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Coronation Plan[]

Chapter 1[]

Name Unlock at Reward
The Wielder of the Sword Start of the game
Reafe "You did it? You pulled Excalibur from the stone? W-Which means, you must be..."
Arthur "It wasn’t that hard, to be honest."
Reafe "You are as humble as you are mighty... But know that the sword has spoken - you are now ruler of all Britain!"
Reafe "You are the 98,3067th [sic] person to wear the crown of Arthur!"
Arthur "..."
Arthur "Er, can I ask you a question? Forgive me if it sounds ignorant, but..."
Reafe "Go on, My Liege."
Arthur "Do you mean to say there were 98,3066 [sic] people who pulled the excalibur before me?"
Reafe "Yes, exactly. 98,3067 [sic] minus 1. You have a head for numbers, too!"
Merlin "Hmph... Reafe, I wish you didn't insist on mentioning this every single time."
Arthur "B-but Merlin, what is the meaning of this? Your chess board must be positively buried under a massive pile of kings!"
Merlin "Chess is merely a metaphor. After all, what kind of army consists of a mere eight pawns, hm?"
Merlin "And nowhere is it said that there is only one Excalibur. In fact, it would be most inconvenient if that were so."
Merlin "Excalibur may prove a person's ability to rule, but there are more potential monarchs out there than you think..."
Arthur "This monarch gig is more of a middle management position, isn’t it?"
Reafe "Anyway, we’ve got other things to discuss, so..."
Arthur "Like what!? This is my throne we’re talking about! Everything I’ve fought and struggled for!"
Merlin "Yes, and the throne is yours. Your responsibilities toward Britain have not changed..."
Merlin "Not the least of which is defending your kingdom against foreign Invaders..."
1st Campaign and Invaders Start of the game Exp
Merlin "First of all, you will need this. It is a model of the Round Table."
Arthur "...It looks like a game board."
Merlin "In a manner of speaking, yes. You must place your knight cards upon it in order to use their powers."
Reafe "Knight cards are placed in order of strength. Later on, you can edit your deck yourself."
Arthur "Do I really need this?"
Merlin "Foreign Invaders are afoot, young Arthur."
Mission Briefing
Reafe "Several foes are approaching from the Southern Seas. They intend to land somewhere close to Camelot."
Reafe "You must make haste to the coast, and drive off the would-be Invaders."
Merlin "The Invaders are terrifying fighters. If they succeed in invading Britain, our people are as good as done for."
Reafe "You must hold the coast, do you understand? Please, for the sake of Britain!"
Arthur "My predecessor, Uther, was a wise and great ruler."
Arthur "But that old monarch is dead, and the Britain of old is no more."
Arthur "Of course our foreign enemies seek to take advantage."
Arthur "Repelled time and again by King Uther, the enemy host believes now at last is their chance."
Arthur "These are the Invaders I must face."
Scene Change
Arthur "There are so many of them! Must I really attend to every trifling foe we come across?"
Merlin (Radio) "Ordinarily, my answer would be no."
Merlin (Radio) "But you wield the Excalibur now! You must protect your kingdom at all costs. Never forget who you are!"
Battle against Giant Cyborg
HP 14352
Arthur "Gah! This is such a pain!"
Arthur "There are plenty of other bold warriors spoiling for a fight. Why not leave it to them?"
Merlin (Radio) "You must prove yourself. Fight hard, and above all: survive! Look! More enemies on their way!"
Time Skip
Arthur "(Hah...) Darn it, why am I so popular! Why can’t they pick on someone else? ...Still, they must [sic] driven off..."
Reafe (Radio) "A formidable force is headed this way from the Southern Sea! It could be a dragon!"
Reafe (Radio) "Judging by its magical power, I’d say it is a Class 2 specimen! You must meet the foe!"
Arthur "Can I just run!?"
The scene shakes...
Reafe (Radio) "Wh-what is happening? I’ve lost all Excalibur signals on the southern coast... Seems like many Arthurs were killed!"
Merlin (Radio) "I knew it... Our forces still aren’t strong enough!"
Arthur "We’re cut down like wheat before the scythe!"
Arthur "We’re the legendary wielders of Excalibur! We must not be defeated so easily!"
Reafe (Radio) "Class 2 Dragon signal detected! Prepare for attack!"
Arthur "...!"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "...What’s it doing?"
Merlin (Radio) "It appears to be retreating."
Merlin (Radio) "Taming such a huge dragon is never easy. One false move, and it will vaporize your army in an instant."
Arthur "That is what we must fight."
Arthur "Evil foes who would invade our realm."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "In any case, you have managed to beat back the invasion on the coast for now."
Reafe "We have lost many brave allies today, but we managed to stave off the worst."
Reafe "You did well out there, Arthur."
Legend of the Lake 4 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Merlin "Arthur, might I have a word?"
Arthur "What is it now?"
Arthur "If you want me to go chasing after more foes, I’m going to play dead. I’ve been practicing, you know."
Merlin "As a monarch, you should make better use of your time. A ruler has many duties beyond that on the battlefield."
Merlin "Arthur, remember I told you that as part of your duties as sworn ruler, you must govern a single town?"
Merlin "This is an important responsibility. You will not defeat the Invaders solely by defeating them on the battlefield."
Merlin "This is a war between nations. Not only the king should be strong, but the realm must be too."
Arthur "Well, I can assign those troublesome task to others. My people should learn how to look after themselves!"
Reafe "A strong realm and populace would be to your benefit."
Reafe "The knights registered to your Round Table obey the one who wields Excalibur."
Reafe "But you should know, their strength is tied to the growth and status of your town."
Arthur "In what way?"
Merlin "Come with me, and I shall explain. You must have realized by now that your knights are not just ordinary people."
Arthur "Well, now that you mention it... I was wondering what they are. I mean, they can be created, and synthesized..."
Scene Change
Arthur "Are they human at all?"
Merlin "Arthur, how familiar are you with the tales of the Ancients?"
Arthur "That they were a civilization that died out centuries ago. Their relics can be found in the forests and beneath the sea."
Merlin "Theirs was an age when Man lived with the faeries, and the faeries looked after wondrous devices."
Merlin "The “Lake” is one such ancient relic. I was able to repair it enough to make it operational."
Arthur "Gosh, really?"
Merlin "Oh yes. I even tinkered around with Reafe, who controls the Lake."
Merlin "Faeries cannot usually be understood by humans. As a fellow Briton, I'm sure I don’t need to tell you that."
Arthur "But what IS the Lake, exactly?"
Merlin "It is a device that can be used for many purposes. It was used to create Excalibur."
Merlin "It can also be used to create the life forms we call knights, as long as you have the blueprints."
Merlin "Long ago, we gathered the genes of the kings and great soldiers of Britain. But civil strife made them forgotten."
Arthur "So the faeries used their magical devices to make knights out of those genes."
Reafe "Knights are created from the genes of past kings and heroes. And the Knights are created to be even stronger."
Arthur " is unnatural."
Arthur "By resorting to such witchcraft, we make ourselves no better than the Invaders!"
Merlin "Perhaps that it is so."
Merlin "But the only way to end it now is to win the war. And the only one who can do that is you, young Arthur."
Knight of Light 4 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Gawain "Arthur. That is your name, yes?"
Arthur "...I suddenly feel all hot and sweaty."
Gawain "I am Gawain. The magician Merlin has asked me to serve as your bodyguard."
Arthur "Oh? Can you handle that?"
Gawain "Is your question a serious one? Because I can assure you, I am more than capable!"
Arthur "Fine. But why me? There are plenty of other monarchs around who need... Oh? Where did they all go?"
Gawain "They are busy fighting each other."
Arthur "What!?"
Gawain "I said, they are busy fighting each other."
Gawain "In the end, there can only be one ruler. Yes, there are many Excaliburs, too many to count, but only a single throne."
Gawain "It’s a game of musical chairs, you see, and only one of you gets to sit down."
Gawain "I suppose Merlin told you about the mock battles? That they are the perfect way to show off your battle strength and skills?"
Gawain "It's a good way to quickly remove your rivals and take their resources to bolster your own forces."
Arthur "Haha! So this is where it all leads to! Merlin did not foresee this, I warrant! We would be neglecting the REAL threat!"
Gawain "You underestimate Merlin if you think he did not calculate this very outcome. It’s all part of his plan."
Arthur "How so?"
Gawain "Real peril is the best way to breed strong rulers."
Arthur "So he’s getting us to fight one another so that we develop the necessary skills to defeat our opponents?"
Arthur "Among all the Arthurs, only the ones that are strong enough to fight the Invaders will survive."
Gawain "I am a knight created by the faeries. Perhaps my very existence is...unnatural."
Gawain "But frankly, not being a member of your kind is perhaps not such a bad thing."
Arthur "......"
Arthur "Gawain."
Gawain "What?"
Arthur "Then... Can I go and beat up those self-acclaimed kings that are irritating my nerves?"
Gawain "Hahaha! You're trying to make the best out of this situation."
Gawain "I like that. Now let's use those irritating princelings as our stepping stones for the throne!"
Grass Is Always Greener 5 150 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "It looks as though the Invaders are getting ready to launch another attack."
Arthur "Why are the Invaders so desperate to attack Britain anyway? They have a whole continent of their own to run around in."
Merlin "They seek our magic resources."
Arthur "Our magic resources?"
Merlin "In Britain, we take magic for granted. But in the land of the Invaders, magic is a rarity."
Reafe "Faeries cannot use their powers properly outside their comfort zones of forests and seas of Britain."
Arthur "Why can’t the Invaders use magic where they come from? Are they mentally deficient?"
Merlin "Their technology far surpasses our own. However, this has led to devastating pollution of their lands."
Merlin "Faeries live in forests. But many of the forests were actually created by the Ancients to spread magic in Britain."
Merlin "They used to be mere shrubs, but now they’re indistinguishable from the [sic] ordinary forests."
Merlin "And this is but one example. Volcanoes, rivers, sand dunes, plains... All closely connected to the Ancients."
Merlin "Our rich abundance of natural resources lies at the heart of all of our magic - resources our enemies don’t have. [sic]"
Arthur "Do the Invaders know about this?"
Merlin "It would appear not. As far as they're concerned, our magic is the result of technology that they’ve yet to attain."
Reafe "The only magic the Invaders know how to use is the fiery breath of the ancient Dragons that they’ve succeeded in taming."
Reafe "Apart from that, they don’t seem to have developed the ability to conjure spells on their own."
Merlin "What’s more, the size of those hulking Dragons means they require an awful lot of food to keep them in shape."
Merlin "The Invaders may treat Dragons as their saviors. But in fact, it’s the Dragons that are devastating their forests."
Arthur "Serves them right."
Merlin "Yes. But they are dangerous foes nevertheless."
Merlin "They are an example of what we must never allow ourselves to become. Britain should not fall into their hands!"
Saving Cameliard (Boss Battle) 5 150 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 500 Unity Points
Merlin "There is a lack of proper harmony between the Excalibur, the Round Table, and the knights."
Merlin "I have called upon the family in charge of the Round Table to come here and re-balance the table."
Reafe "The family has long ruled Cameliard of central Britain. But King Rience is plotting to seize the lands from them."
Reafe "Until we put a stop to King Rience’s aggression, the Cameliard people will not be able to help us."
Merlin "Your objective is to rescue Princess Guinevere, the maiden in charge of the Round Table."
Merlin "Her cooperation will prove indispensable in our fight against the Invaders."
Merlin "Good luck. We’re counting on you."
Scene Change
Arthur "So now I have to go babysit a glorified table tuner calling herself princess?"
Gawain "Would you prefer she was sweaty swineherd reeking of stale ale?"
Arthur "No, I suppose not."
Arthur "I mean, a handsome young prince would have been my choice... but I guess a young princess will do."
Gawain "..."
Arthur "What?"
Gawain "Er, nothing. I was just imagining you sitting on the throne of Britain."
Arthur "I bet I looked good on it, too... But enough about me. it’s [sic] time to teach this uppity Rience a lesson!"
Battle against Rience Soldier
HP 16560
Rience Soldier 1 "H-Huh?!"
Rience Soldier gets slashed.
Rience Solider 2 [sic] "Look, they have reinforcements! And they don't appear to be regular Cameliard forces!"
Rience "Who are you?! Tell me your name!"
Arthur "I am Arthur, of house Camelot! But are you really meant to be a boss character? You’re awfully thin and sickly looking..."
Gawain "Don't you have any compassion? At least be courteous and say that like a good bait for quick levelling."
Rience "You dishonor me! How dare you speak of the great King Rience in that manner?!"
Arthur "Are you “king” enough to kiss the blade of my sword?"
Arthur "You are not worthy to threaten the princess of Cameliard. Hand her over now!"
Gawain "Look who's more like a thug now?"
Arthur/Rience "I am the king not a thug!"
Battle against Rience
HP 19320
Rience "Hah... I thought that girl would be a fine gift for the Eleven Kings."
Rience "Time for me to retreat! Troops, don’t let them get any further! Protect me with your lives!"
Arthur "Gosh, he ran away fast. I feel sorry for his poor soldiers, don’t you?"
Gawain "What shall we do now? Hunt him him [sic] down and make him pay for his arrogance?"
Arthur "I’d rather restore the good maiden of this realm to her rightful place than waste time hunting that mangy old goat..."
Arthur "His deluded fool soldiers were only obeying orders. It would be cruel to cut down so many on his account."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "King Rience has fled Cameliard for good! Form an alliance with Cameliard, and he won't cause trouble...for now, at least."
Merlin "It looks as though Princess Guinevere is safe and sound."
Merlin "Well done, Arthur. I knew I could count on you."
Feisty Princess Guinevere 6 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Are you Arthur?"
Arthur "Yes. Were you expecting someone different?"
Guinevere "I'm Guinevere, the Princess of Cameliard."
Merlin "You can bring harmony to Excalibur, the Round Table and your knights if you assign a leader to your Round Table."
Arthur "Harmony, you say? Easier said than done, don’t you think?"
