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This is a Blade Protector player's story.

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Coronation Plan[]

Chapter 1[]

Name Unlock at Reward
The Wielder of the Sword Start of the game
Faye "A-Amazing! You pulled out the legendary sword! Which means, you must be..."
Arthur "That's it? That's all I need to do?"
Faye "Why, yes! Yes, that's more than enough! There's no doubt about it: you must be destined to rule over Britain!"
Faye "The 983,067th hero to wield Excalibur: Arthur, ruler of all Britain!"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "Wait, what? I don't think so. Run that by me again? [sic]"
Faye "Sigh... I'll only say it once more, so listen up: You are the 983,067th person to wield the Excalibur."
Merlin "Hmph... There's no need to make quite such a big deal of it every time, Faye..."
Arthur "Merlin, there must be some sort of mistake.. Surely that many people can't have already wielded Excalibur before me?!"
Merlin "What gave you the idea there's only one Excalibur, eh?"
Merlin "Excalibur may prove its wielder's ability to rule, but there are more potential monarchs than you think..."
Arthur "But 983,066 of them...?!"
Faye "Anyway, we've other things to discuss, so..."
Arthur "Other things to discuss?! Excuse me, we're trying to decide on the ruler of Britain here, in case you hadn't noticed!"
Merlin "That may be so. But as ruler of Britain, you have duties to perform."
Merlin "Not the least of which is defending your kingdom against the Invaders."
The Invaders Start of the game Exp
Merlin "You will need this. Here, take it. It is a model of the Round Table."
Arthur "Uh... What's this tiny Round Table for?"
Merlin "To wield the power of your knights. You use it by amassing sets of cards."
Faye "Knight cards are set in order of strength, starting with the strongest. You can edit your deck yourself later."
Arthur "What makes you think I'll need this?"
Merlin "Foreign invaders are afoot, young Arthur."
Mission Briefing "-------------------------------------"
Faye "Enemies are attempting to invade the shores of Camelot from the seas to the south."
Faye "You must head to the coast and drive away any invaders attempting to besiege your land!"
Merlin "The Invaders are skilled fighters who possess terrifying strength. If they invade Britain, our people are done for."
Faye "Please, for the sake of Britain! Go to the coast, and defend our land against the rampagers! You're our only hope!"
Monologue "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "My father, Uther Pendragon, was a king of sterling caliber."
Arthur "Alas, he is no longer among us. When he disappeared, the peaceful Britain plunged into an age of turbulence."
Arthur "The enemy has seized this moment to strike."
Arthur "Repelled time and again by King Uther, a great legion heads this way from their land beyond the sea..."
Arthur "My father spoke often of them: the Invaders from beyond."
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "There are so many of them! Do we really have what it takes to push them back?!"
Merlin (Radio) "Ordinarily, my answer would be no."
Merlin (Radio) "But you are no ordinary warrior. You are the wielder of Excalibur! Never forget who you are!"
Battle with Giant Cyborg "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Did we... just manage to hold them off?"
Arthur "Wait a minute... Did EVERYONE here manage to pull Excalibur from the stone?"
Merlin (Radio) "You must prove yourself before you can become the true king. Fight hard, and above all, survive! Look, enemies!"
Some time passed. "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "(Huff... Puff...) No one can escape Excalibur's wrath! Go back to where you belong!"
Faye (Radio) "I'm picking up a strong energy reading from the seas to the south. It must be a dragon!"
Faye (Radio) "Judging by its magical power, I'd say it is a Class 2 specimen. In other words: take cover!"
Arthur "Wha-?"
There's shaking. "-------------------------------------"
Faye (Radio) "I'm not picking up any signal from the Excaliburs on the coast! Master, we've got Excaliburs down! Lots of them!"
Merlin (Radio) "I knew it... Our forces still aren't strong enough!"
Arthur "Wh-What do you mean, "not strong enough"?"
Arthur "We're the legendary wielders of Excalibur! Nothing's supposed to be able to stand in our way!"
Faye (Radio) "Class 2 Dragon's signal detected! Angry flying reptile, incoming!"
Arthur "...!"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "...What's it doing?"
Merlin (Radio) "It appears to be retreating."
Merlin (Radio) "Taming a dragon is no easy feat. One false move, and it can vaporize your army in an instant."
Arthur "So we're going up against... whoever tamed THAT thing?!"
Arthur "The Invaders from beyond the sea..."
Post-battle Report "-------------------------------------"
Faye "You've driven the Invaders away from the coast for now. Nice work back there."
Faye "We've sustained heavy casualties, but we managed to stave off the worst."
Faye "You did well out there, Arthur. Rest up and gather your strength."
Legend of the Lake 4 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Merlin "Arthur, might I have a word?"
Arthur "What is it now?"
Arthur "Come to sweet talk me again? Tell me how I'm the one true ruler, before sending me out to die?"
Merlin "I was worried you'd see it like that. There's more to being king than wielding a sword, Arthur."
Merlin "Arthur, as part of your duties as sworn ruler, you are required to govern a single town."
Merlin "This is an important task, Arthur. You will not defeat the Invaders solely by triumphing over them in battles."
Merlin "This is a war between nations. It is not enough that the crown alone be strong - the realm must be, too."
Arthur "So you're saying... To repel the Invaders, I must train my people too?"
Faye "A strong realm and populace will be to your advantage, Arthur."
Faye "The knights registered to your Round Table obey the one who wields Excalibur."
Faye "Their powers with the development of your town. [sic]"
Arthur "And that means...?"
Merlin "Come with me, and I shall explain. You must realize by now that your knights are not just ordinary people."
Arthur "Wait a minute. I've heard about the "Lake" and "synthesizing", but I don't even know what knights are!"
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "They're not...human?"
Merlin "Arthur, how familiar are you with the tales of the Ancients?"
Arthur "I know they died out centuries ago. Their ruins can be found deep within the forests and seas."
Merlin "There was an age when Man lived with the faeries, and the faeries looked after wondrous devices."
Merlin "The "Lake" is one such ancient relic. I was able to repair it enough to make it operational."
Arthur "You what?"
Merlin "I even tinkered around with Faye, who controls the Lake."
Merlin "Faeries cannot usually be understood by humans. Although as a Briton, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that."
Arthur "Tell me what the Lake is."
Merlin "It is a device that can be used for many purposes. It was used to create Excalibur, in fact."
Merlin "It can also be used to create the life forms we call knights, according to the wishes of its user."
Merlin "Once upon a time, we gathered all the genes of the kings and great soldiers. They were used during civil strifes."
Arthur "So the faeries used their magical devices to make knights out of those genes..."
Faye "Knights are first created using the genes of heroes. Then we use magic to make their bodies stronger than humans."
Arthur "You're just as bad as the Invaders..."
