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This is a Sorcery King player's story.

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Coronation Plan[]

Chapter 1[]

Name Unlock at Reward
The Wielder of the Sword Start of the game
Elle "You! You pulled the sword from the stone! You don't look like the most reliable of fellows, but you shall claim the throne!"
Arthur "Uh, excuse me?

I just went to grab a sword for Sir Kay's tourney..."

Elle "I suppose it's decided.

If you're going to be king, then you must unite Britain!"

Arthur "Okay, this is ridiculous. Can I go now?"
Elle "So congratulations! You are the 983,067th Arthur to pull Excalibur from the stone!"
Arthur "Are you listening to me?

And what's this No. 983,067 nonsense?!"

Elle "Like I said, you are the 983,067th Arthur to pull the sword Excalibur from the stone!"
Merlin "Hmph... There's no need to make quite such a big deal of it every time, Elle..."
Arthur "Sir, I really need to get back to Kay. I'll talk to you later, about why it was so easy to pull Excalibur from the stone."
Merlin "What gave you the idea there's only one Excalibur, eh?"
Merlin "Excalibur may prove its wielder's ability to rule, but there are more potential monarchs out there than you might think."
Arthur "Yeah, but 980,000?!

What sort of mess have I gotten myself into...?"

Elle "Can we move along now?"
Arthur "Wait, let's slow things down here. What's going to happen to me? And isn't there some sort of agreement I have to sign?!"
Merlin "Whatever your reservations, as the protector of Britain, you have duties to perform."
Merlin "Not the least of which is defending your kingdom against foreign Invaders..."
Arthur "Hello! Anybody home? Why don't you listen to me!"
1st campaign and Invaders Start of the game Exp
Merlin "You will need this. Here, take it. It is a model of the Round Table."
Arthur "Uh... What's this tiny Round Table for?"
Merlin "To wield the power of your knights. You use it by amassing sets of cards."
Elle "Knight cards are arranged from strongest to weakest. But you can reorganize them later as you see fit."
Arthur "And why exactly will I 'need' this?"
Merlin "Foreign Invaders are afoot, young Arthur."
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Elle "Several foes are approaching from the Southern Seas. They intend to land somewhere close to Camelot."
Elle "You must make haste to the coast and drive off the would-be Invaders."
Merlin "The Invaders are skilled fighters who possess terrifying strength. If they invade Britain, our people are done for."
Elle "You must hold the coast, do you understand? Show no restraint. Lay waste to our foes!"
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "My father, Uther Pendragon, was a king of sterling caliber."
Arthur "Alas, he is no longer among us. When he passed away, Britain again descended into a civil war between rival parties."
Arthur "But some believe we can still make a stand by utilizing what resources we have."
Arthur "Repelled time and again by King Uther, a great legion heads this way from their land beyond the sea..."
Arthur "My father spoke often of them: the Invaders from beyond."
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "The brutes are everywhere! Can I truly defeat them?!"
Merlin (Radio) "Ordinarily, my answer would be no."
Merlin (Radio) "But you are no ordinary warrior: you are the legendary wielder of Excalibur! Never forget who you are!"
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "We did it!

We managed to hold them off!"

Elle (Radio) "Don't you understand?

It's the power of Excalibur!"

Arthur "This must be an illusion!

All these people around me are holding an identical sword!"

Merlin (Radio) "You must prove yourself the strongest to be the true king. Fight hard, and above all: survive! Look! More enemies!"
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "(Huff... Huff...) Maybe I'll just play dead and let the others handle this."
Elle (Radio) "A formidable foe heads this way from the Southern Seas. It could be a dragon!"
Elle (Radio) "Judging by its magical power, I'd say it is a Class 2 specimen.

Quick, take cover now or you're dead!"

Arthur "Wha-? *scene shakes violently*"
Elle (Radio) "I'm not picking up any signal from the Excaliburs on the coast! I'm getting reports of many Arthurs slain!"
Merlin (Radio) "I knew it... Our forces still aren't strong enough!"
Arthur "What is the meaning of all this?"
Arthur "Isn't this supposed to be the legendary Excalibur? Aren't I supposed to be king? And yet we cannot prevail in the battle?!"
Elle (Radio) "Class 2 Dragon signal detected!