Guinevere "A piece of cake, my child! Merlin has been doing his best, but his methods are quite sloppy."
Merlin "I have matched only the numbers for now. The number of Arthurs have shot up so unexpectedly."
Merlin "Anyway, the strength of each Arthur's model tables are more or less the same."
Merlin "If you wanted to wipe out all the knights of the Round Table, you would have to slay all the Arthurs."
Guinevere "(Hmm... But then there wouldn’t be much of a competition between the Round Tables, now would there?)"
Arthur "Yes, yes. But can you do the job?"
Guinevere "I said it’d be a piece of cake, didn’t I? But before that..."
Arthur "Hm?"
Guinevere "I owe you one punch from back there!"
Reafe "I hardly believe what I see! This noble lady punched Arthur in the face, and more than once!"
Arthur "......"
Reafe "A-and now, lady Arthur returns the blow! Right in the kisser, too! Are you seeing this, Merlin?"
Merlin "Yes, and not for the first time. When lady warriors face off, mercy is neither offered, nor expected."
Guinevere "Shut up you two! Arthur, I heard that you let King Rience go even though he attacked Cameliard."
Guinevere "WELL?! Why didn’t you gut him where he stood?!"
Guinevere "Were you too scared to get your “pwecious” hands dirty? Then leave it to me, next time! I can take care of myself!"
Guinevere "Enemies should be killed! Remove threats once and for all! Stupid Arthur, you should go and study the basics first!"
Gawain "Slaying Rience would be no large matter, but we hoped to avoid unnecessary deaths among his poor soldiers."
Gawain "And frankly, we didn’t really feel like chasing him up and down all those hills..."
Guinevere "Why, you lazy, useless wretch!"
Gawain "We had just finished fighting a battle, you know. We were all more than a little pooped."
Guinevere "Hmph. Anyway, I’m bored of this."
Guinevere "No use in dwelling on what’s done. At least this way I’ve got something to look forward to, I guess."
Gawain "(...She is an impudent one, this princess. I hope we do not have to linger here much longer.)"
Arthur "(Indeed. Imagine the whining we would have had to listen to had we left her prisoner of Rience.)"
Guinevere "I can hear you, you know."
Arthur "Oh? I thought our voices would be sufficiently muffled, with your head stuck so far up your behind..."
Gawain "Merlin’s moustache! These lady warriors are as ruthless with the verbal barbs they are with the fist!"
Love Works Mysteriously 6 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "Guinevere, a letter has arrived. It is from Cameliard."
Guinevere "Ooh, from papa, perhaps...? Hand it over, let me see..."
Guinevere "... ... ... ... ... ..."
Guinevere "Arthur! Hey, Arthur!"
Arthur "Uh-oh, this isn’t going to be good."
Guinevere "How dare you?! Where do you get off making deals with my papa in private, huh?!"
Reafe "Waaaagghh! She’s grabbed Arthur by her collar and is suspending her in the air!"
Arthur "......"
Reafe "Someone, tell me. What is going on?!"
Arthur "Yes, Guinevere. What’s this about?"
Guinevere "Oh, don’t you play all innocent with me! Here! Read what it says!"
Guinevere "Cameliard is in peril. Out of respect for our ruler, I offer your hand in marriage."
Guinevere "I never imagined my father would give his daughter away so easily! What is the meaning of this?! Tell me, Arthur!"
Reafe "Oh, dear..."
Arthur "Well, I prefer pretty boys. But pretty girls sound good too."
Guinevere "You pervert!"
Arthur "But am I the Arthur he is talking about? There are many other Arthurs who helped to save Cameliard. Isn’t that right?"
Guinevere "Now that you mention it... There are thousands of Round Table models. That means thousands of Arthurs..."
Reafe "Exactly."
Reafe "There are currently 1,017,002 Arthurs, including both male and female who have claimed an Excalibur of their own."
Guinevere "What?! THAT many? I want to see that list!"
Guinevere "In the worst case, my father has offered my hand in marriage to all the Arthurs who have helped save Cameliard?"
Arthur "I think so. Good luck!"
Guinevere "No way! It's not only normal men. There are kids, the elderly, and same gendered Arthurs as well..."
Guinevere "Arthur, you beast! Just what are you trying to do to the Princess of Cameliard?!"
You hear punching sounds.
Reafe "Oh! Arthur doubled over like a collapsed napkin!"
Arthur "...You clearly haven’t got the message yet, have you? This time I’ll teach you a lesson you’re sure not to forget!"
Guinevere "... Whatever. The important thing is I mustn’t let word of this get out. I [sic] would be an absolute disaster."
Guinevere "Arthur. Yes, I mean you. I will remain with you for the time being."
Guinevere "If any other suitor comes for me, you shall protect my honor. Is that clear?"
Arthur "Do I have to?"
Guinevere "I said, “Is that CLEAR?!”"
Arthur "All right, all right! But if you really want to convince everyone, we’ll have share my bed and everything..."
Guinevere "(Shudder) Maybe I should just take my chances with the other Arthurs..."
A Formidable Foe (Boss Battle) 7 1 AP Potion
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(3) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "We have an emergency!"
Reafe "Unspecified forces are launching an assault against Camelot! We must hurry to the city and retaliate!"
Merlin "This is not a drill, like your confrontations with the other Arthurs. Real lives are at stake. You must win!"
Scene Change
Arthur "Who are they? They don’t appear to be Invaders. Could this be Rience’s doing?"
Guinevere (Radio) "It’s King Rience! You know what to do, Arthur! Spear him alive! It shall be a skewering party tonight!"
Gawain "Noblewomen are very different than I thought them to be..."
Gawain "But whoever it may be, the threat is the same. We must meet them with force."
Battle against Second - Garlon
HP 29808
Arthur "(Pant...pant) This is no mere King Rience! These foes are far more powerful!"
Gawain "They appear to be knights, created from the Lake! I thought Merlin was the only one who could do that!"
Battle against Second - Launfal
HP 29808
Gawain "The foe is neither Invader nor knight of Camelot. But who can it be?"
Arthur "And why did they make her so beautiful? Grrr! Let’s get this over with!"
Battle against Second - Damas
HP 29808
Arthur "Is it over at last?"
Gawain "Arthur! There!"
There's an explosion...
Arthur "(Cough... cough...)"
Arthur "Okay, NOW I’m angry."
Lot "Hm... You’re quick on your feet, I’ll give you that. But that alone won’t save you!"
Gawain "This could be it... Arthur, can you still fight?"
Lot "Today's attack was only for saying hi."
Lot "Soon, we will all be assembled. When that day comes, you will lay down your sword for the last time."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "The mysterious force appears to have retreated. Nobody in Camelot was hurt."
Guinevere "He was more handsome than King Rience, I’ll give him that."
Merlin "Speaking of that Don Juan, a letter has arrived. It bears many other signatures as well."
Merlin "Kings Lot, Urien, Nentres, Idres, Clariance, Brandegoris,"
Merlin "Cradelment, Agwisance, Carados and Cambenet. And the hero known as the King of the Hundred Knights."
Arthur "The regional lords across Britain have risen up in revolt!"
Guinevere "And every single one of them has failed to pull Excalibur from the stone."
Merlin "It is unknown to me how they could have used the Lake and the knights it produces."
Merlin "But there is one thing I do know."
Merlin "They are the Eleven Lords - your fellow Britons who will not recognize your claim to the throne with the Excalibur."

Chapter 2[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Analyzing the Enemy 8 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "The Eleven Kings..."
Arthur "Tsk. We should be working together to fight off the Invaders, not dealing with rebellion and discord!"
Reafe "But as far as the Eleven Kings are concerned, it’s Camelot that represents the insurgent force."
Merlin "In any case, we cannot stand by without responding."
Merlin "The greater threat comes from the Invaders. To fight them, however, we must first make preparations here in Britain."
Guinevere "In that case we should launch a concentrated assault on the Eleven Kings to bring this war to a quick conclusion."
Arthur "What about that King Rience? Is he not with the Eleven?"
Guinevere "Perhaps they didn’t make an offer to that groveling tyrant. Maybe he asked to join, but they rejected him."
Gawain "One less king is good news for us."
Merlin "The Eleven Kings may be ruthless, but none of them were great enough to pull Excalibur from the stone."
Merlin "And even if they overthrow us, they can't protect Britain from the Invaders."
Guinevere "Win or lose, the Eleven Kings will never get their chance to reign over Britain. Wha a cruel fate..."
Arthur "Whatever the outcome may be, there is no rhyme or reason to their rebellion."
The Monarch’s Laundry 8 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "Arthur, Arthur!"
Arthur "What is it?"
Reafe "You appear to have nothing to do - absolutely nothing. That means you can help me with the palace chores!"
Arthur "Oh, chores, chores. Why don’t you and me just snuggle under the covers and spend the day in bed?"
Reafe "Avoiding chores is one thing, but couldn’t you at least pretend you have important affairs of state to attend to?"
Arthur "I wish! Being a ruler is nowhere NEAR as exciting as I thought it would be... All I ever do is sign proclamations. BO-RING."
Reafe "Well, help me with the laundry, then."
Arthur "YUCK! The stink from the laundry room is all over the palace... Even the maids ran away because of the smell!"
Arthur "Bring me the person responsible for the maids for a scolding! When I’m done, it will be the end of our laundry problems!"
Reafe "Hmm. I think Merlin is in charge of the household staff. Shall I summon him?"
Arthur "......"
Arthur "I think I’m going to stage a palace revolt."
Reafe "Here. This is your pile. And I don’t think monarchs can rebel against themselves."
Time Skip
Arthur "(Pant...pant) Good grief, this is the worst job EVER."
Guinevere "Oh, Arthur! What are you doing with that pile of laundry? Hehe. You’re not trying to sneak a peak at my underwear, are you?"
Arthur "Hmph. I’d say that is about number three thousand on the list of things I want to do..."
Reafe "...Three thousand out of a million is pretty high up there. I bet we can get it to the top hundred if we tried..."
Arthur "The chances of THAT are considerably less than one in a million, Guinevere!"
Guinevere "Oh, i [sic] think she does protest too much!"
Arthur "Here. This is your dress, I believe. It’s been cleaned."
Guinevere "Carefully, I hope! That is my very best ball gown..."
Arthur "Well, I’ll just check it for damage, shall I?"
Arthur "Oh, dear. It looks as if someone has been tightening their corset WAY too tight in a futile effort to appear slimmer..."
Arthur "Hehe. It’s a good thing I checked, isn't it? Women can always spot these kinds of things..."
Arthur "That should teach her a lesson. I can't take accusations for taking a scurrilous interest in other ladies’ undergarments."
Reafe "...You look terribly pleased with yourself. Poor Guinevere was crushed. Why, she turned as white as ash."
Reafe "I don’t think I’ll ever understand humans."
Whispers of Conspiracy 9 100 Unity Points
300 Gold
Lot "They’ve all gathered?"
Urien "There are more kings out there who haven’t wielded Excalibur than you’d think..."
Lot "I took the liberty of watching those worms go up against the Invaders. Amateurs, as expected."
Lot "The ruler of an entire nation is not something to be decided by one measly sword, after all."
Urien "More to the point, how did the knights we created using the Lake fare in battle?"
Lot "They did well on the battlefield. But watching them rot away barely a few days after being born was hardly pleasant."
Urien "So long as we have neither Excalibur nor the Round Table, there’s not much we can do about that, unfortunately."
Urien "We can’t hope to create the perfect knight, after all."
Lot "So long as they can be used in battle, that’s good enough for me."
Lot "Besides, the problem isn’t the knights - it’s the people making them."
Lot "I can’t help but wonder if we did the right thing inviting them into our camp..."
Morgause "Excuse me, gentlemen. Are we interrupting something?"
Elaine "Remember: no matter how powerful you Eleven Kings may believe yourselves to be, you have no chance of victory without us."
Morgan "If you’ve got a problem with that, go and get an Excalibur for yourself!"
Lot "Watch your mouth, witch..."
Urien "Humans who modified themselves to get faerie’s powers... As a fellow magic enthusiast, I commend your commitment."
Lot "......"
Morgause "Think what you will. But remember that you can’t use the Lake without us, which means you can’t make knights without us."
Lot "You’ve made your point. Now allow me to make mine: cross us, and you die. Consider yourselves warned."
Elaine "You’ve got nothing to worry about on that account. We, too, have reason to resent Arthur, or should I say, Merlin..."
Morgan "Why do we need these bozos anyway? If they get in our way, I say we gut them and crush Camelot ourselves."
Lot "Heh. Your friend’s got spirit, I’ll give her that."
Elaine "Not so fast, Morgan. We need THEIR help going up against Camelot, too, remember?"
Morgan "......"
Urien "So what’s our next move?"
Morgause "Ah, yes."
Morgause "How about...this?"
Time Skip
Lot "...I don’t think so. Subterfuge isn’t exactly my style."
Morgan "I agree. What’s with all this faffing around? I say we hit them head on, and we hit them hard."
Urien "That said, this way does seem more likely to work..."
Morgause "What do you say, Lot? The floor’s all yours."
Lot "Do as you please."
Lot "You witches handle your own affairs. As for us, we’re going to attack Camelot the way we know how."
Morgause "Fine. As you wish."
Morgan "Boooo–ring. In that case, can I tag along with King Lot? Can I, please?"
Elaine "No, Morgan. You enjoy killing too much. How can they present themselves as bastions of justice with you around?"
Urien "If we’re about ready, shall we go and fulfill our duties as Britain’s rightful kings?"
Lot "The time is indeed nigh. Let us show the people of Britain the true worth of their pitiful Excalibur!"
Create the Ultimate Knight 9 150 Unity Points
300 Gold
??? "Arthur... Arthur!"
Arthur "What is it? I am just DYING for a baked potato right now. I WANT MY POTATO!"
??? "I am an apprentice sorcerer under Merlin. My work involves generating knights from the Lake."
Arthur "A student of Potato? Oh, baked potato. I mean... Oh, Merlin. I REALLY need a baked potato."
??? "Please, listen. I believe an official directive will be issued later, but we must act now or it will be too late!"