Arthur "Is this how far you're prepared to go to fight?!"
Merlin "Unfortunately, this is the reality of the situation."
Merlin "The only way to end it now is to win the war. And the only one who can do that is you, young Arthur."
The Knight of the Lake 4 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Lancelot "So you're Arthur, huh?"
Arthur "Who's asking?"
Lancelot "My name is Lancelot. I am a Knight of the Lake. Fear not. I mean no harm."
Lancelot "I'm here to receive your orders. You seem better than other kings too."
Arthur "Other kings...? Speaking of which, where are the other Arthurs? Maybe if we could combine our strength, we could..."
Lancelot "Oh, they're probably off killing each other somewhere."
Arthur "Wha-?"
Lancelot "I said they're off killing one another."
Lancelot "No matter how many Excaliburs were pulled from the stone, there can only be one King at the end of the day."
Lancelot "And when there can only be one ruler... Well, you can probably guess what happens next."
Arthur "Everyone starts fighting among themselves..."
Lancelot "As far as Merlin's concerned, it's all just mock battles designed to gauge individual Arthurs' abilities."
Lancelot "By making the Arthurs fight each other, only the strongest will survive at the end and remain for Merlin's cause!"
Arthur "B-But... What about the Invaders? Britain's already in a precarious situation as it is!"
Lancelot "You speak sense. I understand your anger, but I suspect that Merlin has already factored this into his plans."
Arthur "And that means...?"
Lancelot "What better than an impending crisis to focus the abilities and fury of men? [sic]"
Arthur "So he's getting us to fight one another so that we develop the necessary skills to defeat our opponents?"
Lancelot "A loser in the mock battle can never be the ruler capable of defeating the Invaders. It's like natural selection."
Arthur "Why, that sneaky..."
Lancelot "Knights may appear a little...strange to humans such as yourself. They were made by faeries, after all."
Lancelot "Don't forget though: as far as knights are concerned, humans are wondrous, powerful beings."
Arthur "......"
Lancelot "Heh... It's precisely the fact that this makes you uncomfortable that leads me to believe you're different from the rest."
Lancelot "Come: it's time to pit your abilities against your fellow men. Show the world what you've got: for the sake of Britain!"
Grass Is Always Greener 4 150 Unity Points
300 Gold
Faye "It looks as though the Invaders are getting ready to attack again."
Arthur "What do the Invaders want with Britain anyway? Haven't they already got enough space on their continent as it is?"
Merlin "They want our magic resources."
Arthur "Our magic resources?"
Merlin "In Britain, we take magic for granted. But in the land of the Invaders, magic is a rarity."
Faye "Faeries cannot use their powers properly outside their comfort zones of forests and seas of Britain."
Arthur "But why? How come the Invaders can't use magic where they come from?"
Merlin "Their technology far surpasses our own. However, this has led to devastating pollution of their lands."
Merlin "Faeries live in forests. But many of the forests were actually created by the Ancients to spread magic in Britain."
Merlin "They used to be mere shrubs, but now they're indistinguishable from the ordinary forests."
Merlin "And this is but one example. Volcanoes, rivers, sand dunes, plains... All closely connected to the Ancients."
Merlin "Our rich abundance of natural resources lies at the heart of all our magic - resources our enemies don't have."
Arthur "Do the Invaders know about this?"
Merlin "It would appear not. As far as they're concerned, our magic is the result of technology that they've yet to attain."
Faye "The only magic the Invaders know how to use is the fiery breath of the ancient Dragons that they've succeeded in taming."
Faye "Aside from that, they don't seem to have developed the ability to use magic directly."
Merlin "What's more, the size of those hulking dragons means they require an awful lot of food the keep them in shape."
Merlin "The Invaders may treat Dragons as their saviors. But in fact, it's the Dragons that are devastating their forests."
Arthur "So the Invaders are actually victims too, in a way..."
Merlin "Be that as it may, you mustn't forget that they are our enemies."
Merlin "They are an example of what we must never allow ourselves to become. Britain should not fall into their hands!"
Saving Cameliard (Boss Battle) 5 150 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 500 Unity Points
Merlin "There is a lack of proper harmony between the Excalibur, the Round Table, and the knights."
Merlin "I have called upon the family in charge of the Round Table to come here and re-balance the table."
Faye "The family has long ruled Cameliard of central Britain. But King Rience is plotting to seize the lands from them."
Faye "If we don't put a stop to Rience's plans for domination, the Cameliard people will not be able to help us."
Merlin "Your objective is to rescue Princess Guinevere, the leader of the Round Table."
Merlin "Her cooperation will prove indispensable in our fight against the Invaders."
Merlin "Remember that, boy. We're counting on you."
Me "Huh ?! the screen went blacks ?!"
Lancelot "Well, well. Turns out Merlin's plans aren't as foolproof as all that, after all. He's a callous one, that old man..."
Lancelot "A noble maiden is at risk of being attacked by a marauding tyrant - isn't that reason enough to save her?"
Arthur "I know his type: he needs a reason for everything, even good deeds."
Arthur "Deep down, he's worried about the princess's safety. That's his real reason for ordering us to protect Cameliard."
Lancelot "Hmph. You think a magician obsessed with getting what he wants really cares about other people? well..."
Lancelot "Now let's go teach this King Rience a thing or two about chivalry."
Me "It's battle time"
Rience Soldier 1 "H-Huh?!"
Rience Soldier 2 "R-reinforcements! And they don't appear to be regular Cameliard forces!"
Rience "Who goes there ?!"
Lancelot "Ho ho! I'm Lancelot of the Camelot army."
Lancelot "Tell this scoundrel who you are! He's barely worth the bother. Think of him as the first stepping stone to greatness."
Rience "B-Blasphemy! How dare you speak to the great King Rience like that?!"
Lancelot "Pfft. What good is a king who couldn't even pull the Excalibur? Preapare to tremble before the might of a true king!"
Arthur "I am Arthur !"
Arthur "Listen up, land-grabber! You call yourself a soldier, waltzing into kingdoms and turning your sword on women?!"
Arthur "By the might entrusted to me by Excalibur, let's put your cowardly ways to the test!"
Me "Battle Time ! It's Rience BBQ time !"
Rience "(Hah…Puff…) I thought that girl would be a fine gift to the Eleven Kings."
Rience "Time for me to retreat! Troops, don't let them get any further! Protect me with your lives!"
Arthur "…He's on the run. Still you've got to feel sorry for any vassals whose job is to protect that guy."
Lancelot "Should we go after him?"
Arthur "Let him rum. We've already protected the land and saved the princess."
Arthur "…Besides, there's no use spilling more blood over a lowlife like that."
Me "The screen went black again..."
Faye "King Rience has fled Cameliard for good! Form an alliance with Cameliard, and he won't cause trouble…for now at least."
Merlin "It looks as though Princess Guinevere is safe and sound."
Merlin "Well done, Arthur. I knew I could count on you."
Feisty Princess Guinevere 6 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Well, I never! So you're Arthur, are you?"
Arthur "Uh, yeah..."
Guinevere "Guinevere here, at your service: the Princess of Cameliard."