Now stop your whining and act like a king!"

Arthur "...!"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "... What the--?"
Merlin (Radio) "It appears to be retreating."
Merlin (Radio) "Taming a dragon as huge and beastly as that is no easy feat. One false move, and it will vaporize your army in an instant."
Arthur "So what we must fight."
Arthur "The Invaders from beyond the sea..."
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Elle "Still alive there?

It looks like you've managed to drive the Invaders away."

Elle "We've sustained heavy casualties, but we managed to stave off the worst."
Elle "You should rest, my lord.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions..."

Legend of the Lake 4 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Merlin "Arthur, might I have a word?"
Arthur "Leave me alone, old man."
Arthur "It's plain to me that no good will come out of it. There's no way I'm going to fight those monsters again!"
Merlin "That's something else I wish to discuss. A king's duties involve more than flailing one's sword about."
Merlin "Arthur, as part of your duties as sworn ruler, you are required to govern a single town."
Merlin "This is an important responsibility. You will not defeat the Invaders solely by defeating them on the battlefield."
Merlin "This is a war between nations. Not only the king should be strong [sic], but the realm must be too."
Arthur "So you're saying it's not all up to me, right? I should also use the strength of the people to deal with the Invaders?"
Elle "A strong realm and people will be to your gain."
Elle "The Knights appointed to your Round Table obey the one who wields Excalibur."
Elle "And that power has an unbreakable bond with the growth of your town."
Arthur "But how? It's just a sword."
Merlin "Come with me, and I shall explain. You must realize by now that your knights are something more than normal people."
Arthur "Well, now that you mention it... Apparently they're made in the Lake and they can 'synthesize'..."
Arthur "Are they human at all?"
Merlin "Arthur, how familiar are you with the tales of the Ancients?"
Arthur "That they were a civilization that died out centuries ago. Their relics can be found in the forests and beneath the sea."
Merlin "Theirs was an age when Man lived with the faeries, and the faeries looked after wondrous devices."
Merlin "The 'Lake' is one such ancient relic. I was able to repair it enough to make it operational."
Arthur "Wow, this is hard to wrap my head around."
Merlin "Oh yes. I even tinkered around with Elle, who controls the Lake."
Merlin "Faeries cannot usually be understood by humans. As a fellow Briton, of course, I'm sure I don't need to tell you that."
Arthur "But what IS the Lake, exactly?"
Merlin "It is a device that can be used for many purposes. It was used to create Excalibur."
Merlin "It can also be used to create the life forms we call knights, as long as you have the blueprints."
Merlin "Long ago, we gathered the genes of the kings and great soldiers of Britain. But civil strife made them forgotten."
Arthur "So the faeries used their magical devices to make knights out of those genes."
Elle "Knights are created from the genes of past kings and heroes. And the Knights are created to be even stronger."
Arthur "That's not natural..."
Arthur "Do we really have to go to such lengths to drive out the Invaders?!"
Merlin "Unfortunately, this is the reality of the situation."
Merlin "If it bothers you, you'll just have to put an end to this war ASAP. You're the only one we can count on, Arthur."
Seeker of the Relics 4 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "So Merlin said that powerful knights will be my allies."
Arthur "But powerful in what way? Physical strength? I guess that's what he meant."
Galahad "Sorry to disturb you, my lord. Um, hello? Excuse me?"
Arthur "Where did you come from?

And stop it with the contrived flattery!"

Galahad "My name is Galahad. Merlin told me that I would find someone who can help search for the relics of the Ancients here."
Arthur "Ah so that's the ruse..."
Galahad "What are you looking at way over there?"
Arthur "The Lord told me to deceive, and so I shall, to the best of my ability."
Arthur "To be honest, I know nothing of relics. But still, I may be the ideal partner for you. So come on, whaddya say?"
Galahad "If I can learn more about the Ancients, I mind not. I was created as a knight, and I must serve my purpose."
Galahad "You are truly a noble king, one who listens. All the others of this land care for nothing but fighting each other."
Arthur "Other kings?