Arthur "Does it involve baked potatoes?"
??? "It’s about the blueprint for the latest in knight technology."
??? "This knight will be superior to Lancelot, Gawain and Galahad. In other words, the mightiest knight in the realm!"
Arthur "Oh, really? That sounds good!"
??? "Arthur, do you have knowledge of the processes involved in creating a knight?"
??? "You take the genes of great persons, then cross multiple sets of genes with each other to create designs."
Arthur "Sets of genes? It all sounds very fascinating, but I’m not sure I follow, exactly."
??? "Results vary for different combinations, but superior genes are always necessary for superior Knights."
Arthur "Oh, I see. And are you going to tell me where I can find someone with these “superior genes”?"
??? "Yes, here in this room."
Arthur "Hm?"
??? "A great person possesses great genes, and you, Arthur, who drew Excalibur from the stone, must be such a person."
Arthur "Except that people are yanking that sword out of the rock all the time. I mean, aren’t there a million of us?"
??? "Indeed. Normally you create a knight by pairing Gene A with Gene B. The possible gene combinations are seemingly infinite."
??? "The scale of this project will be greater than any other. But there is one problem..."
Arthur "Hm?"
??? "There are over a million Arthurs, and collecting their genes would take ages..."
Arthur "This is where you tell me you have some horrible job for me to do. Isn’t it?"
??? "Well?"
Arthur "Fine, fine. I suppose if I can make stronger knights now, it will be easier in the long run. Right?"
??? "Excellent! Now, this won’t hurt a bit. No need to tense up so much."
Arthur "Usually, two genes are combined. But this time you are using a million genes. Is there any special procedure required?"
??? "I will use special genes to combine those of the others."
??? "Specifically, mine."
Arthur "Oh, I see. And have you come up with a name for this new uber-Knight you are going to create?"
??? "Mordred."
??? "Remember this name, Arthur. Although once he makes his presence known, I doubt you shall ever forget him."
Judgment Time (Boss Battle) 10 150 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Merlin "A foreign substance has contaminated a design for the Lake."
Merlin "I fear this is the work of Morgause the sorceress, thought to be in league with the Eleven Lords."
Merlin "The result is a knight named Mordred."
Merlin "His disposition is the polar opposite of the values we espouse here at Camelot and he is a treacherous knight."
Reafe "It appears that Mordred’s body contains the genes of all the Arthurs, not to mention genes of Morgause herself..."
Reafe "Put simply, Mordred recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of every single Arthur, and choose [sic] the optimal attack."
Merlin "He was programmed for betrayal, even before he was born."
Merlin "Arthur, you must kill Mordred."
Reafe "......"
Merlin "You have no other choice if you are to unite Britain with Excalibur and the Round Table."
Change Scene
Gawain "So what do you say, Arthur?"
Arthur "...As you say, I have no choice."
Change Scene
Mordred "(Huff... Puff...) I was made to bring ruin unto the kingdom. If so, what is my purpose for doing so…?"
Mordred "Arthur?!"
Arthur "......"
Mordred "......"
Mordred "...You are right. Please just finish me now."
Lancelot "So here he is."
Galahad "Target identified! Let’s finish what we came to do."
Lancelot "What is it? If you have no taste for this business, I will gladly finish it for you."
Lancelot "Oi, Arthur! Will you protect a traitor? Why are you shielding Mordred?!"
Mordred "Arthur...?"
Arthur "We just shouldn’t be so hasty. I mean, he is a powerful knight. I would like to have him as an ally."
Gawain "I see. You want to hang on to him, have him handle the difficult jobs? Not a bad I idea, my grace."
Lancelot "I do not like Merlin’s way of doing things... but if it is your decision..."
Galahad "Oh? I didn’t think you would agree so readily to using one of Merlin’s schemes."
Gawain "We are in the midst of war. We do not have the luxury to discard advantages when they are proffered to us..."
Arthur "Well, quite. Now’s not the time to be fussy- anyway, shall we go?"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "......"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "......"
Arthur "I suppose some of us still have reservations... Mordred, you are one of us now, understood?"
Mordred "Are you sure? From the beginning my brain has been wired to betray you!"
Arthur "Fine! Then I shall build a realm powerful enough to withstand any treachery! Mordred, [sic] shall judge whether I succeed!"
Arthur "You are the most powerful knight, and your strength should not be wasted. Use those strengths for Britain!"
Battle against Arthur: Blade Protector
HP 42504
Battle against Arthur: Sorcery King
HP 42504
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "...Merlin is not at his seat."
Reafe "Don’t tell anyone this, but... Arthur, I’m glad it was you who won."
The Green Knight (Boss Battle) 10 150 Unity Points
Exp, 1500 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket
Reafe "You have to go after the Green Knight-the mischief-maker who appeared at the ball, insulted Camelot, and then fled."
Reafe "I have no idea about her motives, but that Green Knight clearly aims to sow disobedience amongst the knights."
Merlin "Green Knight’s actions constitute an act of information warfare, and should be treated as a foe."
Reafe "She fled deep into the forest. Is it to shake off any pursuits or is her stronghold in those dark woods?"
Reafe "In any case, we best hurry after her, less [sic] the trail go cold."
Change Scene
Gawain "A Green Knight...?"
Gawain "What could she be? Appearing from nowhere, announcing she would chop off her own head!"
Arthur "But when she actually did it, why... you could have knocked me over with an ostrich plume!"
Gawain "It was mere sorcery, a parlor trick..."
Gawain "Or so I thought, until she calmly picked up the head and said, “next year it will be your turn.” (Shudder)"
Arthur "Don’t tell me she made YOU afraid, good Gawain... That would be a first!"
Gawain "Pshaw! I fear her not! I am a knight of Camelot-- I have fought Invaders and Dragons both!"
Arthur "Good. Then you will not mind going after her."
Arthur "Slowly look over at those trees. ...She is prowling there."
Gawain "Curse this Green Knight!"
Arthur "It appears her intent was to lure us into the forest to ambush us."
Gawain "Knight! Will you not give me your name?"
Arthur "If you wish to joust with her, be my guest."
Battle against Green Knight
HP 9999999
Gawain "Curse you! Come out and fight, like a true knight!"
Arthur "This is getting dangerous. Let us retreat for the nonce, and reconsider our options."
After retreating...
Arthur "This knight could be one of the faeries. She seems something more than human..."
Gawain "We’ll catch her eventually-she can't hide in these woods forever!"
Arthur "...Hm? Behold, Gawain. Something is hanging from that branch."
Gawain "A belt made of leather, with a letter attached?"
Arthur "“Gird your waist with this belt of immortality, and drive that Green Knight from the forest. Thank you in advance.”"
Gawain "Who could this be from?"
Arthur "It is your choice, Gawain. Will you accept the gift?"
Battle against Green Knight
HP 49128
Gawain "(Panting) C-curses, that was too close! What kind of monster is she?!"
Arthur "Tsk. So it was a trick. Just as I suspected."
Gawain "Hm?"
Arthur "That belt was gift from none other than your foe."
Arthur "When a knight resorts to cheating, he loses the source of his true strength."
Arthur "We had no way of knowing if that letter was real, much less if the belt could actually protect its wearer from harm."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "The Green Knight has been defeated."
Reafe "What is more, there are traces of Morgan’s sorcery on that belt."
Reafe "In an information war, it’s good to have a witch on your side."
Strategy 11 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "We have collected our scouts’ reports and determined the Invaders’ next move."
Arthur "Let me guess--they are going to invade?"
Guinevere "Yes. But if we know their point of attack in advance, we can strengthen our defenses appropriately."
Arthur "So what are they going to do?"
Reafe "They’ll hit the southeastern coast of Britain from the sea, and launch their attack from there."
Arthur "The southeastern tip of Britain, you say. Do they mean to strike against the port city there?"
Guinevere "Arthur, time is of the essence. You need to give orders so we can prepare our defenses right away!"
Merlin "Not so fast."
Arthur "Merlin?"
Merlin "Think before you commit any hasty acts. The port city on Britain’s southeastern tip goes by the name of Suffolk."
Guinevere "And...?"
Merlin "Suffolk has declared its support for the Eleven Lords. The port serves as an important source of financing for them."
Arthur "You don’t mean..."
Merlin "It might be better for us to leave the city to its fate. If the Invaders attack them, the Eleven Lords will be weakened."
Merlin "The Eleven Lords are busy preparing to battle Camelot. They have neglected defenses against the Invaders."
Merlin "Even if they hurry to ready themselves for the assault, they will never be ready in time."
Guinevere "That is exactly why we must come to Suffolk’s aid! They are still Britons, no matter who they swear allegiance to!"
Merlin "But they make the Eleven Lords stronger. They will hurt other Britons and slow our efforts to stop the Invaders!"
Merlin "If Suffolk falls, it will bring our conflict with the Eleven Lords to a quicker conclusion."
Merlin "That result will directly contribute to protecting the people and property of Britain as a whole."
Merlin "We should not get involved. Rather, we shall ignore any pleas for aid."
Guinevere "Arthur!"
Arthur "......"
Merlin "Or will you drag this conflict and make the people suffer for your what you think is just?"
Merlin "Arthur, you are the king. Choose the wisest path."
A Sword for Whom? (Boss Battle) 11 1 Gacha Ticket
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Letter "My Lord, please come save the town of Suffolk."
Letter "The Invaders’ invasion fleet has been spotted on the sea. We know not when they shall strike."
Letter "Please save us! My father, my mother, my friends...all of us!"
Letter "I care not what happens to me."
Letter "Please, my lord, please, just help the people I hold dear."
Arthur "......"
Reafe "You’re going to help, aren’t you?"
Arthur "It might be good publicity."
Reafe "It means abandoning Camelot."
Reafe "If you fail, you will lose your sword...and much more."
Reafe "Yet..."
Reafe "that [sic] plea has touched your heart."
Mission Briefing
Reafe "The Invaders are close to Suffolk."
Reafe "Reinforcements from the Eleven Lords will not reach the city in time."
Reafe "The invading force is very powerful, but they can be driven back at the coast."
Change Scene
Gawain "Haha! That would make us the talk of the realm!"
Arthur "Do not be so hasty."
Gawain "Who’s being hasty?"
Arthur "What do you--?"
Gawain "Come, come. We save Suffolk, we’ll earn the gratitude of all the knights and common folk in the entire area."
Arthur "Hmph. Mordred, mark well what I am about to do. You shall judge whether I succeed or not!"
Mordred "That goes without saying!"
Gawain "Here they come."
Gawain "Blasted Invaders! We’ll drive every last one of you back into the sea!"
Battle against Ban
HP 45816
Arthur "These foes have got some meat on their bones!"
Gawain "Tasty, ain’t they? A real feast for a knight!"
Mordred "More on the way!"
Battle against Giant Cyborg
HP 45816
Arthur "Is it over?"
Gawain "Uh-uh. I think they’re just getting started..."
Mordred "A Dragon?!"
Gawain "Class 5, no less. A Tarasque, I’d say."
Gawain "This beast is more powerful than any you have yet faced."
Arthur "We have nowhere to fall back to..."
Arthur "It looks like Dragon stew on the menu tonight!"
Battle against Tarasque
HP 58512
Reafe "The Invaders have been driven back to the sea, and the town is unharmed."
Guinevere "How about giving the local townspeople a rousing speech?"
Reafe "Many people have been watching what has unfolded here. It is an opportunity for us--but also dangerous."
Merlin "Developments are unfolding in our favor for now, but they are not entirely in our control."
Merlin "It is as it was in the time of your father, Uther."
Merlin "There may be matters you will have to rectify, Arthur."

Chapter 3[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Secret Dealings 12 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Lot "Our plan to use Mordred didn’t quite succeed."
Morgause "Oh? Go on..."
Lot "The blasted fool has jumped ship and joined forces with Camelot."
Morgause "Heh heh. You should have a little more faith..."
Morgause "You’re forgetting that treachery is built into Mordred’s very bones. He can’t control himself even if he wants."
Morgause "He may appear to be helping Camelot now, but he’ll come through for us in the long run. Mark my words."
Lot "......"
Morgause "What’s with the frown? Could it be you’re struggling with your own chivalric code?"
Morgause "Surely I needn’t remind you that your own knights rot away into dust just a few days after you’ve created them?"
Lot "Even a brief life radiates with glory if it ends on the battlefield in a blaze of honor."
Lot "But there’s no honor in the way you use your knights. To you, they’re mere playthings to do with as you wish."
Morgause "Well, duh. I AM a witch, in case you hadn’t noticed."
Morgause "Besides, you knew the stakes when you joined forces with us. Did you think we were going to play all nice and fair?"
Lot "I, too, strayed from the path when I chose to pronounce myself king without pulling Excalibur from the stone."
Lot "But know this: we Eleven Kings bear our sins for the sake of Britain. We would never abandon our morals for pleasure!"
Morgause "Pfft. Suit yourself."
Morgause "Go ahead: hate us, if it makes you feel better. We sneer at your very existence, anyway."
Lot "So be it."
Lot "By the way, what happened to Urien?"
Morgause "He must be plotting evil schemes with my sister Morgan. They must be getting along well."
Lot "Urien always struck me as the hotheaded, direct type. But plotting...?"
Morgause "Whatever he’s up to, he’s bound to make his move soon."
Morgause "Who knows what dastardly deeds he has up his sleeve?"
Unexpected Guests (Boss Battle) 12 250 Unity Points
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
1000 Unity Points
Reafe "We’ve got trouble! The Invaders are attempting to land at Salisbury on the southern coast of Britain."
Reafe "It is too late to evacuate the locals. We’ve no choice but to repel the Invaders..."
Guinevere "Wait! The Eleven Kings’ troops are formed up across the advance!"
Guinevere "Judging by their raiments, I’d say it is King Brandegoris of Stranggore and his men!"
Merlin "Are the Eleven Kings taking advantage of the Invaders’ attack? It must be a ploy to crush cities on Camelot's side!"