Merlin "You can bring harmony to Excalibur, the Round Table and your knights if you assign a leader to your Round Table."
Arthur "To be honest, I hadn't even noticed any trouble.. Do you really think you'll be able to fix it?"
Guinevere "A piece of cake! Merlin has been doing his best, but his methods are quite sloppy."
Merlin "First you must decied how many knights you need. You have quite a few more than I expected, Arthur."
Merlin "Anyway, the strength of each Arthur's model tables are more or less the same."
Merlin "If you wanted to wipe out all the knights of the Round Table, you would have to slay all the Arthurs."
Guinevere "(Hmm... But then there wouldn't be much of a competition between the Round Tables, now would there?)"
Arthur "Well...? Can you fix it?"
Guinevere "I said it'd be a piece of cake, didn't I? But before that..."
Arthur "Hm?"
Guinevere "I owe you one punch from back there!"
You hear punching sounds. "-------------------------------------"
Faye "H-Hey!! W-What, are you crazy?! And besides, that's more than one punch!"
Merlin "You've gone and stunned the poor child!"
Guinevere "Shut it, old man! What's this I hear about you letting King Rience escape after he invaded my kingdom back there?"
Guinevere "WELL?! Why didn't you gut him where he stood?!"
Guinevere "Awww, is the little kiddy-widdy too scared to get his "pwecious" hands dirty? Then leave it to me, next time!"
Guinevere "Enemies are for slicing, y'hear me?! Threats are to be neutralized! Or did they not teach you that back in knight school?"
Lancelot "Hold your horses, lady. We let him escape for the sake of those working for him, not for Rience himself."
Lancelot "The way of the knight might not mean much to you, but Arthur acted like a true and noble king back there!"
Guinevere "Watch your tongue, pretty boy!"
Lancelot "What did you just call me?! Come here, and I'll wipe that smirk clean off your face!"
Guinevere "Hmph. Anyway, I'm bored of this."
Guinevere "...Oh well, no use in dwelling on what's done. At least this way I've got something to look forward to, I guess."
Lancelot "(Sigh... We might've bitten off more than we can chew with this one, Your Grace.)"
Arthur "(...I'm all for women's independence, but does she have to be so mean about it?!)"
Guinevere "(Ahem! I can hear you, by the way.) [sic]"
Arthur/Lancelot "Yikes!!"
Loves Works Mysteriously 6 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Faye "Guinevere! A letter has arrived for you from Cameliard."
Guinevere "Ooh, from papa, perhaps...? Hand it over, let me see..."
Guinevere "... ... ... ... ... ..."
Guinevere "Arthur! Hey, Arthur!"
Arthur "(...Is there any chance she hasn't seen me?)"
Guinevere "How dare you! Where do you get off making deals with my papa in private, huh?!"
Faye "Waaaagghh! She's grabbed Arthur by his collar and is suspending him in the air!"
Arthur "H-Hey, put me down! What's the big idea?!"
Guinevere "O-ho! So you're playing dumb now, eh?! Here! Read what it says!"
Guinevere "To the heroic king who saved Cameliard, as a mark of my respect, please accept my daughter's hand in marriage."
Guinevere "My stubborn papa would never give up his only daughter just like that! WELL?! What do you have to say for yourself, Arthur?"
Faye "Uh oh..."
Arthur "Why don't you ask your dad? He's the one who sent the letter."
Guinevere "You think this is just a big pain in the arse, don't you? I can read it plainly on your face!"
Arthur "Lots of Arthurs helped saved [sic] Cameliard. How do you know I'm even the one your father's thanking?"
Guinevere "Hang on, now that you mention it, I remember there are an infinite number of Round Table Models. How many again?"
Faye "Ahem."
Faye "There are currently 1,017,002 candidates for Britain's throne who have pulled the Excalibur. Both male and female."
Guinevere "What?! THAT many? Show me that list!"
Guinevere "Could this mean that my foolish father has offered my hand in marriage to all the Arthurs?"
Faye "It'd make for an interesting wedding night, at least..."
Guinevere "Whose idea was it to give this faerie a sarcasm function?!"
Guinevere "Is this some kind of sick joke...? Does my father really expect me to marry children? And old people?!"
Guinevere "Arthur, you beast! This is all your fault! I'll teach you a lesson for interfering in my affairs!"
You hear punching sounds. "-------------------------------------"
Faye "H-Hey! Don't put Arthur in a headlock!"
Guinevere "Hmph. The important thing is I mustn't let word of this get out. It would be an absolute disaster."
Guinevere "Arthur! For now at least, you are to pretend that we are betrothed."
Guinevere "If any other suitor comes for me, you shall protect my honor. Have I made myself clear?"
Arthur "Umm... Actually, I'm not sure I want to be betrothed to--"
Arthur "Sigh... Here we go again."
A Formidable Foe (Boss Battle) 7 1 AP Potion
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(3) 1000 Unity Points
Faye "We've got trouble!"
Faye "Unspecified forces are launcing an assault against Camelot! We must hurry to the city and retaliate!"
Merlin "This is not a drill, like your confrontations with the other Arthurs. Real lives are at stake. You must win!"
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Who are they? They don't look like the Invaders. Could it be Rience's forces?"
Guinevere "King Rience, you say?! You know what to do, Arthur! It's a Rience-sauté for supper tonight!"
Lancelot "We can't be sure it's him yet... But no matter."
Lancelot "Either way, our mission is the same. The enemy's identity will soon become apparent once we lock swords."
Battle with Second - Garlon "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "(Huff... Puff...) These guys are way too tough to be Rience's forces! Their strength isn't human..."
Lancelot "Heaven only knows who we're up against, but it looks like we're not the only ones using Knights of the Lake!"
Battle with Second - Launfal "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "These guys sure as heck aren't the Invaders... But they're also not Camelot forces. Who on earth are they?!"
Lancelot "There'll be time for that later. First, let's just focus on getting out of this alive!"
Battle with Second - Damas "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Did we...get them all?"
Lancelot "Arthur! Watch out!"
Arthur "(Cough... cough...)"
Arthur "Who the heck are you?!"
Lot "Hm... You're quick on your feet, I'll give you that. But that alone won't save you!"
Lancelot "Prepare yourself, Arthur: it looks like this guy means business!"
Lot "Consider today but a brief introduction."
Lot "Soon, we will all be assembled. When that day comes, you will lay down your sword for the last time."
Post-battle Report "-------------------------------------"
Faye "The mysterious force appears to have retreated. No casualties have been reported among the people of Camelot."
Guinevere "He was more handsome than King Rience, I'll give him that."
Merlin "Speaking of that Don Juan, a letter has arrived. It bears many other signatures as well."
Merlin "Kings Lot, Urien, Nentres, Idres, Clariance, Brandegoris,"
Merlin "Cradelment, Agwisance, Carados and Cambenet, as well as the hero know as the King of the Hundred Knights."
Arthur "The regional kings across Britain have joined forces...?!"
Guinevere "And every single one of them has failed to pull Excalibur from the stone."
Merlin "It is unknown to me how they could have used the Lake and the knights it produces."
Merlin "But there is one thing I do know."
Merlin "They are the Eleven Lords - your fellow Britons who will not recognize your claim to the throne with the Excalibur."