Say, what do you know of them?"

Galahad "That they are intent on cannibalizing each other."
Arthur "Wha-?"
Galahad "Like mindlessly hungry beasts."
Galahad "Well, that's what you get when you put a bunch of power-hungry maniacs together. There's only one throne up for grabs."
Galahad "That is the purpose of Merlin's mock battles. They crush their rivals and take their wealth and technology."
Galahad "What fools... Excalibur was meant to prevent such things."
Arthur "So, you mentioned cannibalism...?"
Arthur "Don't they understand that the coast is ravaged and the threat the Invaders pose?!"
Galahad "It is because they are afraid that they try to take matters into their own hands!"
Galahad "Besides, the situation has developed exactly as Merlin intended."
Arthur "Why would he do that?!"
Galahad "He put Britain into peril to stimulate technological development."
Arthur "So he's getting us to fight one another so that we develop the necessary skills to defeat our opponents?"
Arthur "We cannot expect a complacent king to fight off the Invaders. We must find the strongest, through natural selection."
Galahad "It is a roundabout way to solve the problem..."
Galahad "But, if it helps us invent the technology to find the Ancients' relics, then I can accept it."
Arthur "......"
Galahad "Do the depraved ways of humans frighten you?"
Galahad "If you help me, then I will do the same for you. Will you join me in my virtuous struggle?"
Grass Is Always Greener 5 150 Unity Points
300 Gold
Elle "It looks as though the Invaders are getting ready to attack again."
Arthur "What is their objective here in Britain, anyway? The continent they hail from is much larger than our land."
Merlin "They want our magic resources, boy."
Arthur "Our magic resources?"
Merlin "In Britain, we take magic for granted. But in the land of the Invaders, magic is a rarity."
Elle "Faeries cannot use their powers properly outside their comfort zones of forests and seas of Britain."
Arthur "Why can't the Invaders use magic where they come from?"
Merlin "Their technology far surpasses our own. However, this has led to devastating pollution of their lands."
Merlin "Faeries live in forests. But many of the forests were actually created by the Ancients to spread magic in Britain."
Merlin "They used to be mere shrubs, but now they're indistinguishable from the ordinary forests."
Merlin "And this is but one example. Volcanoes, rives, sand dunes, plains... All closely connected to the Ancients."
Merlin "Our rich abundance of natural resources lies at the heart of all of our magic - resources our enemies don't have."
Arthur "Do the Invaders know about this?"
Merlin "It would appear not. As far as they're concerned, our magic is the result of technology that they've yet to attain."
Elle "The only magic the Invaders know how to use is the fiery breath of the ancient Dragons that they've succeeded in taming."
Elle "Aside from that, they don't seem to have developed the ability to use magic directly."
Merlin "What's more, the size of those hulking dragons means they require an awful lot of food to keep them in shape."
Merlin "The Invaders may treat Dragons as their saviors. But in fact, it's the Dragons that are devastating their forests."
Arthur "So the Invaders have their flaws, as well."
Merlin "Be that as it may, you mustn't forget that they are our enemies."
Merlin "They are an example of what we must never allow ourselves to become. Britain should not fall into their hands!"
Saving Cameliard (Boss Battle) 5 150 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 500 Unity Points
Merlin "There is a lack of proper harmony between the Excalibur, the Round Table, and the knights."
Merlin "I have called upon the family in charge of the Round Table to come here and re-balance the table."
Elle "The family has long ruled Cameliard of central Britain. But King Rience is plotting to seize the lands from them."
Elle "If we don't put a stop to Rience's plans for domination, the Cameliard people will not be able to help us."
Merlin "Your objective is to rescue Princess Guinevere, the leader of the Round Table."
Merlin "Her cooperation will prove indispensable in our fight against the Invaders."
Merlin "Remember that, child.

We're counting on you."