Reafe "Prepare yourself for a battle. Take out the forces of the Eleven Kings, and protect Salisbury from the Invaders!"
Scene Change
Gawain "Brandegoris is one of the Eleven Lords."
Gawain "He is collaborating with the Invaders because of his lust for the throne. Common people will suffer for this."
Arthur "Careful up there on your high horse, Gawain. Merlin has tried to do much the same in the past."
Arthur "...But still, you are right. Be it Brandegoris or Invader, they should be taught a lesson!"
Battle against Brandegoris Soldier
Arthur "Dammit! They are trying to slow us down!"
Arthur "Gawain! Stop vacillating and get stuck in! If you wish to serve the crown of Britain, then do as your monarch bids!"
Battle against Brandegoris Soldier
Gawain "Curses! We are too far away still! [sic]"
Guinevere (Radio) "The Invaders are getting close to Salisbury! Stop dithering and get a move on!"
Arthur "There’s our quarry."
Arthur "It is King Brandegoris! Let us defeat him, and cut off the head of his army in one fell swoop!"
Brandegoris "End of the road, child."
Brandegoris "We might not have what it takes to defeat Excalibur and all the true knights who rally to its cause..."
Brandegoris "But buying time will be victory enough. Once Salisbury has fallen, it won’t be long before Camelot crumbles!"
Battle against Brandegoris
HP 55200
Brandegoris "Gah...! (Pant...) A-am I finished?"
Arthur "That’s enough, little lost sheep. We don’t have time to linger and simmer a pot of lamb stew."
Arthur "Although a quick lamb shish-kebab could be do-able..."
Reafe (Radio) "You must hurry to Salisbury!"
Arthur "Ah, yes. Salisbury is the main course... Once we get there, we can dine at our leisure on plump, juicy Invaders."
You hear an explosion...
Guinevere (Radio) "Wh-what is happening?"
Arthur "Smoke! Rising from the city of Salisbury!"
Post-Battle Report
Merlin "I have received reports that the Invaders have landed on the coast near Salisbury."
Merlin "We have no idea how much damage they have already wrought. Arthur, you must hurry before it is too late."
An Unexpected Savior 13 250 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "So this is Salisbury."
Gawain "I don’t understand. The Invaders attacked here, right? But everything looks fine. I see no signs of damage."
Arthur "Something happened here. You saw the explosion, too."
Reafe (Radio) "Ah! Look at that!"
Gawain "It looks like the remains of Invader weaponry."
Arthur "Well, it’s very impressive. It’s like a sculpture or something!"
Citizen "My Grace?"
Arthur "Are you unharmed?"
Citizen "Oh, yes. Thanks to our savior."
Gawain "Your savior? And who might that be? Who could crush the Invaders like this?"
Citizen "It was King Lot."
Arthur "...?!"
Citizen "It was King Lot, Your Grace. He saved us."
Arthur "There are remains of Invaders scattered everywhere, and King Lot appears to be behind it!"
Merlin (Radio) "Watch out, Arthur. He’s here!"
Lot "So. You finally made it."
Arthur "We would have been here sooner, but we had some cleaning to do. It was you who started all this, wasn’t it?"
Lot "When an organization grows too large, things can get out of control. One of our number strayed too far, it would seem."
Lot "I apologize for what happened here. However, now we’re even for Suffolk."
Brandegoris "Ah! King Lot! I’ve been searching all over for you!"
Lot "King Brandegoris..."
Brandegoris "This is that pesky Arthur I told you about! King Lot, let’s vanquish this pest once and for all."
Lot "......"
Brandegoris gets slashed.
Brandegoris "Y-you don’t like my idea?"
Lot "The Eleven Kings may refuse to recognize Excalibur, but they are sworn to protect the citizens of Britain. It is our duty."
Lot "A man who joined forces with the Invaders and harmed his own countrymen for personal glory has no right to call himself king."
Brandegoris "B-but My Lord... GURP!"
Arthur "Ouch. That was a bit harsh."
Arthur "I mean, he WAS your ally, you know. Not to mention, I won’t be able to enjoy beating him again in the rematch."
Lot "A king who demands discipline from his subjects must exercise it himself. Brandegoris took this too lightly."
Arthur "If you had given him a second chance, he might have learned the error of his ways..."
Lot "Try ruling over Britain with your complacent interpretation of the Knights Code and let's see what happens."
Lot "The resolve of the Eleven Kings shall not wane. The fate of Britain and its people rests upon our shoulders."
Gawain "And there he goes."
Merlin (Radio) "We’ve little chance of catching up with him. Witches are creating some kind of magical interference."
Gawain "I knew he was going to be a dangerous enemy, but I’m just starting to realize HOW dangerous..."
Arthur "We shall meet again, King Lot."
Pumpkins and Witches 13 250 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "...Ah, these open fields will be a fine place to rest and heal up."
Arthur "I must have been even more tired than I thought."
Arthur "What is it?"
??? "Tee hee..."
??? "Nice and juicy pumpkins. Perfect for a soup!"
Arthur "Hey! Stop there, vegetable thief!"
??? "Are you talking to me? Mind your own business, nosey!"
Arthur "Who do you think you are, vegetable thief?!"
??? "Think you can stop me? Hmph, as if THAT’s gonna happen! How stupid ARE you exactly?"
Arthur "I’m going to give you a piece of advice."
??? "What?"
Arthur "If I was more attractive, I’d have men and women falling in love with me ALL the time."
??? "(Shudder) I just felt a horrible chill go up and down my spine! You’re not a witch or anything, are you?"
??? "Not that it matters. You can’t stop me. Tell you what. I’m feeling extra generous today, so I’ll let you off this time."
Arthur "I can’t believe I let her hit me with her stick and get away."
Arthur "Wait a minute... Did she say “witch”?"
Scene Change
Morgan "What a bumper haul of pumpkins!"
Urien (Radio) "Ahem, Morgan? Can I ask you something?"
Morgan "A-Ahem! ...What is it?"
Urien (Radio) "Well... I’m following the instructions you wrote down for our preparations, but does it have to be so freezing in here?"
Morgan "I told you, we can’t get anything done in that old and run-down castle of yours."
Morgan "So I took it upon myself to fix us up a new workshop. Of course, with time constraints, I took a few shortcuts..."
Urien (Radio) "And that’s connected to the, exactly?"
Morgan "If you need to ask me that, your knowledge of magic must be really disappointing."
Morgan "I don't like beating about the bush unlike my sisters, so I have a device that does the thinking for me."
Urien (Radio) "Umm..."
Morgan "Listen, stop pestering me with questions, okay? This is just how we winter witches like to do things. You got that?"
Urien (Radio) "Still though, working in these cold conditions, day in, day out... it isn't easy."
Morgan "Figure out a way to keep warm if it bothers you so much."
Urien (Radio) "...Like the pumpkin soup?"
Morgan "Hahaha! H-how did you...?"
Morgan "Th-That’s not all! You need measurements of some coordinates too."
Urien (Radio) "So our preparations for attacking Camelot are almost complete?"
Morgan "Which target do you say we hit first? King Lot’s beloved region of Orkney? Or shall we take out Camelot?"
Urien (Radio) "If the end result is the same, I don’t mind what order we do things in. So, are we about ready?"
Morgan "Assuming we can input numbers on that old hunk of junk, we should be good to go."
Morgan "If all goes to plan, one shot should be all it takes to turn Camelot into a pile of smoldering rubble."
Morgan "Just wait’ll they get a load of my latest invention: the Dragon Fang!"
Leaning Towards Magic 14 300 Unity Points
300 Gold
Merlin "The scouts we dispatched to spy on the Eleven Kings have returned with a report."
Merlin "It appears that the Eleven Kings are not all equal when it comes to deciding policy and strategy."
Guinevere "What he means to say, is that there are factions within the enemy camp."
Reafe "King Lot of Orkney values military might above all else. But King Urien of Gore prefers magic."
Reafe "It appears the plan to use Invaders to attack Salisbury was King Urien’s doing, acting on his own initiative."
Arthur "And that is why King Lot intervened."
Merlin "Don’t underestimate the Eleven Kings. If they were to join forces, they would be quite the enemy to be reckoned with."
Merlin "However, they are currently fighting one another. We can make use of this and strike them while they’re vulnerable."
Guinevere "So you’re saying we can just wait for them to divide into factions before we even have to do anything."
Guinevere "Sneaky, as always..."
Arthur "......"
Reafe "Though both Lot and Urien are strong, We [sic] would have to hit Urien first if we are to choose who to attack first."
Merlin "Dismantling the Eleven Kings’ framework will prove more effective than merely depleting their forces."
Merlin "I also heard that King Urien is developing a large scale magical weapon to end the internal strifes."
Reafe "It’s called the “Dragon Fang”."
Reafe "We believe that one blow from this weapon could wipe out King Lot and his forces for good."
Merlin "It's the same situation as Camelot. A right amount of sense of danger brings technological innovation."
Merlin "We must never allow that Dragon Fang to be directed towards Camelot instead of their own internal fighting."
Merlin "This is why we must prioritize neutralizing Urien first, before his weapon becomes a reality."
Reafe "As I have already mentioned just now,"
Reafe "By disabling King Urien and his magic, we’ll have a better chance of weakening the military might of King Lot."
Guinevere "On the other hand, if the squabbling factions resolve their differences, the Eleven Kings will be more united."
Guinevere "Sigh... Come to think of it, we really don’t have time to be discussing strategy."
Merlin "Unfortunately, King Urien’s homeland of Gore is protected by an extremely potent magical forcefield."
Merlin "There are only two ways in and out that are used for the coming and going of goods and personnel."
Reafe "The Blade Railroad and the Submerged Bridge. Both approaches have their dangers."
Merlin "Which route you choose to launch your attack is up to you, Arthur."
Arthur "Right then. What do you think, Gawain? Would you rather leap into a pit of swords or dive into a pool of water?"
Gawain "The Submerged Bridge, if it pleases Your Grace!"
A Watery Crossing (Boss Battle) 14 300 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "So it’s decided: we’ll exploit the rift between the Eleven Lords and attack King Urien in his magical stronghold of Gore."
Merlin "There are only two ways into Gore: Blade Railroad and Submerged Bridge. Arthur has chosen Submerged Bridge."
Merlin "As you’d expect from its name, the Submerged Bridge is a huge bridge submerged below water."
Merlin "Users of the bridge are protected by Urien’s magic, though it’s said that trespassers would sink to the bottom."
Reafe "It goes without saying that Urien’s forces will be at a significant advantage if you try to fight them on the bridge."
Reafe "Be careful, My Grace."
Scene Change
Arthur "A Submerged Bridge? This Urien seems like one of those mad genius types with too much money to spend!"
Gawain "It seems to work for him. In any case, the only way we are going to get into his stronghold is by force."
Guinevere (Radio) "Urien’s guards are coming. Now get out there and show these amateurs what Camelot’s made of!"
Battle against Urien Soldier
HP 55200
Arthur "Oh, for pity’s sake! I am not enjoying this ONE BIT!"
Gawain "Trust me, My Grace, you would be saying the same thing had you taken the Blade Railroad."
Arthur "Whatever! Let’s just finish this off, and quickly!"
Battle against Urien Soldier
HP 55200
Arthur "We’re finally across the bridge. Hope you’re ready, Urien... Today’s the day you pay for your wickedness!"
Gawain "First we have to do what Merlin said, and break the forcefield. Shall we get the other knights moving as well?"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "Good job on making it across. The forcefield protecting the center of the stronghold has been disabled."
Merlin "The Eleven Kings are scrambling to assemble their forces, but it’s already too late."
Guinevere "Now that we don’t have the forcefield to worry about, we can show that dour old sour-pot what we’re capable of!"
Infiltrate Stronghold (Boss Battle) 15 300 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket, 1000 Unity Points
Merlin "Now all that’s left is to launch an attack into the heart of Gore’s magical fortress."
Merlin "Defeat Urien, and you’ll deal a devastating blow to the Eleven Lords’ biggest factions."
Reafe "Thankfully, there’s no sign of that Dragon Fang weapon he’s building."
Reafe "It’s imperative you take down Urien before he’s able to complete it. Do you understand?"
Guinevere "We’ve picked up readings that one of the witches, Morgan, is here within the magical fortress."
Guinevere "Urien may be a skilled practitioner when it comes to magic, but Morgan is in another league altogether."
Guinevere "She’s a monster who gave herself faerie powers through artificial means. Slip up once, and it’ll all be over."
Scene Change
Urien "Morgan! You said neither Lot nor Camelot would pose us any threat so long as we had Dragon Fang at our disposal...?!"
Morgan (Radio) "It’s not my fault it wasn’t ready in time!"
Morgan (Radio) "Quit your whining. We might have got it finished if the facilities here in Gore weren’t quite so woeful!"
Urien "“Woeful”?! Gore’s magic facilities are the most advanced of all the Eleven Lords'. I’ll have you know! witch!"
Morgan (Radio) "Oh, stop being so dramatic. Look sharp! Here they come!"
Urien "Wh-What should I do?!"
Morgan (Radio) "Get out there and fight like a king, you cretin! Who knows, you might even still be alive by the time I get there."
Arthur "Yoo-hoo! Urien!"
Urien "Erk...!"
Urien "Heh heh. So this is the fabled Excalibur, eh? It’s even more exquisite up close than I’d dreamed."
Urien "A sword forged not by witches, but by the hands of true faeries. What I wouldn't give for the chance to analyze its magic!"
Arthur "Too bad for you that you don’t have one. You’ll never be able to pull it out, not in a thousand years."
Urien "Who said anything about pulling it from the stone?"
Urien "Once I’ve killed every single one of you Arthurs out there, it will be mine for the taking!"
Battle against Uryens [sic]
HP 58512
Urien "Gah!!!"
Arthur "Your sorcery is very strong, and useful in its own way. But it’s the only thing you have."
Arthur "Britain cannot be ruled with sorcery alone. If it could, why, Merlin would be king. But it can’t, so he isn’t."
Urien "Bah! Do not take us sorcerers lightly, little queen. I’ve no mind to be talked down to by a pipsqueak like you!"