Chapter 2[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Analyzing The Enemy 8 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "The Eleven Kings..."
Arthur "As if we weren't already up to our ears trying to fend off the Invaders, now there's a revolt within Britain itself."
Faye "But as far as the Eleven Kings are concerned, it's Camelot that represents the insurgent force."
Merlin "Be that as it may, we cannot just stand by and do nothing."
Merlin "The greater threat comes from the Invaders. To fight them, however, we must first make preparations here in Britain."
Guinevere "In that case, we must launch an attack against the Eleven Kings and put a stop to their scheming at once!"
Arthur "Speaking of which, Rience doesn't seem to be associated with the Eleven Kings, huh..."
Guinevere "Perhaps they didn't make an offer to that groveling tyrant. Maybe he asked to join, but they rejected him."
Lancelot "We've got more pressing matters than King Rience to concern ourselves with now."
Merlin "The Eleven Kings may be ruthless, but none of them were great enough to pull Excalibur from the stone."
Merlin "And even if they overthrow us, they can't protect Britain from the Invaders."
Guinevere "Heh. Win or lose, the Eleven Kings will never get their chance to reign over Britain. Fate can be a cruel thing indeed..."
Arthur "Whether they succeed or not, it sounds as though they just want to stake their claim to the throne before it's too late."
A Royal Errand 8 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Faye "Arthur! Arthur...?"
Arthur "What is it?"
Faye "I have another favor to ask of you... It's rather urgent. Do you think I could trouble you for just a moment?"
Arthur "Relax Faye, I'm not going to bite your head off. What's the matter?"
Faye "I'd...uh, like you to run some errands for me. Here--do you think you could pick up things on this list?"
Arthur "H-Hey! What am I, your servant?! I'm king, in case you'd forgotten! A king has to get groceries...?!"
Faye "I-I really am sorry to ask... It's just, if I go into town looking like a faerie, I'll just end up scaring everyone..."
Arthur "......"
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Sigh... Well, I can hardly refuse when you put it like that, can I?"
Arthur "Let's see what you need..."
Arthur "Boar meat, a pumpkin, flint, and... a lantern? Wait, there's more... A set of custom made lingerie??"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "...Is this some sort of punishment for something?"
After shopping... "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "I'm back! I got what you asked. How do these look?"
Faye "Oh, thank you so much! They're the ones, alright!"
Faye "Guinevere! Hey Guinevere, look!"
Arthur "Hm?"
Guinevere "What's the meaning of all this racket?"
Faye "Arthur brought back that lingerie you asked me to pick up for you!"
Guinevere "Wait, what?!"
Guinevere "Faye! Did it not occur to you that I might have asked a fellow lady (YOU) to pick them up for me for a reason?!"
Faye "Hm?"
Guinevere "Don't think you can wheedle your way out of this by playing all sweet and innocent!"
Arthur "Now, now... It's not as though she meant any harm by it, right?"
Guinevere "Shut your trap. you! As if you shouldn't have known better! Hmph! [sic]"
Whispers of Conspiracy 9 150 Unity Points
300 Gold
Lot "They've all gathered?"
Urien "There are more kings out there who haven't wielded Excalibur than you'd think..."
Lot "I took the liberty of watching those worms go up against the Invaders. Amateurs, as expected."
Lot "The ruler of an entire nation is not the kind of thing to be decided by one measly sword, after all."
Urien "More to the point, how did the knights we created using the Lake fare in battle?"
Lot "They did well on the battlefield. But watching them rot away barely a few days after being born was hardly pleasant."
Urien "So long as we have neither Excalibur nor the Round Table, there's not much we can do about that, unfortunately."
Urien "We can't hope to create the perfect knight, after all."
Lot "So long as they can be used in battle, that's good enough for me."
Lot "Besides, the problem isn't the knights - it's the people making them."
Lot "I can't help but wonder if we did the right thing inviting them into our camp..."
Morgause "Excuse me, gentlemen. Are we interrupting something?"
Elaine "Remember: no matter how powerful you Eleven Kings may believe yourselves to be, you have no chance of victory without us."
Morgan "If you've got a problem with that, go and get an Excalibur for yourself!"
Lot "Watch your mouth, witch..."
Urien "Humans who modified themselves to get faerie's powers... As a fellow magic enthusiast, I commend your commitment."
Lot "......"
Morgause "Think what you will. But remember that you can't use the Lake without us, which means you can't make knights without us."
Lot "You've made your point. Now allow me to make mine: cross us, and you die. Consider yourselves warned."
Elaine "You've got nothing to worry about on that account. We, too, have reason to resent Arthur, or should I say, Merlin..."
Morgan "Why do we need these bozos anyway? If they get in our way, I say we gut them and crush Camelot ourselves."
Lot "Heh. Your friend's got spirit, I'll give her that."
Elaine "Not so fast, Morgan. We need THEIR help going up against Camelot, too, remember?"
Morgan "......"
Urien "So what's our next move?"
Morgause "Ah, yes."
Morgause "How about...this?"
Some time passed. "-------------------------------------"
Lot "...I don't think so. Subterfuge isn't exactly my style."
Morgan "I agree. What's with all this faffing around? I say we hit them head on, and we hit them hard."
Urien "That said, this way does seem more likely to work..."
Morgause "What do you say, Lot? The floor's all yours."
Lot "Do as you please."
Lot "You witches handle your own affairs. As for us, we're going to attack Camelot the way we know how."
Morgause "Fine. As you wish."
Morgan "Boooo-ring. In that case, can I tag along with King Lot? Can I, please?"
Elaine "No, Morgan. You enjoy killing too much. How can they present themselves as bastions of justice with you around?"
Urien "If we're about ready, shall we go and fulfill our duties as Britain's rightful kings?"
Lot "The time is indeed nigh. Let us show the people of Britain the true worth of their pitiful Excalibur!"
Create the Ultimate Knight 9
??? "Arthur! Sir Arthur!"
Arthur "What's the matter?"
Arthur "You'll have to excuse me. There are so many faces in Camelot, and I've yet to put a name to them all..."
??? "I am an apprentice sorcerer under Merlin. My work involves generating knights from the Lake."
Arthur "I see. Do you come bearing a message from Merlin?"
??? "As a matter of fact, I do! I dare say you'll receive a more formal missive in due course, but we're short of time."
Arthur "What's happened?"
??? "It's about the blueprint for the latest in knight technology."