=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Galahad "So now we're here at Cameliard..."
Galahad "But what does it have to do with the relics and ruins of the Ancients?"
Arthur "Everything! If we assist Cameliard, then they can help us in our search. Then everybody's happy!"
Galahad "If I later find you're not telling the truth, you'll find my blade shoved up your back."
Arthur "I think I'd like a say in that matter!"
Galahad "Let's get going, Arthur."
Galahad "If it helps us look for the Ancients, then we must take down this King Rience."
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Rience Soldier 1 "H-Huh?! *A flash, and he expires*"
Rience Soldier 2 "R-Reinforcements!

And they don't appear to be regular Cameliard forces!"

Rience "Who goes there?!"
Galahad "Behold, Arthur, we have found the boss! Let us take him down without delay!"
Rience "B-Blasphemy!

How dare you speak to the great King Rience like that?!"

Galahad "Think this will take some time?

In that case, I'll leave this to you."

Arthur "Why do you put me in situations like this?!"
Rience "Your foul crime is unforgivable. By my mighty blade, you shall pay in blood for spewing your filth!"
Galahad "(I'll be hiding out over here...)"
Arthur "Be quiet and stop distracting me!

Besides, have you no desire to protect your country?!"

=-=-=-=-= "***Fight with Rience***"
Rience "(Hah... Puff...)

I thought that girl would be a fine gift to the Eleven Lords."

Rience "Time for me to retreat!

Troops, don't let them get any further! Protect me with your lives! *Rience runs away*"

Galahad "Go, Arthur! Stab him in the back!"
Arthur "Shut your trap!

We mustn't stretch out our forces!"

Galahad "It would be easier if you wipe them all out..."
Arthur "There'll be plenty of time to deal with Rience. Meanwhile, I don't want to needlessly kill his abandoned soldiers."
Arthur "We have protected the territory and the lady. Isn't that not enough?"
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Elle "King Rience has fled Cameliard for good! Form an alliance with Cameliard, and he won't cause trouble...for now, at least."
Merlin "It looks as though Princess Guinevere is safe and sound."
Merlin "Well done, Arthur.

I knew I could count on you."

Feisty Princess Guinevere 6 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Well, I never!

So you're Arthur, are you?"

Arthur "Uh, yes, 'tis I."
Guinevere "Guinevere here, at your service. I am the Princess of Cameliard."
Merlin "You can bring harmony to Excalibur, the Round Table and your knights if you assign a leader to your Round Table."
Arthur "I need to harmonize them?

Can you do this?"

Guinevere "A piece of cake, my child!

Merlin has arranged them, but his method is quite sloppy."

Merlin "First you must to decide [sic] how many knights you need. You have quite a few more than I expected, Arthur."
Merlin "Anyway, the strength of each Arthur's model tables are more or less the same."
Merlin "If you wanted to wipe out all the knights of the Round Table, you would have to slay all the Arthurs."
Guinevere "(Hmm... But then there wouldn't be much of a competition between the Round Tables, now would there?)"
Arthur "So anyway...

You can fix my Round Table?"

Guinevere "I said it'd be a piece of cake, didn't I?

But before that..."

Arthur "Hm?"
Guinevere "I owe you one punch from back there! *She socks him hard*"
Elle "Oh, what a vicious beating, Arthur! And that certainly won't be the last!"
Merlin "I think you've knocked the wind out of him."
Guinevere "Shut it, old man! What's this I hear about you letting King Rience escape after he invaded my kingdom back there?"
Guinevere "WELL?! Why didn't you gut him where he stood?!"
Guinevere "Awww, is the little kiddy-widdy too scared to get his 'pwecious' hands dirty? Then leave it to me, next time!"
Guinevere "Enemies are for slicing, y'hear me?! Threats are to be neutralized! Or did they not teach you that back in knight school?"
Galahad "Why don't you go handle that? I'm not interested in anything but the relics and ruins of the Ancients."
Galahad "She thinks none of her underlings will perish in her pursuit of Rience's head. Well that's fine! Just leave me out!"
Guinevere "Watch your tongue, you pansy!"
Galahad "Your expectations are unreasonable!"
Guinevere "Hmph. Anyway, I'm bored of this."
Guinevere "...Oh well, no use in dwelling on what's done. At least this way I've got something to look forward to, I guess."
Galahad "(Look, you're an adult and perhaps you don't need my advice, but look out for that one!)"
Arthur "(Why is everyone around me... faeries, knights, the princess... all a bunch of head cases? Why?!)"
Guinevere "(Ahem! I can hear you, by the way.)"
Arthur "Ack!"
Love Works mysteriously 6 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Elle "Guinevere, a letter has arrived. It comes from Cameliard."
Guinevere "Ooh, from papa, perhaps...?