Battle against Uryens [sic]
HP 61824
Urien "Gaah....! (Hah... Pant...)"
Gawain "It’s done. Now all that’s left is to destroy Dragon Fang and the workshop it’s made in..."
Morgan "I knew it! I should’ve known better than to trust that dunderhead Urien!"
Gawain "...?!"
Arthur "Who are you?"
Morgan "Don't act like you don't know me. We'd probably be killed by one another. We should be more friendly."
Arthur "Then shouldn’t you tell me your name?"
Morgan "Fine. It’s Morgan."
Morgan "Morgan le Fay, to be precise. One of the three witches with the Eleven Lords. Ring any bells?"
Morgan "Then you’ll also know that this fight is only just getting started!"
A Witch’s True Colors (Boss Battle) 15 300 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket, 1000 Unity Points
Morgan "Tsk... I knew I shouldn’t have trusted that weakling Urien."
Arthur "It’s over Morgan..."
Arthur "You made a nice entrance, but you missed your cue. There’s not much left of Urien's army now."
Morgan "Look at you, all proud with your mighty Excalibur... Without any idea how much blood went into making that sword"
Arthur "Nope! Are you going to tell me?"
Morgan "Maybe you’re better off not knowing. I hate explaining long and complicated stuff, anyway."
Morgan "No, Arthur. All you need to know is...that you and I are destined to fight to the death!"
Battle against Morgan
HP 65136
Arthur "Argh! This is SO annoying! You’re making me try much harder than I wanted to!"
Morgan "Hah! We’re only just getting started!"
Morgan "Never underestimate a witch! You may not have a reason to kill me, but I have a reason to kill you."
Morgan "Besides, it’d be a shame to let all that trouble I spent on my prototype go to waste, now, wouldn’t it?"
Gawain "That must be..."
Arthur "Dragon Fang?!"
Morgan "It was developed as a long-range weapon for Camelot, but the targeting device took some time."
Morgan "But that won’t be a problem when the target is this close!"
Gawain "Have you lost your mind?! At this range, it will destroy you along with everyone else!"
Arthur "I guess you do have to be kind of loopy to be a witch..."
Morgan "It’s like I already told you: I’m not like my sister. I prefer to take the more direct route."
Morgan "Urien is well and truly out for the count, so it’s just you and me left... Don’t hold back! Show me what you can do!"
Battle against Morgan
HP 71760
Gawain "The damage from Dragon Fang will be immense. It can reduce the magical fortress of Gore to rubble."
Gawain "Arthur, we should retreat. Urien is no longer a threat to us. Staying here would be a suicide."
Morgan "Hmph. You’re just going to leave me here all by myself?"
Morgan "It’s far from over, Arthur. It won’t be long before we witches strike again!"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "Urien and the magic stronghold of Gore have fallen."
Merlin "We weren’t able to secure Urien, but now that he’s lost his home ground of Gore, he won’t be able to continue his research."
Merlin "You’ve dealt a devastating blow to the Eleven Lords, Arthur. Congratulations on a job well done."
Guinevere "Still, what kind of person enjoys a battle so much that they’re prepared to destroy their base in the process?"
Guinevere "Perhaps we’ve been underestimating how dangerous these witches really are..."
Three’s a Crowd 15 1 Gacha Ticket
300 Gold
Elaine "Morgan has been defeated by Arthur and his clan."
Morgause "Trust you to know about that already. Let me guess: you used one of your “disguises” to gather information?"
Morgause "She appears to have escaped without too many injuries, but she’s absolutely fuming."
Elaine "At Urien? Not at Arthur?"
Morgause "She’s lost all faith in the Eleven Kings’ power. I don’t think she’ll be helping them again in a hurry."
Elaine "So what’s the plan now?"
Morgause "What do you mean?"
Elaine "I mean that I agree with Morgan: the Eleven Kings aren’t to be trusted."
Elaine "Our goals are to destroy Camelot, Excalibur, and make sure Merlin’s plan fails, right?"
Elaine "It doesn’t make sense for us to waste our resources helping the Eleven Kings."
Morgause "So you’re saying we use them when it's convenient, and discard them as soon as they start to get in our way?"
Elaine "In a nutshell."
Morgause "Do as you please. As far as I'm concerned, the Eleven Kings will still serve their purpose when time is right."
Elaine "Fine. As you wish."
Elaine "You know sis, you’re a lot more fiery than you look."
Elaine leaves...
Lot "Blathering away as always, I see."
Morgause "The traitor needs to be purged."
Lot "That’s fine by me. Urien shacked up with a witch of his own accord. I was against it from the start."
Morgause "Relax. Elaine and Morgan might have sworn off the Eleven Kings, but I still plan to cooperate with you."
Morgause "I take it you’d rather take a plan with actual chances of winning, than jumping into certain death on the battlefield."
Lot "What have you got up your sleeve?"
Morgause "Do you remember how I snuck into Camelot and created Mordred, the treacherous knight?"
Lot "What of it?"
Morgause "I risked my life getting into Camelot. You think I’d do that if the benefits weren’t guaranteed to be worth it?"
Morgause "It won’t be long now. Soon, my plan will come to fruition..."

Chapter 4[]

Name Unlock at Reward
A New Crisis (Boss Battle) 17 150 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "W-we have an emergency!"
Reafe "Someone has tampered with the Lake in Camelot Castle!"
Guinevere "Morgause must have done something to it when she snuck into Camelot to sow mischief!"
Guinevere "Why, that sneaky...! Any new knights created in the Lake will be infected with a virus that damages the Round Table."
Guinevere "If we don’t do anything, even our older knights could become infected!"
Merlin "Guinevere is doing her best to solve the problem, but that alone won’t be enough."
Merlin "If our knights continue to weaken, it will be harder for us to fight the Eleven Lords and the Invaders."
Guinevere "I’ll do whatever I can here, but our best bet is to go direct to the source of the problem: Morgause."
Merlin "Morgause appears to have joined forces with King Lot."
Merlin "However, before we can launch an attack against Lot’s region of Orkney, we first need to secure a route for our advance."
Scene Change
Arthur "Erm, the route to Orkney runs right through Rience’s territory. You know, that scoundrel who tried to invade Cameliard."
Gawain "Indeed. And he doesn’t seem like the type who forgets grudges. I doubt he’ll take kindly to us marching across his land."
Arthur "Then let him try to stop us."
Arthur "If he needs another lesson, I’ll be happy to give him one!"
Battle against Rience Soldier
HP 51888
Gawain "(Gasp... Wheeze...)"
Arthur "Gawain, are you all right?"
Gawain "I can feel it...what’s happening at the Lake. But it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’ll be fine."
Arthur "I’m glad to hear it, Gawain. Be strong!"
Battle against Rience Soldier
Arthur "They’re retreating, finally."
Gawain "Yes, but there’s been no sign of Rience."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "No matter. The road to Orkney lies open now. Soon we’ll be face-to-face with King Lot!"
Merlin "We’ve finally got him where we want him. Don’t go getting complacent."
An Error of Judgement 17 200 Unity Points
300 Gold
Lot "The Camelot forces have secured the route for their advance. They’re building supply bases for invading Orkney."
Morgause "Relax. Their knights have already started to weaken. It won’t be long before they're completely unable to fight."
Morgause "The longer Camelot stalls for time, the weaker their knights will become. And if they attack us, they’ll suffer."
Lot "Hmm..."
Lot Soldier A "King Lot. I come bearing news!"
Lot "What is it?"
Lot Soldier A "A king by the name of Rience has offered to send us reinforcements. He says he'll bring weapons and supplies as well."
Lot "......"
Morgause "The decision is yours to make, my lord."
Lot "...Tell him I will meet with him."
Scene Change
Rience "Well, well. If it isn’t King Lot, in the flesh."
Lot "What do you want? If you hadn’t recalled your troops, the road to Orkney wouldn’t have opened up in the first place."
Rience "I don’t stand a chance going up against an enemy capable of competing against the combined armies of the Eleven Lords."
Rience "Why waste my supplies on a fight I can't win, when I could be putting them to better use?"
Lot "So you’ve decided to send your weapons and supplies to us instead."
Rience "I hate Arthur and Excalibur every bit as much as you do."
Rience "So how about it? Do we have a deal?"
Lot "How quick you are to forget. There’s a reason there are eleven lords, and not twelve."
Lot "You weren’t fit to be one of us. Or had that slipped your mind?"
Rience "......"
Rience "Given your present circumstances, I would strongly advise you to reconsider..."
Lot "My answer will always be the same. Though I hoped you have turned over a new leaf due to the crisis of Britain,"
Lot "You’re still the same coward who tried to kidnap the princess of Cameliard. Lowly as ever."
Rience "How dare you..."
Rience "How dare you talk down to me like that! You couldn’t pull Excalibur from the stone either, remember!"
Rience gets slashed...
Rience "Ach...?!"
Lot "Hmph... So you’re jealous for not being picked as one of the Eleven Lords."
Lot "As if a man motivated by such petty concerns could ever be fit to shoulder the fate of a nation!"
Rience "(Cough... splutter...) You...fool. Even lowlifes like me can alter the course of a nation’s history."
Lot Soldier A "We’ve got trouble! The castle’s food and weapon storages are on fire!"
Lot "Your weapons and supplies?"
Rience "I hope Camelot destroys you... And when they do, I’ll be laughing from the world beyond. Aaach...!!"
Lot "Maybe we weren’t so different, after all. He was rejected by the Eleven Lords, and I by the sword."
Lot "It took all of this for me to see it clearly."
Morgause "So what do we do now, my lord?"
Lot "Nothing has changed."
Lot "We hit back at Camelot. They will rue the day they made enemies of the Eleven Lords."
Siege of Orkney Castle (Boss Battle) 18 250 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "Flames have been sighted coming from King Lot’s castle in Orkney."
Merlin "This could be the chance we’ve been waiting for."
Merlin "We don’t know how big the fire is or what caused it, but now is the time to attack."
Reafe "Our target is the castle’s sturdy front gate."
Reafe "If we can destroy the gate, we’ll be able to send our troops directly into the castle itself."
Guinevere "The sweet smell of victory is in the air, Arthur! Now all that’s left is to finish the job!"
Scene Change
Arthur "So this is the naughty boy’s playpen...but playtime is over. I’m going to break his toys and send him to deathbed!"
Gawain "Remember, the Invaders still menace our shores. We have to deal with [sic] Eleven Kings quickly, and get back to our REAL work."
Battle against Lot Soldier
HP 51888
Arthur "Good grief, I’ve never seen a thicker, more sturdy door! Our little lord certainly likes his privacy..."
Gawain "Lot’s knights were created in a fake Lake, cursed with a short life, but they fight so hard! What admirable resolve."
Battle against Lot Soldier
HP 51888
Arthur "Phew! The door is open--finally. The vault is broken, and it’s time to march inside!"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "The gate to Lot’s castle is no longer blocking our way."
Reafe "Camelot’s knights are swarming through the breach, one after another!"
Guinevere "King Lot and the witch Morgause should be somewhere inside the castle."
Guinevere "Both of them are formidable foes. It’s too early to celebrate just yet..."
To the Bitter End (Boss Battle) 18 300 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket, 2000 Unity Points
Reafe "Our knights searching the inside of the castle have found Morgause!"
Merlin "Our knights don’t stand a chance against her. Arthur, it’s down to you! We can’t let Morgause get away!"
Guinevere "We stand a better chance of victory fighting them individually than trying to take them both at once."
Guinevere "Yes! One at a time, one at a time!"
Scene Change
Morgause "Well well, if it isn’t the famous Arthur."
Morgause "Tell me, Arthur: is Mordred the treacherous knight working hard for you?"
Arthur "Oh, yes. He’s turned out better than I hoped. He’s serving as judge of my realm."
Morgause "Tee hee... Isn’t that sweet of him? In fact, I must say I’m a little skeptical."
Arthur "I could say the same about you."
Arthur "King Lot is on the losing side. Power is slipping through his fingers. A clever witch like you would have realised this."
Morgause "I wonder myself sometimes..."
Morgause "I may be using him, or maybe I grew fond of him. Who knows? All I know for certain is that I’m not about to desert him now."
Arthur "I can help you get over him, if you like."
Morgause "You invade us, and you expect me to bow down before you? Spare me the niceties, intruder!"
Battle against Morgause
HP 71760
Morgause "We’ve barely even started, and already you’re looking worse than before. Want to give up?"
Arthur "I thought you were smarter than this, you stubborn witch!"
Battle against Morgause
HP 75072
Morgause "No! They found the crystal ball I used to interfere with the Lake’s powers!"
Guinevere (Radio) "I did it, Arthur! I fixed whatever was harming the Lake and our knights!"
Guinevere (Radio) "Now our knights should return to their usual strength!"
Arthur "Then it’s over."
Arthur "Come now, even you must admit it. There’s no reason for you to linger here."
Morgause "...I guess I really am attached, after all."
Morgause "I’ve already told you: I have no intention of giving up now!"
Elaine "Sister!"
Morgan "What’s the big idea?!"
Arthur "Ack! Another one?!"
Elaine "Morgie, listen. We’ve got plans of our own: plans that don’t involve fighting King Lot’s battles."
Morgan "Why do you have to be so stubborn all the time? Who’s going to cover us while we escape, huh?"
Gawain "Wait. So now you DO want to escape?"
Arthur "Go on, this is your chance. I won’t try to stop you. We’re here for King Lot, no one else."
Morgan "Hmph! We’re letting you off the hook, not the other way around, okay?"
Morgause "W-Wait! Elaine! Morgan! I..."
Elaine "We bid you adieu, gentlemen."
Gawain "Aaand there they go."
Arthur "One less irksome task, anyway."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "I can confirm that the witches have retreated."
Reafe "There’s no telling when they’ll be back, of course, but I can’t imagine it’ll be anytime soon."
Merlin "Now is our chance to finish this at last."
Merlin "Arthur. The time has come for your showdown with King Lot."