??? "This knight will be superior to Lancelot, Gawain and Galahad. In other [...]"
Arthur "Is that even possible?"
??? "Arthur, do you have knowledge of the processes involved in creating a knight?"
??? "You take the genes of great persons, then cross multiple sets of genes with each other to create designs."
Arthur "The process has occasional surprises, but generally, the better the genes, the stronger the knight created."
Arthur "But are you really telling me you've found such an illustrious ruler or hero whose genes you can use?"
??? "Indeed, I have! And he's standing right in front of me."
Arthur "Er..."
??? "After all, who more illustrious a character than the very selfsame Arthur who managed to pull Excalibur? [sic]"
Arthur "Uh, I'm flattered and all, but... You do know there's over a million of us out there who've wielded Excalibur, right?"
??? "Normally you create a knight by pairing Gene A with Gene B. But this is the first time we have so many gene combinations."
??? "It'll be the biggest project I've ever undertaken. Unfortunately, there's just one slight hitch..."
Arthur "Which is...?"
??? "There's over a million of you as you say, so it's going to take some time to collect all your genes..."
Arthur "I see. In that case, I'd better not keep you any longer than necessary."
??? "Shall we get started, then?"
Arthur "I'm ready when you are."
??? "Alright, here goes nothing. You won't feel a thing, so just try to relax... There we go!"
Arthur "That was it? By the way, genes from only two people are normally used. Do you think it's possible to use a million?"
??? "Aha! For that, I'll need to use a very special gene."
??? "Namely, my own."
Arthur "Hmm... So does this "ultimate knight" you plan on creating have a name yet?"
??? "Ah, yes. Mordred."
??? "I'd remember that name, if I were you, Sir Arthur. Not that you'll be able to forget it when the time comes..."
The Time for Judgment (Boss Battle) 10 150 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Merlin "A foreign substance has contaminated a design for the Lake."
Merlin "This looks like the work of Morgause, who we've recently discovered is in league with the Eleven Kings."
Merlin "Mordred has awakened."
Merlin "Mordred is the very face of treachery, and nothing but bad news for Camelot."
Faye "Mordred's veins course with genes taken from every single Arthur, not to mention those belonging to Morgause."
Faye "Put simply, Mordred recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of every single Arthur, and choose the optimal attack. [sic]"
Merlin "He had treachery built into his very being since before he was even born."
Merlin "Arthur, Mordred must be slain."
Faye "......"
Merlin "Killing Mordred is our only hope to unite Britain under Excalibur and the Round Table."
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Lancelot "I've heard better plans from dung beetles. What do you think, Arthur?"
Arthur "......"
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Mordred "No... No...! I-I was created only to bring death and destruction to this kingdom? But, why...? Who am I?"
Mordred "Is that...Arthur?!"
Arthur "......"
Mordred "......"
Mordred "...I'm sorry. You're right, I deserve to die. Finish me now."
Gawain "We've found him."
Galahad "Target identified! Let's finish what we came to do."
Gawain "If you're not going to kill him yourself, hand him over and I'll-- ?!"
Gawain "Arthur, what are you doing? Are you...trying to protect Mordred?!"
Mordred "Arthur...?"
Arthur "I won't allow Britain to be built upon sacrifices! The violence ends now!"
Lancelot "Heh, I like that. In that case, I'll hold down the fort here. You take Mordred and get out of here while you can!"
Gawain "H-How dare you go against the will of Camelot!"
Galahad "You would dare to revolt against Merlin's orders?"
Lancelot "I don't take orders from Merlin. Somehow, pledging allegiance to Arthur strikes me as the more enjoyable option."
Arthur "Lancelot will cover our exit. Let's go, Mordred! ...Wha-?!"
Arthur (Techno Smith) "......"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "......"
Arthur "Looks we can't leave without a fight. Mordred, if you truly care about Britain, now's the time to show it!"
Mordred "A-Are you sure that's wise? Weren't you listening to all that stuff about treachery built into my very being?"
Arthur "In that case, help me to create a kingdom free of all treachery. Mordred, you shall be my kingdom's judge!"
Arthur "Does this kingdom appear virtuous and just in your eyes? If not, take up your sword! Don't begrudge your anger!"
Battle with Arthur: Techno Smith "-------------------------------------"
Battle with Arthur: Sorcery King "-------------------------------------"
Faye "Merlin isn't here right now."
Faye "Don't tell anyone this, but... Arthur, I'm glad it was you who won."
The Queen of Avalon (Boss Battle) 10 150 Unity Points
100 Exp, 1000 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket
Faye "Your mission this time is to reconnoiter the peripheries of Camelot."
Faye "I hope by sending well-known figures like yourself and Lancelot into the field, we can reveal the Eleven Kings' spies."
Faye "If the Eleven Kings have spies, they're bound to react when they see the two of you up to something. And once they do--"
You hear static. "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Faye...? What's the matter?"
Faye "Beauty... Outside, port, open... Too much... Information... Drive overload... Error... Abort, abort!"
Arthur "Faye, talk to me! What's going on!"
Guinevere "Arthur! An intruder has forced their way into Camelot!"
Arthur "The Eleven Kings? They're here already?!"
Guinevere "I don't know who it is! Hurry, you must do something!"
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Faye's collapsed, and now I'm being told an intruder has reached the heart of the city...?"
Lancelot "I wonder if the intruder has something to do with Faye's condition... That would mean a magic on par with Merlin's."
Arthur "Whoever it is, here they come."
??? "Well well, if it isn't my sweet little Lancelot. It's been a while since I've spoken in a human tongue! [sic]"
Lancelot "You...?!"
Arthur "Wait, you know her, Lancelot?"
Lancelot "Unfortunately so. She's the Queen of Avalon."
Queen of Avalon "That's a rather cold way to describe the person who raised you, wouldn't you say, Lancey dearie?"
Arthur "She...raised you?"
Lancelot "If you call locking someone in a castle and forcing them to do the bidding of mermen wielding spears "raising"..."
Arthur "What do you want with him? Haven't you already had your fun?"
Queen of Avalon "You know why I'm here, don't you, Lancey dearie?"
Queen of Avalon "In general, we faeries couldn't give two hoots about the little quarrel brewing between Britain and the Invaders."
Arthur "In that case, why bother raising Lancelot to be so strong?"
Queen of Avalon "Tell him, Lancelot."
