  • Your friend completes the tutorial.
  • You have an available friend slot during the entire time period when your friend uses your Invite ID until he/she completes the tutorial.

Source: What is an Invite ID and where can i find mine?


Refer 1 Friend: Support - Iseult of the White Hands Icon.png
Refer 4 Friends: Support - Elaine the Grail Bearer Icon.png
Refer 6 Friends: Specific - Santa Claus Icon.png
Refer 8 Friends: Second - Percival Icon.png
Refer 10 Friends: Mermaid Icon.png