Arthur vs. Excalibur (Boss Battle) 19 350 Unity Points
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "It looks like King Lot is close."
Guinevere "It’s time, Arthur."
Guinevere "Arthur, defeat Lot and unite Britain post-haste!"
Merlin "Don’t forget how decisively Lot crushed the Invaders at Salisbury."
Merlin "You’ll need to summon every last ounce of strength. Remember: this is a fight to the death for the right to rule Britain."
Scene Change
Lot "He’s here, Arthur."
Arthur "King Lot..."
Lot "To think that our fair nation could be brought to its knees by a king’s petty jealousy..."
Lot "Not that I’m exactly immune to jealousy myself."
Arthur "What are you trying to say?"
Lot "What would you know? I try to protect my beloved Britain, but I’m deprived of the opportunity because of a sword!"
Lot "Do you have any idea what it’s like? How could you! Excalibur chose you, after all!"
Arthur "......"
Lot "Am I really so at fault for thinking that is unfair?"
Lot "Am I to be blamed for using my talent, skill and wisdom? My pedigree, honor, and dignity? Well? Answer me!"
Arthur "You really believe all this is Excalibur’s fault?"
Lot "I do."
Arthur "You think if Excalibur didn’t pick anyone, or if it picked all of you, it would have been better for Britain?"
Lot "Of course I do! I mean, the system is obviously flawed when fools like you get picked but I, King Lot, do not!"
Arthur "All right."
Arthur "Why don’t you try using it? I’ll make do with this iron sword here."
Lot "You...would let me use Excalibur? Why? What is the meaning of this?!"
Arthur "Because you need to understand why you are wrong. You do not see me. Rather, you see only Excalibur."
Arthur "But I aim to show you that it is I who rule, not the sword!"
Battle against Lot
HP 71760
Lot "B-But, it can’t be!? I’m the one holding Excalibur, but..."
Lot "In that case, how can you be so powerful with just an ordinary iron sword?!"
Battle against Lot
HP 75072
Arthur "The realm cannot be saved by Excalibur alone."
Arthur "It’s the support the blade inspires in people––the very people who DON’T wield it––that gives it its true strength."
Arthur "Consider your citizens, risking their lives to put out the fire in your castle. Aren't they more powerful than any sword?"
Arthur "You can't fight the Invaders all alone. It is time you learned that true strength lies in the people who follow the sword!"
Battle against Lot
HP 78384
Lot "Ach...! So, this is how it ends. The sword has spoken: I really am unfit to rule this kingdom of ours."
Lot "Finish me. It’s the only way to silence the Eleven Lords for good."
Arthur "I am not the type to cast out those who can help my cause. Not even would-be traitors."
Arthur "If you truly care about defending this fair realm, then you know what to do. You know the honorable road--take it."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "King Lot has been defeated and secured."
Merlin "Now we can finally concentrate our efforts on silencing the Invaders."
Guinevere "Our fight has only just begun. Prepare yourself for the battle ahead, Arthur."
Round Up the Remnants 19 1 Gacha Ticket
300 Gold
Reafe "King Lot and Urien are defeated. The two major factions of the Eleven Lords no longer pose a threat."
Reafe "The power of Eleven Lords is broken, but the remnants of the alliance are gathering in the forests of Sussex."
Merlin "When a large organization dissolves, there is often the danger of former members mounting sporadic attacks."
Merlin "We must neutralize the enemy before they disperse. This could be our chance to put an end to this."
Scene Change
Arthur "Gah! I thought we were done with them!"
Arthur "Someone must be leading them, bringing them together... someone charismatic... and dangerous."
Gawain "Our scouts have confirmed it. They are the surviving rebels... Wait, is that...?"
Urien "Ahem... Fancy seeing you here."
Arthur "King Urien?!"
Guinevere (Radio) "Of all the cheek! You spared his life, and he goes around and throws it right back in your face!"
Urien "Listen, I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not like that. It’s all a ploy."
Arthur "Hm?"
Urien "I sent out word that I was looking for revenge, and all the remnants came out of hiding and assembled here."
Urien "Now, you can just round them up... It’s perfect! Now you won’t constantly need to be on the lookout for enemies."
Guinevere (Radio) "Why, of all the wily..."
Arthur "It’s a good idea...but aren’t they going to be awfully angry at you for making fools of them like this?"
Urien "I can handle being hated. It was we lords who got them into this mess, after all."
Urien "Is it not the leader of a losing army’s duty to ensure that his vassals too surrender safely?"
Post-Mission Report
Reafe "Thanks to Urien’s plan, we were able to convince the Eleven Lords’ vassals to surrender without any more bloodshed."
Reafe "They gave themselves up without any major incident. I think we can truly say that the Eleven Lords are no longer a threat."
Merlin "However, similar groups may emerge from Britain too if Camelot were to step out of line."
Merlin "The future of this nation rests in your hands. Steel yourself, lead the way, and your people will be sure to follow."

Chapter 5[]

Name Unlock at Reward
A Familiar Threat (Boss Battle) 20 200 Unity Points
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket, (2) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "We’ve got trouble!"
Reafe "The Invaders are preparing to land on the Northumberland coast in the north!"
Reafe "The army getting ready to land is the biggest we’ve faced yet. They’ve even deployed multiple Class 1 Dragons!"
Arthur "They’re a lot bigger than the ones we first saw..."
Guinevere "To top it all off, Merlin is nowhere to be found."
Guinevere "Arthur, it looks like you'll need to take charge!"
Scene Change
Arthur "Look at those dragons! They’re like moving mountains! Tell the cooks - it’s dragon steak on the menu tonight!"
Gawain "Either that, or the dragons will be picking their teeth with knight bones..."
Gawain "The Invaders are getting better at controlling dragons. We have to stop them before they reach the common folk!"
Arthur "I wish we weren’t so outnumbered all the time..."
Arthur "But I’m getting good at beating the odds!"
Battle against Level 1 Dragon
HP 78384
Arthur "Ungh! Well, we managed to slay one of the monsters... I wonder how much dragon hide fetches on the market?"
Gawain "Fortune favored us that time, but she can drop us just as fast if we aren’t prepared for the next fight!"
Guinevere (Radio) "A large group of them are on their way! Get ready, Arthur!"
Battle against Level 1 Dragon
HP 81696
Arthur "What’s happening?"
Arthur "Are they pushing that Class 1 Dragon?"
Gawain "Perhaps they do not have full control over their beasts... Come, let us roll up their army and crush it!"
Battle against Level 1 Dragon
HP 88320
Arthur "Amazing. It’s a veritable mountain of dead Class 1 Dragon."
Gawain "The Invaders had a problem controlling them. It is the only explanation."
Arthur "Maybe it is because of those Eleven Lords. I mean, we did learn an awful lot in those battles."
Arthur "You know, I’m starting to think we’ve become strong enough to defeat the Invaders, without us even realizing it."
Guinevere (Radio) "So the Invaders weren’t after Britain’s land and magic resources, after all..."
Guinevere (Radio) "Perhaps they just felt threatened by the speed at which Britain was growing in power!"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "The Invaders have retreated to the Northumberland coast."
Reafe "Their Class 1 Dragons were completely wiped out, and the humans controlling them appear to have fled."
Guinevere "To think that Britain had grown this strong, and we didn’t even realize it..."
Guinevere "Maybe it’s time to rethink the way we deal with the Invader threat."
Reafe "When Merlin returns, let’s hold a meeting with all our commanders."
Reafe "There is much to discuss: not just about the Invaders, but about Britain's very future."
Before it all Dissolves 20 250 Unity Points
300 Gold
Gawain "Now that our military might surpasses that of the Invaders, it is high time we brought the fight to their shores!"
Gawain "The power balance between nations is like a pair of scales: there’s no telling when it might tip the other way."
Gawain "If we don’t act now while the scales are in our favor, we may return to the days when we lived in fear of the Invaders!"
Lancelot "Nonsense."
Lancelot "Camelot’s military was established to protect our nation, not to invade others."
Lancelot "Recklessly invading other nations and spilling blood that needn’t be spilled goes against the very essence of Camelot."
Gawain "We would be fighting to secure our peace! Would you be so cowardly as to deny us that right, Lancelot?"
Lancelot "You talk about peace, and yet all you’re really after is bloodshed and war!"
Guinevere "Arthur, won’t you do something? You’re king, and yet they’re conducting this meeting as if you weren’t even here!"
Arthur "You think I will join this bickering? When you all come up with a sound plan, let me know and I’ll sign off on it."
Arthur "I have to say, I thank Merlin for dealing with all the strategies. Wielding the sword on the battlefield is much easier!"
Guinevere "Tsk... The other Arthurs aren’t much help either."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "......"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "......"
Guinevere "They seem to be out of their depth too."
Reafe "To top it all off, Merlin is nowhere to be found..."
Arthur "I know, right? This is exactly the kind of problem that should be fobbed off to him--I mean, left in his capable hands."
A Fateful Reunion 21 300 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "Merlin is bound to be in Camelot, somewhere."
Reafe "In fact, there’s no record of his ever having left."
Arthur "The castle is pretty huge, though."
Arthur "There are entire sections I’ve never even set foot in."
Reafe "If I had access to the entire system, I could find him quick as a flash."
Reafe "Unfortunately, some areas have undergone significant extensions, not to mention the broken circuits in others..."
Arthur "...I’m nodding along, but you might as well be speaking gibberish. The gist is, we just have to search for him by foot."
Scene Change
Arthur "So we should probably start with the areas you can’t monitor."
Arthur "Hm? Is that...?"
Elaine "......"
Arthur "Elaine? What is a witch doing in this place?!"
Elaine "Oh, phooey! I was positive no one would find me here!"
Arthur "What are you up to?"
Elaine "Even if I told you, would you believe a devious little witch like me?"
Arthur "I don’t have time for this."
Elaine "Relax, I’m joking! Jeez. This area is a faerie blind spot. It’s really easy to sneak into."
Arthur "Yes, yes. I’m not interested in HOW you got in here, but WHY."
Elaine "You think I’m going to tell you for free?"
Arthur "I’ve found that Excalibur is very persuasive in these cases..."
Elaine "Is that so? I may be a master of disguises rather than a fighter like my sister Morgan..."
Elaine "...But I could still turn Camelot into a sea of fire with a click of my fingers, y’know!"
Arthur "......"
You hear footsteps...
Elaine "Who could that be?"
Elaine "No one can know I’m here! Or else Camelot becomes Flames-a-lot!"
Arthur "......"
Elaine "So what’s the plan?"
Arthur "Here, under the table!"
Guinevere "Are you there, Arthur? Reafe told me I’d find you here."
Arthur "Guinevere!"
Elaine "Talk about cramped conditions... Hey, get your hands off me!"
Arthur "I’ll put my hands wherever I please!"
Guinevere "Arthur?"
Arthur "Go! Go now!"
Guinevere "Don’t tell me you’ve snuck down here with a friend while we’re in the middle of an emergency?"
Arthur "If that’s what I had in mind, I’d have brought a MUCH better companion, trust me."
Guinevere "This is the last time I listen to Reafe."
Guinevere leaves...
Arthur "That was too close..."
Elaine "So she’s the one in charge of the Round Table..."
Arthur "Now get out of here. I’ll keep watch and cover your tracks."
Elaine "Your negotiating skills could use some work, you know."
Elaine "Still, you got me out of a scrape back there, so I’ll answer your question."
Elaine "I’m here to spy on Merlin."
Elaine "Or I should say, on his “Coronation Experiment”."
Arthur "Coronation...experiment?"
Elaine "I haven’t got all the details yet."
Elaine "Y’know, what with Merlin’s research chambers being guarded to the hilt, and all..."
Elaine "It’s just scraps, but this is all the information I’ve been able to find. Here, take a look later."
Arthur "......"
Elaine "Now are you going to escort me to the exit like a gentleman, or what?"
The Coronation Experiment 21 350 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "The “Coronation Experiment”..."
Arthur "I’ve never heard Merlin mention anything like that... Could Elaine really be telling the truth?"
Arthur "Or is all this just another trick similar to the one Morgause played on us?"
Arthur "I guess I’ll need to take a look."
Start of Report
Report "Britain is in chaos. The Coronation Experiment aims to create a ruler capable of uniting Britain once and for all."
Report "The experiment dates back to the era of Vortigern, though tumultuous conditions stopped it from being put into motion."
Report "The first round of the Coronation Plan was conducted during the reign of Uther."
Arthur "Uther... My predecessor, and former King of Britain."
Report "First round of the Plan was successful. Uther grew a little aggressive, but he still succeeded in uniting his people."
Report "However, as time went on, Uther’s aggressive side became more and more pronounced."
Report "He became entranced by the wife of Gorlois, a beautiful witch by the name of Igraine."
Report "Uther went on a rampage and kidnapped Igraine; shortly after, he declared war and killed Gorlois."
Report "He set free Igraine’s three daughters-Morgause, Elaine, and Morgan, who would later go on to terrorize Britain."
Arthur "Morgause, Elaine, and Morgan..."
Report "The first round of the Plan ended in failure. Perhaps Britain was too big to be ruled by only one person, after all."
Report "Altering an individual made the mental state becomes more fragile, with potentially calamitous results."
Arthur "Can this be true...?"
Arthur "Because if it is, Merlin’s plan, and its failure, gave rise to a despot who tore the kingdom apart!"
Report "The first Coronation Experiment failed because Merlin attempted to alter one king too much."
Report "This time, he will pit thousands against one another, and create the perfect ruler from the combination of them all."
Report "The great heroes of legend were created from the prettiest bits and pieces of various characters and stories too anyway."
Report "This is the method we propose to use in Britain."
Report "Over one million rulers will create the perfect image known as Arthur. This is the image that will unite the people."
Report "This is what we hope to achieve with the second Coronation Experiment."
End of Report
Arthur "Merlin’s Coronation Experiment failed once in the past. What’s to say it couldn’t fail again?"
Arthur "Nothing is more dangerous to a nation’s people than a ruler who is out of control."
Arthur "Gracious! B-but what does this mean for me? This report raises more questions than it answers- need to find out more!"