Lancelot "...The Queen has a son by the name of Morley."
Lancelot "He's a real timid fellow. He hides himself away inside a castle the Queen gave him - the Fortress of Death."
Queen of Avalon "Unfortunately, this castle is a real fuel guzzler. Every now and then, I need to feed it a knight to sate its thirst."
Arthur "Wait, so Lancelot was...?"
Lancelot "Our deal ended, remember! You released me!"
Queen of Avalon "I released you on the condition that you engage yourself in something much more productive than looking after Morley."
Queen of Avalon "So I thought I'd come and check on what you were doing."
Lancelot "......"
Queen of Avalon "Well? Show me what it is you're doing that's so important."
Queen of Avalon "That is, unless you want to become fuel for the Fortress of Death..."
Battle with Queen of Avalon "-------------------------------------"
Lancelot "Gah...!"
Queen of Avalon "Looks like you've still got some way to go."
Queen of Avalon "Didn't those mermaids teach you anything? Or did they just spoil you rotten?"
Arthur "You... You monster..."
Lancelot "You see what kind of enemy we're up against now, Your Grace?"
Queen of Avalon "I must say, i was expecting you to just keel over, so well done. [sic]"
Queen of Avalon "Must give credit where it's due, isn't that right, Lancey?"
Post-battle Report "-------------------------------------"
Faye "The Queen of Avalon appears to have retreated for now."
Faye "It's almost as though she was just toying with us for her own twisted enjoyment."
Strategy 11 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Faye "According to our scouts, the Invaders are preparing to launch their next attack."
Arthur "So they mean to invade Britain again..."
Guinevere "But if we know their point of attack in advance, we can strengthen our defenses appropriately."
Arthur "So what are they going to do?"
Faye "They'll hit the southeastern coast of Britain from the sea, and launch their attack from there."
Arthur "The southeastern tip of Britain... There's a huge port city there, right?"
Guinevere "Arthur, time is of the essence. You need to give orders so we can prepare our defenses right away!"
Merlin "Not so fast, boy."
Arthur "Merlin?"
Merlin "Think before you commit any rash acts. The port city on Britain's southeastern tip goes by the name of Suffolk."
Guinevere "And...?"
Merlin "Suffolk has declared its support for the Eleven Kings. The port serves as an important source of financing for them."
Arthur "You don't mean..."
Merlin "There is no point in saving them. If they are attacked by the Invaders, it will weaken the Eleven Kings."
Merlin "The Eleven Lords are busy preparing to battle Camelot. They have neglected defenses against the Invaders."
Merlin "Even if they hurry to ready themselves for the assault, they will never finish in time."
Guinevere "That is exactly why we must come to Suffolk's aid! They are still Britons, no matter who they swear allegiance to!"
Merlin "But they make the Eleven Lords stronger. They will hurt other Britons and slow our efforts to stop the Invaders!"
Merlin "If Suffolk falls, it will bring our conflict with the Eleven Kings to a quicker conclusion."
Merlin "That result will directly contribute to protecting the people and property of Britain as a whole."
Merlin "We should not get involved. Rather, we shall ignore any pleas for aid."
Guinevere "Arthur!"
Arthur "......"
Merlin "Or will you drag this conflict and make the people suffer for your what you think is just? [sic]"
Merlin "Arthur, you are the king. Choose the wisest path."
A Sword For Whom? (Boss Battle) 11 1 Gacha Ticket
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket, (2) 1000 Unity Points
Letter "My King, please come save the town of Suffolk."
Letter "The Invaders' invasion fleet has been spotted on the sea. We know not when they shall strike."
Letter "Please save us! My father, my mother, my friends...all of us!"
Letter "I care not what happens to me."
Letter "Please, my lord, please, just help the people I hold dear."
Arthur "......"
Faye "You're going, aren't you?"
Arthur "Don't try to stop me, Faye."
Faye "If you go, you'll be turning your back on Merlin's plan. It could have dire consequences for the whole of Britain."
Faye "You could be stripped of your claim to the throne, and even charged with treason."
Faye "With that said..."
Faye "Personally, I am grateful for the opportunity to fight alongside someone as brave as you."
Mission Briefing "-------------------------------------"
Faye "The Invader forces are approaching the city of Suffolk."
Faye "The Eleven Kings are readying their defenses, but I doubt they'll make it in time."
Faye "Judging by their numbers, this battle will be your hardest yet. Send the Invaders back to where they came from."
Change Scene "-------------------------------------"
Lancelot "Heh! You really showed Merlin what you think of him! I knew you had what it took to be king!"
Arthur "Forgive me, Lancelot. It wasn't my intention to get you wound up in all this."
Lancelot "Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss this for the world!"
Lancelot "The other knights and citizens all feel the same way. What kind of kingdom sits by and abandons one of its own cities?"
Arthur "This is how I plan to rule my kingdom, Mordred. I'm counting on you as my judge!"
Mordred "That goes without saying!"
Lancelot "They're here!"
Lancelot "Our Invaders guests have arrived, everyone! What do you say we give them a true British welcome! [sic]"
Battle with Ban "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Grr... Looks like the Invaders won't go down without a fight!"
Lancelot "Time to work off that beef stew I ate last night."
Mordred "More on the way!"
Battle with Giant Cyborg "-------------------------------------"
Arthur "Did we beat them...?"
Lancelot "That was just the warm up. Here comes the main course!"
Mordred "A dragon?!"
Lancelot "A Class 5 specimen, from the looks of it. It bears the name Tarasque on its side."
Lancelot "You've been up against even fancier ones than this before, right Your Grace?"
Arthur "If we flee, it's the people of Suffolk who will perish."
Arthur "We can't let it get any further! Let's go!"
Battle with Tarasque "-------------------------------------"
Post-battle Report "-------------------------------------"
Faye "The Invaders have retreated to the sea. They city has escaped without a scratch!"
Guinevere "Not too shabby. The people of Suffolk are fortunate to have you on their side!"
Faye "We got too distracted by what's going on within Britain. We mustn't forget the threats from outside!"
Change Music/Mood "-------------------------------------"
Merlin "Developments are unfolding in our favor for now, but they are not entirely under our control."
Merlin "It is as it was in the time of your father, Uther."
Merlin "There may be matters you will have to rectify, Arthur."