Hand it over, let me see..."

Guinevere "... ... ... ... ... ..."
Guinevere "Arthur! Hey, Arthur!"
Arthur "(Oh, what is it now? She sounds irate.)"
Guinevere "How dare you!

Where do you get off making deals with my papa in private, huh?!"

Elle "Oh, Arthur!

You're dangling from your collar!"

Elle "Ohhh she's going to hurl him down, HARD!"
Guinevere "Er, no! Of course not! Don't be ridiculous."
Guinevere "O-ho! So you're playing dumb now, eh?! Here! This is what it says!"
Guinevere "To the heroic king who saved Cameliard, as a mark of my respect, please accept my daughter's hand in marriage."
Guinevere "My stubborn papa would never give up his only daughter just like that! WELL?! What do you have to say for yourself, Arthur?"
Elle "Violence is her way of expressing affection!"
Arthur "I will not let outsiders control my fate! I shall inquire with your father directly concerning what this is all about."
Guinevere "You think this is just a big pain in the arse, don't you?

I can read it plainly on your face!"

Arthur "You know, there are many other Arthurs who have saved Cameliard. The letter could be talking about any one of us!"
Guinevere "Hang on, now that you mention it, I remember there are an infinite number of Round Table Models. How many again?"
Elle "Yep!"
Elle "There are currently 1,017,002 candidates for Britain's throne who have pulled Excalibur from the stone."
Guinevere "What?!

Give me that list!"

Guinevere "...My father wrote 'Arthur who helped to save Cameliard'... That means in the worst case, I may be married to all of them?!"
Elle "Are you up for the challenge?"
Guinevere "Who invited this faerie to crack dirty jokes? Seriously, who?"
Guinevere "This is no laughing matter. Besides normal male Arthurs, there also are underaged, wrinkled, and even... females!"
Guinevere "Arthur, you beast!

Just what are you trying to do to I, Guinevere, Princess of Cameliard? *Heavy pummeling ensues*"

Elle "Look at Arthur hunched over!

Oh, here comes another! And check out her new embrace!"

Guinevere "This isn't what you think!"
Guinevere "... I mustn't let word of this get out. It would be an absolute disaster."
Guinevere "Arthur. Yes, I mean you.

I will remain with you for the time being."

Guinevere "If any other suitor comes for me, you shall protect my honor. Is that clear?"
Arthur "That isn't necessary.

I'm sure you'll come around in time anyway...."

Guinevere "I said, 'Is that CLEAR?!'"
Arthur "Ugh... Will this pattern never end?"
A Formidable Foe 7 1 AP Potion
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(3) 1000 Unity Points
Elle "We have an emergency!"
Elle "Someone is launching an assault against Camelot! The identity of the attacker is unknown! We must retaliate at once!"
Merlin "This is not a drill, like your confrontations with the other Arthurs. Real lives are at stake. You must win!"
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "Who are they? They're not like the Invaders. Could this be Rience's doing?"
Guinevere (Radio) "King Rience, you say?! You know what to do, Arthur! It's Rience-sauté for supper tonight!"
Galahad "Oh, why should I bother?"
Galahad "This has nothing to do with the relics and ruins of the Ancients.

I'll be snoozing over here in my corner."