Arthur "Things have taken a sinister turn..."
Arthur "I don’t think I have a choice: I must get inside Merlin’s personal research chambers!"
Storming the Brain Trust 22 400 Unity Points
100 Exp, 1000 Gold
2000 Unity Points
Reafe "You’re going to do WHAT?! Are you sure about this?"
Arthur "I'm sorry Reafe."
Arthur "Although I am afraid of what I might find out, I see no other way."
Gawain "Don't worry about it. It's Merlin we're talking about. I would be surprized [sic] if he actually wasn’t up to something."
Reafe "But his facilities are out of our jurisdiction..."
Reafe "You’ll need to get past Nimue if you want to see inside."
Scene Change
Arthur "So this is it."
Gawain "Merlin’s research chambers are managed by independent faeries, not part of our team."
Gawain "They may not venture outside of forests and ruins, but the faeries of these region are seriously dangerous."
Arthur "I don’t want to stir up unnecessary trouble..."
Gawain "Who does? But maybe it won’t come to that. Let’s just talk to them and find out."
Nimue "Welcome. I respect you Arthur. Please come. I will kill you."
Arthur "Oh, yikes. This isn’t working at all."
Gawain "Don’t faeries use a special type of magic to communicate with each other?"
Gawain "Maybe Merlin used some kind of sorcery to block that magic, making it impossible for us to negotiate."
Arthur "Oh, blast his hairy mustache! It looks like we have a fight on our hands, whether we want it or not!"
Battle against Nimue
HP 91632
Gawain "Dammit, faeries are tough customers!"
Arthur "We have to get past, somehow! This isn’t our real foe."
Scene Change
Gawain "I don’t pretend to know much about magic facilities, but these look like they cost a pretty penny to build..."
Arthur "There’s another report."
The Enemy’s Whereabouts 22 1 Gacha Ticket
100 Exp, 1000 Gold
2000 Unity Points
Report "The second Coronation Experiment will use a million rulers, but this, too, will end in failure."
Report "The rulers won’t be able to agree on anything, and Britain will be plunged into civil war."
Report "The goal of the second Coronation Experiment is to amass the virtues and heroic deeds of thousands of monarchs."
Report "Once a perfect monarch has been created, we’ll merely reverse the process."
Report "We tampered with Uther too much."
Report "We realize now that one ruler can only withstand minuscule adjustments using already optimized data."
Report "Which is to say, the second Coronation Experiment is nothing but a stepping stone to the third."
Report "When the second Coronation Experiment fails, Britain will be thrown into tumult once more."
Report "Though regrettable, all the sacrifices are for the day when Constantine, the ultimate knight, assumes the throne."
End of Report
Arthur "So he knew that his Experiment could make the civil war spread and throw Britain into even greater chaos."
Merlin (Radio) "That is correct, Arthur."
Gawain "The door’s been locked!"
Arthur "......"
Merlin (Radio) "You are the only one who knows."
Merlin (Radio) "The Second Coronation Experiment requires rulers, but I’m sure we can afford to lose some of you."
Merlin (Radio) "Oh, and as for Gawain and Reafe, I’m sure we can find replacements for them, too."
Arthur "Merlin..."
Merlin (Radio) "It’s time for some combat training, Constantine. Destroy these enemies of Britain."
Arthur "MERLINNNNN...!!!"
Battle against Constantine
HP 91632
Reafe "Nimue the faerie and Constantine appear to have been neutralized, at least for now."
Reafe "To think that Merlin was planning this all along..."
Gawain "We can’t let Merlin get away with his nefarious plan. But will the others believe what we have uncovered?"
Gawain "So where do we go from here, Arthur?"
Arthur "We have to deal with Merlin first. We can’t let him sacrifice the welfar [sic] of Britain for his ambitions."
Arthur "There’s no telling what he’ll do next. He is far too dangerous to ignore!"

Chapter 6[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Faerie Communication 24 250 Unity Points
300 Exp
Nimue "Today is clean day. Messy room. Every corner of the room spick and span."
Arthur "I need to communicate with her somehow... Er, woof-woof meow-meow?"
Nimue "Is that for real?! Not interested! It's blah blah mumble mumble so explain from the beginning again!"
Arthur "Huh? What? Wait a minute! Why is she suddenly so agitated?"
Reafe "What are you playing at?"
Arthur "I’m in the middle of negotiations. If I can win her over to our side, she may prove to be a valuable ally."
Arthur "But thanks to Merlin and his nefarious sorcery, I’m not making much headway..."
Reafe "No, from the faerie point of view, it’s actually stranger that we can talk with you humans at all."
Reafe "And the translation magic seriously reduces our fighting strength so it's not beneficial for us."
Arthur "Huh? Strength has already been reduced?! Then that means I HAVE to succeed in these negotiations!"
Reafe "Well, meowing at her won’t get you anywhere. Carry on with your work and listen to my story."
Arthur "I'm listening!"
Reafe "You know the relic at the center of our town... It is used as our watchtower [sic]"
Reafe "Seems like it was used as a communication device transmitting invisible microwave signals during the time of the Ancients."
Arthur "I'm sorry, I don’t understand faeries' language!"
Reafe "Me neither. I don't understand it. I can't understand what was transmitted by the Ancients in the past."
Reafe "However, what we DO know is that Merlin has been using them to collect data about Excalibur and its growth."
Arthur "Are you serious? That stalker... But aren't those relics in all the city states, and not just mine?"
Reafe "Merlin tried to collect information there to calculate the optimum conditions required for a person to become king."
Reafe "Everything was for the adjustment of parameters of the knight Constantine who was created in the "lake"..."
Arthur "I hope the only surprize [sic] event he planned was for my birthday party."
Arthur "Well, his plans are going smoothly so he must be up in the air. He must have gotten the necessary data by now too."
Arthur "No fool would stand there still if he thinks he will win for sure. He will try to speed up the Coronation Experiment."
Arthur "Shall we quickly get rid of the root of irritation now? The throne is mine even without the stupid Coronation Experiment!"
Offense Over Defense (Boss Battle) 24 300 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket, 2000 Unity Points
Reafe "A message has arrived from our scouts."
Guinevere "We finally know where the old coot is hiding out!"
Reafe "The magical fortress at Gore."
Arthur "King Urien’s old hideout... But Morgan demolished it, did she not?"
Reafe "Apparently Merlin fixed the old place up again. And if it’s fully operational, he’ll be able to use one powerful weapon."
Guinevere "Dragon Fang... You mean he’s planning to use the weapon King Urien was developing?!"
Arthur "In the original design, that weapon was powerful enough to reduce Camelot to rubble."
Arthur "Perfect for someone looking to make a comeback..."
Guinevere "We don’t know how close Dragon Fang is to being ready. You need to hurry to Gore as quickly as possible!"
Guinevere "Stop Merlin before he gains the advantage!"
Scene Change
Arthur "Hm. It looks like the Blade Railroad and Submerged Bridge haven’t been rebuilt."
Arthur "Good grief, Morgan really destroyed this place. And I thought I was bad..."
Gawain "Whatever. The Dragon Fang, that’s our priority."
Arthur "Uh-oh. Someone has beaten us to it, looks like."
Gawain "Enemy forces!"
Battle against Second - Meliot
HP 94944
Arthur "Are they knights from the Lake?"
Gawain "They must have fled after being replenished. Knights cannot last for long without Excalibur and the Round Table."
Merlin "Very astute of you. However, Dragon Fang will more than give me the advantage."
Arthur "Merlin."
Arthur "Are you sure you want to use that thing, Merlin? It looks like it’s held together with bee’s wax and twine."
Merlin "You’re right. It probably couldn't even hit a target three kilometers away."
Merlin "Firing Dragon Fang at Camelot is out of the question. So I came up with another way."
Merlin "Say hello to my latest inventions."
You are shown 2 aircrafts in the background.
Arthur "Look at the size of those wings! How’d you fit those under your sleeves?!"
Merlin "I introduce to you the White and Scarlet Wyverns!"
Merlin "At least, that’s what I call them. Their official classification is “strategic bombers”."
Arthur "......"
Merlin "Perfect for loading onto Dragon Fang and flying over Camelot, wouldn’t you say? Then... Bombs away![sic]"
Arthur "...Someone has to stop you."
Merlin "I suspected you’d be against the idea. That’s why I came prepared with a little something to keep you occupied..."
Battle against Specific - Hannibal
HP 98256
Arthur "Merlin got away clean, curse him!"
Gawain "What do we do about those two aircraft? [sic] Will you let him fly them over Camelot?!"
Arthur "Darn it...!"
Arthur "These pests are everywhere!"
You hear explosion...
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "I have a new report!"
Reafe "The Scarlet Wyvern was destroyed before it could launch... But the White Wyvern is in the air and headed for Camelot!"
Reafe "We have to return to the palace!"
Arthur "But what can we do?! We can’t hope to outrun that thing!"
Urien (Radio) "Actually, there is a way."
Urien (Radio) "Just outside of Gore is a special vehicle terminal. It was built on the Ancients’ ruins."
Urien (Radio) "It uses magnetic field for the vehicle to float. If it works, you can reach Camelot before the White Wyvern."
Wrath of the White Dragon 25 350 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "We can do it. We’ll catch that White Wyvern before it can drop its do-do all over Camelot."
Reafe "It’s a race against time. The bomber carrying the Dragon Fang is slowly but steadily approaching its target."
Reafe "We only have a few hours--it doesn’t give us much time to come up with a plan."
Guinevere "We can't evacuate everyone in time! Leaving the city is equally dangerous not knowing where Merlin's soldiers are."
Arthur "We need more information--specifically about the Dragon Fang that Urien foisted on us!"
Scene Change
Urien "Dragon Fang is a strategic weapon that runs on powdered solid fuel."
Urien "An explosive’s combustion efficiency depends on the surface area in contact with oxygen. To fully... Do you get it?"
Arthur "Er, no. Are you saying there is some way to stop it from exploding?"
Urien "After it’s been dropped, it would be difficult."
Urien "That said, if you destroy it before its contents scatter everywhere, you may stand a chance."
Urien "As mentioned, the explosive’s combustion efficiency depends on the contact surface with oxygen in the air."
Urien "For Dragon Fang, if you ignite it in a compressed environment, it shouldn't result in too large an explosion."
Gawain "But how do we get to Dragon Fang before its [sic] dropped?"
Gawain "We’re going up against a target that’s flying 10 kilometers high in the sky!"
Arthur "We use its own weapon against it."
Guinevere "Hm?"
Arthur "The Dragon Fang. It was originally a ballistic missile. Shove it into the White Wyvern. Problem solved!"
Gawain "Easier said than done. Its targeting system is useless, remember?"
Urien "Yes, it had trouble differentiating targets from complicated topography. But if it's a steadily flying bomber..."
Arthur "King Urien, do you think you can do it?"
Urien "I’ll need certain equipment and tools. And there’ll be expenses, of course..."
Urien "They say you can draw on the equivalent power of up to three faeries at the Ancients’ ruins."
Urien "It might not be perfect, but I should be able to throw something together in time."
Arthur "Good. Things are looking up..."
Arthur "Merlin has replenished his Lake knights so he can launch attacks on multiple fronts."
Arthur "Which means we need to protect the Dragon Fang from a likely counter-attack. Gawain, let’s go!"
Scene Change
Gawain "Egads, another tough on. I’m half a mind to put in for a raise..."
Arthur "If we don’t meet this threat, the crown’s coin will be worth nothing. What good will a raise be then?"
Nimue "......"
Arthur "Too bad I couldn’t win you over... But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep you safe, so be a good girl, all right?"
Witches On the Sideline 25 400 Unity Points
300 Gold
Morgause "Have you heard? A strategic bomber developed by Merlin is headed straight for Camelot."
Morgan "Pfft... Who cares? We’re so far away, we won’t even feel the blast."
Elaine "Everything okay, Morgan? You seem a bit grumpy."
Elaine "Let me guess: you’re annoyed that Merlin’s using Dragon Fang when you did all the work on it?"
Morgan "......"
Morgause "How is Camelot planning to respond?"
Elaine "King Urien is helping them to deploy another Dragon Fang of their own."
Elaine "The aim’s bound to be a bit rusty, but there’s a radio signal tower in that city, if I recall?"
Elaine "Assuming they’ve got the know-how, they could use that as a radar to intercept the missile, right?"
Morgause "So, what’s our move here?"
Morgause "If we make use of the internal disunity, Camelot’s forces could be nothing but a distant memory in a matter of hours."
Morgan "Shall we join forces with Merlin? We could sabotage the interceptor Dragon Fang Arthur and his lot are readying..."
Morgause "In the long run, that might prove our best––"
Morgan "Duh, I was joking."
Morgan "If Camelot is destroyed, Merlin will get away scott free and without a scratch."
Morgan "Before long, he’ll start the next Coronation Experiment, and make the people of Britain suffer all over again."
Morgan "Just like he did when King Uther who killed our father, kidnapped our mother, and laid waste to our home."
Morgause "......"
Elaine "Tell us then, Morgan. What do you think we should do?"
Morgan "This is our chance to rid the world of Merlin."
Morgan "He’s always hiding in the shadows of big powers. But it's different now. We should get him before he hides again."
Morgause "Interesting..."
Morgan "If it’s the root of the problem we want to tackle, our enemy here is not Camelot."
Elaine "Isn’t that a bit risky?"
Elaine "There’s no guarantee Arthur will be able to finish his missile in time. If Merlin attacks them, they’re as good as doomed."
Morgan "This is too good an opportunity to sit by idly doing nothing."
Morgan "Besides, I’ve been dying to give you-know-what a spin. That White Wyvern seems like it’d make a good target."
Morgause "Are you saying what I think you’re saying? But it’s still at the bottom of the sea..."
Morgan "It’ll take a little while to bring to the surface, but it’s still not too late."
Morgan "Let’s see what Avalon can do to bring Merlin down a peg or two."
A Wizard’s Patriotism (Boss Battle) 26 450 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) Gacha Tickets
Urien "Preparations on the interceptor missile are complete. I’ve also synchronized it with the radio tower."