Chapter 3[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Secret Dealings
Unexpected Guests
An Unexpected Savior
Pumpkins and Witches
Leaning Towards Magic
A Watery Crossing
Access the Stronghold
A Witch's True Colors
Three's a Crowd

Chapter 4[]

Name Unlock at Reward
A New Crisis (Boss Battle) 16 150 Union Point, 200 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point
An Error of Judgement 16 200 Union Point, 300 Gold
The Siege of Orkney Castle (Boss Battle) 17 250 Union Point, 200 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point
To the Bitter End (Boss Battle) 17 300 Union Point, 200 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point, 1x Gacha Ticket
Arthur vs. Excalibur (Boss Battle) 18 350 Union Point, 300 EXP, 2000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 3000 Union Point, 1x Gacha Ticket
Round Up the Remnants 18 1x Gacha Ticket, 300 Gold

Chapter 5[]

Name Unlock at Reward
A Familiar Threat (Boss Battle) 20 200 Union Point, 300 EXP, 2000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point, 1x Gacha Ticket
Before it all Dissolves 20 250 Union Point, 300 Gold
A Fateful Reunion 21 300 Union Point, 300 Gold
The Coronation Experiment 21 350 Union Point, 300 Gold
Storming the Brain Trust (Boss Battle) 22 400 Union Point, 100 EXP, 1000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point
Faye "You're going to do WHAT?! You can't storm Merlin's research facility!"
Arthur "I'm sorry, Faye."
Arthur "I'll explain later. For now, I need everyone to come with me."
Lancelot "Count me in. I always knew that old coot was up to something devious."
Faye "Merlin's research facility is outside of our jurisdiction."
Faye "You'll need to get past Nimue if you want to get inside."
Arthur "So this is where he's hiding."
Lancelot "Listen, we don't want to go picking a fight with a faerie."
Lancelot "They may not venture outside of forests and ruins, but there's nothing more dangerous than a faerie in her element."
Arthur "Finger crossed it doesn't come to that."
Lancelot "Here she comes. You're up, Your Grace."
Nimue "Welcome.

I respect you Arthur. Please come. I will kill you."

Arthur "So much for trying to avoid a fight!"
Lancelot "Don't faeries use a special type of magic to communicate with people?"
Lancelot "I bet that crafty Merlin's gone and disabled it…!"
Arthur "Sorry, Nimue. You probably can't understand what I'm saying, but we're getting past, whether you like it or not!"
Me "Battle with Nimue"
Lancelot "I told you faeries were strong… So much for her delicate appearance!"
Arthur "Never mind that. Let's just get inside."
Me "Screen goes black and change place"
Lancelot "I like your attitude."
Arthur "There's another report."
The Enemy's Whereabouts (Boss Battle) 22 1x Gacha Ticket, 100 EXP, 1000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point
Report "The second Coronation Experiment will use a million rulers, but this, too, will end in failure."
Report "The rulers won't be able to agree on anything, and Britain will be plunged into civil war."
Report "The goal of the second Coronation Experiment is to amass the virtues and heroic deeds of thousands of monarchs."
Report "Once a perfect monarch has been created, we'll merely reverse the process."
Report "We tampered with Uther too much."
Report "We realize now that one ruler can only withstand minuscule adjustments using already optimized data."
Report "Which is to say, the second Coronation Experiment is nothing but a stepping stone to the third."
Report "When the second Coronation Experiment fails, Britain will be thrown into tumult once more."
Report "Though regrettable, all the sacrifices are for the day when Constantine, the ultimate knight, assumes the throne."
Me "Screen goes black and change scene"
Arthur "You knew all along that Britain would fall into another civil war?"
Merlin (Radio) "That is correct, Arthur."
Gawain "The exit just locked!"
Arthur "......"
Merlin (Radio) "You are the only one who knows."
Merlin (Radio) "The Second Coronation Experiment requires rulers, but I'm sure we can afford to lose some of you."
Merlin (Radio) "Who else? Ah yes, Lancelot and Faye. We can find replacements for them, too."
Arthur "Merlin..."
Merlin (Radio) "It's time for some combat training, Constantine. Destroy these enemies of Britain."
Arthur "MERLINNNNN...!!!"
Me "Battle with Constantine"
Faye "Nimue the Faerie and Constantine appear to have stopped moving for now."
Reafe "To think that Merlin was planning this all along..."
Lancelot "We've hit a dead end. Even if we told people what we know, there's no guarantee they would believe us."
Lancelot "What shall we do, Your Grace?"
Arthur "First, we stop Merlin. There's no sacrifice he won't make to ensure his plan succeeds."
Arthur "There's no telling what he'll do next. He is far too dangerous to ignore!"

Chapter 6[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Faerie Communication 24 250 Union Point, 300 Gold
Offense Over Defense (Boss Battle) 24 300 Union Point, 200 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point
Wrath of the White Dragon 25 350 Union Point, 300 Gold
Witches On the Sideline 25 400 Union Point, 300 Gold
A Wizard's Patriotism (Boss Battle) 26 450 Union Point, 200 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2x Gacha Ticket
Solitary Confinement 26 300 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 1x Gacha Ticket

Chapter 7[]

Name Unlock at Reward
When Dreams Take Flight 30 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
Arms Race 31 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
A Necessary Sacrifice 32 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
Witches, Tea and Snacks 33 600 Union POint, 300 Gold
Crossing the Line 34 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
Different Perspective (Boss Battle) 35 600 Union Point, 300 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point
The Situation 36 1x AP Potion, 1x BC Potion, 1000 EXP, 300 Gold