=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "Rrgh! These guys are NOT to be taken lightly! And then of course there's Rience. Somebody cut me some slack!"
Galahad "They seem to be knights created in the Lake. And if that's the case... then maybe this is related to the Ancients!"
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "To think Rience could use the Lake. He is not an Invader, nor does he hail from Camelot. How can this be?!"
Galahad "What are you so upset about, Arthur? The fun is just beginning!"
=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Arthur "Finally... It's over, isn't it?"
Galahad "Don't stand there, Arthur! You'll be killed!"
Arthur "What?! *A flash, and then BAM*"
Arthur "(Cough Cough)"
Arthur "NOW what's happening?!"
Lot "Hm... You're quick on your feet, I'll give you that. But that alone won't save you!"
Galahad "I knew this was a bad idea.

Get ready, Arthur, or you may not live to see tomorrow!"

Lot "Consider today but a brief introduction."
Lot "Soon, we will all be assembled.

When that day comes, you will lay down your sword for the last time. *Lot exits*"

=-=-=-=-= "=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-="
Elle "The mysterious power has left.

Nobody in the city of Camelot is hurt."

Guinevere "He was more handsome than King Rience, I'll give him that."
Merlin "Speaking of that Don Juan, a letter has arrived. It bears many other signatures as well."
Merlin "Kings Lot, Urien, Nentres, Idres, Clariance, Brandegoris,"
Merlin "Cradelment, Agwisance, Carados and Cambenet, as well as the hero known as the King of the Hundred Knights."
Arthur "The regional lords across Britain must be combining their forces!"
Guinevere "And every single one of them has failed to pull Excalibur from the stone."
Merlin "It is unknown to me how they could have used the Lake and the knights it produces."
Merlin "But there is one thing I do know."
Merlin "They are the Eleven Lords - your fellow Britons who will not recognize your claim to the throne with the Excalibur."

Chapter 2[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Re-evaluating the Enemy
Cleaning Up Camelot
Whispers of Conspiracy
Create The Ultimate Knight
Judgement Time
Abritrator Time
A Sword For Whom? 1 Gacha Ticket

Chapter 3[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Secret Dealings Level 12
Unexpected Guests (Boss Battle) 300UP 2000G
An Unexpected Savior 300G
Pumpkins and Witches 300G
Leaning Towards Magic
A Watery Crossing
Infiltrate StrongHold
A Witch's True Colors
Three's a Crowd

Chapter 4[]

Name Unlock at Rewards
A New Crisis
An Error of Judgement
Siege of Orkney Castle
To the Bitter End
Arthur vs. Excalibur
Round Up the Remnants

Chapter 5[]

Name Unlock at Rewards
A Familiar Threat
Before it all Dissolves
A Fateful Reunion
The Coronation Experiment
Storming the Brain Trust
The Enemy's Whereabouts

Chapter 6[]

Name Unlock at Rewards
Faerie Communication
Offense Over Defense
Wrath of the White Dragon
Witches On the Sideline
A Wizard's Patriotism
Solitary Confinement

Chapter 7[]

Name Unlock at Rewards
Dreams Take Flight
Arms Race
To Wield a Great Sword
Witches, Tea and Snacks
Sudden Changes
Nibbling at the Edges
The Situation

Chapter 8[]

Name Unlock at Rewards
Short Sighted Dreams Level 38
Listen In On The Enemy Level 39
Miscalculated Advantage Level 40
A Conspiracy Within Level 41
Drastic Fix To A Dillema Level 42
Death God Takes Flight (Boss Battle) Level 43 600 UP and 300 Gold
Reason To Bury The Truth Level 44 600 UP and 300 Gold
Conflagration Spreads Level 45
Pledge of a Judge Level 46 1500 exp, 1 BC and AP potion

Chapter 9[]

Name Unlock at Rewards
Ulterior Motives (Boss Battle) Level 47
The End of Transience Level 48
Like Friend, Like Enemy Level 49
A Separate Resistance Level 50
True Motives Level 51
Detoxify the Poison Snake (Boss Battle) Level 52 6800 UP, 1500 Gold
Judge's Last Stand (Boss Battle) Level 53 1 BC & 1 AC potion, 6000 UP, 2000 Gold

Chapter 10[]

Name Unlock at Rewards
Rattles Nerves Level 54 1000 UP, 300 Gold
The Birth of a Queen Level 55
Land of the Faeries Level 56
Longing the Lost Kingdom Level 57
Boarding Avalon Level 58