Chapter 8[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Danger: Spoiled Princess 37 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
The Parting of Sisters 38 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
Morgause's Offer 39 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
Faye "That's strange..."
Arthur "What is it, Faye?"
Faye "Arthur..."
Faye "I'm not sure how, but someone hacked into Camelot's network and is sending us a message."
Faye "I can't tell who the sender is. It's all rather strange, so I'm just scanning the message now."
Arthur "Umm..."
Lancelot "Don't mind her, Your Grace. It's probably better if you just let her do her thing."
Faye "My scan didn't pick up anything. It's making me even more nervous that nothing was found on such a suspicious mail."
Arthur "So what is it?"
Faye "Hang on, I'll open it up now."
Lancelot "W-What?! It's being projected onto the wall… What kind of sorcery is this?!"
Faye "You mean to say you've never seen a hologram letter?"
Arthur "What does it say?"
Letter "Thank you for freeing us from Merlin's spell. Merlin's shadow has driven a great rift between the rulers of this nation."
Letter "I, too, would like to see a Britain free from the evil influence of Merlin and his Coronation Experiment."
Letter "You and I share the same goals. How about combining forces and putting and end to Merlin's evil ways forever?"
Letter "Yours bewitchedly, Morgause"
Arthur "Morgause… One of the witches?!"
Lancelot "There's a good chance it's a trap."
Faye "Still, she's right that the situation in Camelot is deteriorating and shows no signs of getting better."
Faye "You'll have to be careful, of course, but perhaps it's worth hearing her out?"
Arthur "……"
Lancelot "The decision is yours to make, Your Grace."
Lancelot "Remember, this is the same Morgause who invaded and ransacked Camelot back when we were fighting the Eleven Kings."
Lancelot "Tread carefully, Your Grace."
A Witch Pays a Visit (Boss Battle) 40 600 Union Point, 300 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 2000 Union Point
Faye "Arthur has decided to accept Morgause's offer, and the two of them are going to meet to discuss details."
Guinevere "I turn my back for a second, and he's gone and done what…?!"
Faye "Morgause is dangerous. There's no telling what she's got up her sleeve. Preapare for cases when things get out of hand."
Faye "Also, there's a possibility that Reafe, Elle, and other faeries might have intercepted the message from Morgause."
Faye "We don't know what the other factions are planning, but it's possible they might try to intervene."
Me "Screen goes black & change place"
Morgause "Long time no see, Arthur. That's a rather fierce expression you're wearing."
Arthur "You're lucky it's just an expression. After what you did, I should be putting you in a cell before talking to you."
Morgause "Allow me to explain myself."
Morgause "I'm here in the first place because of a request I received from the Knight of the Round Table by the name of Lamorak."
Arthur "Lamorak…?"
Morgause "I did think it rather strange… Whoever heard of a knight approaching a witch?"
Lancelot "That fool..."
Morgause "Tell me, Arthur: are you aware of the situation Camelot currently finds itself in?"
Morgause "The fighting may have died down, but mistrust remains. The three clans could come to blows again at any time."
Arthur "Was it you witches who shot Merlin's White Wyvern out of the sky?"
Morgause "Guilty as charged. Although if we hadn't, this entire kingdom would have been razed to the ground."
Arthur "You have my thanks."
Arthur "But do you really mean to say you have a plan to get us out of this mess?"
Morgause "Of course I do."
Lancelot "What is it? Tell me what you're planning to do!"
Morgause "Patience! All will be revealed in good time."
Morgause "It's Merlin and his accursed coronation Experiment that I hate. His second experiment will only worsen Britain's plight."
Morgause "Once Merlin and the Coronation Experiment are no more, my revenge will be complete. You'll be on your own again."
Arthur "…Fine."
Arthur "We have a deal, Morgause. But remember if you endanger any of our citizens ever again, I won't be so forgiving next time."
Morgause "And if You ever think of turning your sword in me, your life will be over so quickly you'll--"
Faye (Radio) "We've got company, Arthur! It must be a Tech Chapter or Magic Guild forces! They're on their way!"
Arthur "They must be after Morgause. Alright troops: assume defensive positions!"
Arthur(Tech) "She's ours!"
Arthur "It's the Tech Chapter forces!"
Morgause "No…!"
Faye (Radio) "Morgause!"
Lancelot "What is the meaning of this?!"
Gawain "You're about to sign our nation over to a witch, and you ask us that?! Feel the force of justice, traitors!"
Me "Battle against Arthur (tech) & Gawain"
Morgause "So be it. It would appear Camelot has made its decision."
Arthur "Wait, Morgause! They're not..."
Morgause "Mark this prophecy, Arthur."
Morgause "Camelot was always destined to slide into civil war, with or without Avalon."
Morgause "Although originally, it was supposed to be Guinevere that started all the commotion."
Arthur "Guinevere…?"
Morgause "Enough. When Britain is consumed by fires of civil war, you'll come to understand the gravity of refusing a witch."
Faye "The Tech Chapter faction have left."
Faye "Morgause's whereabouts are unknown. I don't fancy our chances of being able to regain her trust now."
The Key to Destruction 41 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
Value of Dependability 42 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
Let the Chase Begin (Boss Battle) 43 600 Union Point, 300 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 4000 Union Point
Maleagant's Demise (Boss Battle) 44 600 Union Point, 400 EXP, 2000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 6000 Union Point
A Less Than Noble Plan 45 600 Union Point, 300 Gold
The Pledge of a Judge 46 1x AP Potion, 1x BC Potion, 1500 EXP, 300 Gold

Chapter 9[]

Name Unlock at Reward
A Tense Reunion (Boss Battle) 47 800 Union Point, 100 EXP, 1000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward : 3000 Union Point
The End of Transience 48 800 Union Point, 300 Gold
Like Friend, Like Enemy (Boss Battle) 49 800 Union Point, 200 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward : 3000 Union Point
A Separate Resistance 50 800 Union Point, 300 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward : 3000 Union Point
True Motives 51 800 Union Point, 300 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward : 800 Union Point
Detoxify the Poison Snake (Boss Battle) 52 800 Union Point, 100 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 6000 Union Point
When Blades Collide (Boss Batlle) 53 1 AP Potion, 1 BC Potion, 300 EXP, 2000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 1 Gacha Ticket, 6000 Union Point

Chapter 10[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Gourmet Guinevere's Feast 54 1000 Union Point, 300 Gold
The Birth of a Queen 55 1000 Union Point, 300 Gold
Land of the Faeries 56 1000 Union Point, 300 Gold
The Pride of a Princess 57 1000 Union Point, 300 Gold
Boarding Avalon (Boss Battle) 58 1000 Union Point, 200 EXP, 1500 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 1 Super Cherry, 3000 Union Point
A Queen in Two Minds (Boss Battle) 59 1000 Union Point, 300 EXP, 2000 Gold
Scenario Clear Reward: 1x Gacha Ticket, 3000 Union Point
Adieu to Land of Faeries 60 Limit-Break Cherry, 300 Gold