Reafe "The White Wyvern is approaching. We’re also being flanked by knights from two directions!"
Guinevere "As expected, Merlin’s throwing everything he has at us."
Reafe "We have to beat back this counter-attack."
Reafe "Protect the Dragon Fang!"
Scene Change
Gawain "Always said these sorcerers were a kooky bunch..."
Gawain "But I tell you, Merlin is the kookiest of them all."
Arthur "Whatever the case, he must be stopped."
Arthur "They’re here already--heads up, everyone!"
Battle against Support - Ganeida
HP 101568
Merlin "Well, color me surprised. A berserker who lives by the sword has squeezed her brain to prepare an interception weapon."
Arthur "You’ve got it the wrong way round, Merlin. Unless your will is already written, YOU’RE the one who’s unprepared!"
Merlin "I’m not about to beg for forgiveness, if that’s what you think."
Merlin "It’s you who should be begging for your life."
Reafe (Radio) "Something is interfering with the transmission! We won’t be able to target the missile!"
Arthur "Another of your tricks, Merlin?"
Merlin "Ah, Nimue. I issued her a remote command to interfere with your interceptor system."
Merlin "Of course, it’s possible she was reluctant to betray you, but who can be sure?"
Gawain "Always scheming, aren’t you, Merlin?"
Merlin "You and Nimue hit it off well, huh? She doesn't understand human language but "Arthur" was high in the priority list..."
Arthur "Enough."
Arthur "I don’t have time for your prevarications, Merlin. Your chance for mercy is long past!"
Battle against Merlin
HP 104880
Merlin "Heh heh. I would expect nothing less from the ruler of Britain."
Merlin "However, you still can’t launch your interceptor missile."
Merlin "With White Wyvern's bomb, the 2nd Experiment will be over and the 3rd Coronation Experiment shall begin!"
Arthur "You’re mad! If you drown Camelot in a sea of flames, there’ll be nothing to build a future Britain upon!"
Merlin "It won’t be difficult to replace things. I’ve got enough ruler candidates to last me for centuries!"
Arthur "Urien! How is the Dragon Fang recovery coming?"
Urien (Radio) "I need more time!"
Gawain "Curses, it’s the White Wyvern."
Arthur "Is there no other way to bring it down?"
Reafe (Radio) "W-wait!"
Reafe (Radio) "I’m picking up a huge energy reading in the sea to the west of Britain. I-It’s just fired something this way!"
You see a ray of light coming your way and the White Wyvern was destroyed.
Arthur "It...took out the White Wyvern?!"
Gawain "What was that flash of light? I don’t think it was a dragon..."
Merlin "Avalon..."
Merlin "Those meddlesome witches! Always with an ace up their sleeves!"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "The White Wyvern has been destroyed, and Merlin is safely under lock and key."
Guinevere "We managed to avoid disaster."
Reafe "But what was that beam of light?"
Reafe "Merlin said something about “Avalon.” Maybe we should look into it..."
Solitary Confinement 26 1 Gacha Ticket
300 Gold
Merlin "Hmph... Do they really think they'll be able to keep me locked up in here?"
Merlin "They’re forgetting that it was I who made this palace in the first place...for Arthur!"
Merlin "I know every nook and cranny of this place like the back of my hand."
Merlin escapes...
Merlin "That was even easier than I thought."
Merlin "Nimue. Come out where I can see you."
Nimue "Affirmative, Merlin: I refuse. I’m approaching further from you now."
Merlin "Ah, yes. I switched off your translator function. Now where was it?"
You hear a click...
Nimue "Ready to receive orders."
Merlin "I want to ask you something first."
Merlin "Avalon has been woken from its slumber in the seas to the west of Britain. It destroyed the White Wyvern."
Merlin "I ordered you to infiltrate their radio tower so they wouldn’t be able to launch their interceptor missile."
Nimue "I remember. What of it?"
Merlin "Were you the only one who intercepted the transmission tower?"
Nimue "No. I found another unknown interceptor. I did not get any orders for that, so I just let it be."
Merlin "What kind of individual are we talking? A faerie? Witch?"
Nimue "Witch."
Merlin "Just as I suspected..."
Merlin "Were the numerous radio towers in Camelot originally built by the Ancients to interfere with Avalon’s signals?"
Merlin "No other group of radio towers can even begin to compare to their combined energy output."
Nimue "So...?"
Merlin "So maybe we still have a chance of winning, after all."
Merlin "Nimue, you have power to interfere in the radio tower. Use it to intercept the Avalon."
Merlin "Things would be easier if we can use it. Remove all the distractions and launch the next Coronation Experiment."
Nimue "......"
Merlin "Nimue, I’m going to hide in the "cave" - the special shelter I’ve prepared just for situations like this."
Merlin "I’ll enter orders. While I’m hiding, tamper with the radio towers, and turn the Avalon to be directed at Camelot."
Scene Change
Merlin " may have survived out of luck, but you will soon be engulfed by the Avalon!"
Merlin "Hm? What?"
You hear something...
Nimue (Radio) "Identified lock controls for “The Cave”. Disabled manual unlock settings."
Merlin "Nimue...?!"
Nimue (Radio) "Automatic lock period input confirmed. 279,001 years remaining untll [sic] door opens."
Merlin "Nimue! What is the meaning of this?!"
Nimue (Radio) "I used my own sense of judgment."
Nimue (Radio) "I may be forbidden from killing you, Merlin. [sic] But there’s nothing to stop me from doing anything else."
Merlin "B-But... Faeries are supposed to work for me! You’re nothing but a tool! A tool to carry out my commands!"
Nimue (Radio) "Don’t worry. Under your command I will “protect” you. For the next 279,001 years."

Chapter 7[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Dreams Take Flight 30 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Aaargh!"
Reafe "Guinevere, what are you mumbling about?"
Guinevere "It can't be worse than this! Every time I travel from the palace to the city it's always by carriage!"
Guinevere "Well I’m sick of the bumpy rides! Isn’t there any way to get around more quickly and effectively?"
Gawain "It's more unusual for you to take the carriage when the distance is so short."
Arthur "I wish I had a horse-drawn carriage~"
Gawain "...You're so full of energy, you might as well pull one carriage by yourself!"
Guinevere "Arthur, invent something!"
Gawain "If it can make the spoiled child shut her mouth, I will start inventing right now."
Guinevere "I want you to build me a new mode of transport."
Guinevere "Merlin had the White and Scarlet Wyverns. Can’t you get me something like that?"
Guinevere "With that, I can *pheeeew* fly around like this."
Reafe "If it was that easy, we’d have them already. Merlin's technology is never decent."
Reafe "It has unending problems. The engine vibration's impact on main wings, accurate calculation of distance with [sic] at take-off."
Reafe "Even if we somehow created it, the most we can do is make it fly. But it may disintegrate in the air or crash."
Guinevere "...Why is it so complicated?"
Reafe "If you're just interested in flying, we are working on creating floating balloons and gas-filled airships."
Guinevere "What’s the point of flying if I’m just going to float around when I get up there? I’m trying to save time here!"
Gawain "Isn't it easier to think of ways to make use of the time in the carriage? Reading or knitting sounds good for you."
Guinevere "Are you trying to teach me ways to look pretty even when I puke?"
Gawain "...Are all the ladies in Britain like you? I hope not..."
Arthur "Er, excuse me? There are ladies like me too..."
Gawain "You're the most unladylike here!"
Guinevere "Ah, I’ve got it! Didn't Arthur use something when she hit the White Wyvern, and retreated from Gore?"
Guinevere "How did it work, again? Something about floating using magnetic fields, and then running on rails..."
Reafe "Linear motorcars are too much for us to handle..."
Reafe "The one Arthur used depended on the broken relics that were made during the time of the Ancients. It's dangerous!"
Guinevere "What?! Why is everything not possible!"
Arthur "Is there any way we can use this fiery rage from Guinevere as the power source for our new vehicle?"
Gawain "Even better, include Arthur's nasty temper too and she'll become more ladyli...OUCH! The women of Britain!"
Reafe "Hey, I hope you’re not including me in that! Don’t you stick me in with them, you hear?"
Arthur "What do you care? You’re a faerie."
Arms Race 31 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Lancelot "It's been revealed that our city's antennas were used in controlling the Avalon that shot down the White Wyvern."
Lancelot "We need to coordinate with all the Arthurs of various city states on this matter."
Gawain "Hmph. That’s your grand plan?"
Gawain "In case you hadn’t noticed, SOMEONE needs to take charge of Avalon. There’s only one Avalon out there."
Gawain "Everyone knows that whoever controls Avalon controls Britain. Who would be stupid enough to hand it over easily?"
Galahad "In the first place, can you analyze its system by yourselves? I'm pretty sure you'll ruin it with filthy hands."
Galahad "It's obvious you will let a treasure rot like a junk, so hand it over to us who are experts on the Ancients' magic."
Guinevere "Are you lot squabbling again? I’ve known middle-aged couples who argue less than you two."
Arthur "Hold on, hold on! Reafe, what exactly is this Avalon? Is it something to do with faerie technology?"
Reafe "I don’t know that much about it myself."
Reafe "It’s a secret project ofthe [sic] Ancients. The faeries and humans tried to make a utopia, and created a few models."
Arthur "Utopia-building? That’s always risky business."
Guinevere "Who cares what they were hoping to make, or how badly it went wrong?"
Guinevere "The problem is that one of the utopias was activated, and its electric power started to affect Britain's history."
Guinevere "What kind of power is that? So it is controlled by using our city's antennas?"
Reafe "For details... Faye and Elle!"
Faye "What's up, Reafe?"
Elle "I'm making a guest appearance here. Treat me like a VIP."
Reafe "Send me the information on Avalon and the radio towers. You will get the information I've collected as a reward."
Faye "Well, I suppose you know that the radio towers were originally built to control Avalon."
Elle "However, the amount of data transmitted is so huge that one or two antennas alone don’t suffice."
Faye "For Avalon to work, all the towers in all the cities are linked into a single system..."
Guinevere "Which means..."
Arthur "If we are to do anything about Avalon-use it OR eliminate it-we need access to every city across Britain."
Reafe "If we order the other monarchs to surrender in the name of peace, do you think any of them would actually respond?"
Guinevere "If we’re not careful, all of Camelot will be plunged into war over a race to control Avalon."
Guinevere "So much for healthy competition... The nation’s knights and citizens will be forced into war!"
To Wield a Great Sword 32 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "(Sigh...) It has to be..."
Gawain "Have you decided to do something about Avalon?"
Arthur "Well, it’s not like I have much choice, right?"
Guinevere "What do you intend to do?"
Arthur "Take control of Avalon myself."
Arthur "It’s all well and good to say that we should just leave it alone, but it’s not as simple as that, is it?"
Arthur "If we just leave it out there, someone will snatch it. Though we may form allies, we must beware of surprize [sic] attacks too."
Arthur "Disputes will occur if it’s not clear who owns what. The apple of discord will be gone if I take the Avalon."
Reafe "B-But to take the Avalon, we need every radio antennas in all the city states!"
Arthur "Though we temporarily allied with other Arthurs to fight the Eleven Lords and the Invaders,"
Arthur "there [sic] is only one throne in Britain. Sooner or later, we must decide who shall sit upon it."
Gawain "You're considering this an opportunity? Well, it's better than just slowly pondering over it."
Guinevere "But what about the common folk of the cities? There are many people living in the cities too!"
Arthur "Well, we just have to make sure they don’t get caught up in the crossfire when we are securing the towers."
Arthur "Go for battle of honors, or draw lots. Well, at least on the surface. The rules would favor us in actual fact."
Arthur "Maybe we should shove a magic sword into a rock and let the one who pulls it out to be the owner of Avalon..."
Arthur "Reafe?"
Reafe "Wh-What?"
Arthur "I suck at thinking of details, so help me devise a plan that's favorable to me and what the other kings would not reject."
Arthur "The other factions must have started moving to get the Avalon too."
Arthur "Shall we checkmate our opponents before Britain is engulfed in unnecessary chaos?"
Witches, Tea and Snacks 33 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Morgause "It looks as though something’s heating up in Camelot."
Elaine "I told you we shouldn’t have used Avalon just yet!"
Morgan "Shut it. We wiped that smug grin off Merlin’s face, didn’t we?"
Morgan "Besides, thanks to Avalon, the Round Table has been thrown into tumult. I couldn’t have planned it better myself!"
Morgause "One of the Arthur clans is reportedly planning to damage the antenna towers in order to destroy the Avalon."
Morgause "We need those towers to communicate with Avalon!"
Morgause "If we’re not careful, we’ll end up not being able to use Avalon either."
Morgan "I wonder..."
Morgause "Hm?"
Morgan "I don't like beating about the bush like my sisters, but I know the humans have a thing for honour and glory."
Morgan "You really think humans are strong-willed enough to turn down the prospect of a weapon like that once they’ve seen it?"
Elaine "...She’s right."
Elaine "From the information I gathered with my "disguise", there is a king who has an interesting plot too."
Morgan "Their desire for power will turn them against one another."
Morgan "In the meantime, we’ll be free to continue our preparations on Avalon at our leisure."
Morgan "If they think they’ve seen even half of what Avalon’s capable of, they’re in for a big surprise..."
Sudden Changes 34 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "Avalon..."
Gawain "It’s surely unpleasant to be at the disposal of that thing, but maybe it's not bad, thinking of our initial purpose."
Arthur "Whoever controls Avalon, controls Britain."
Arthur "That’s what you want, right? From the very moment you stepped up to yank the sword from the stone."
Reafe "Arthur, bad news! Other forces are moving to claim Avalon!"
Reafe "We are losing contact with the antennas of the other cities, one by one."
Gawain "What do you mean?"
Arthur "You mean Arthurs of other factions are attacking our city?"
Reafe "No. the [sic] signals from Sword Castle are disappearing. They must be destroying the antennas themselves."
Guinevere "Sword Castle faction appear to be trying to eliminate Avalon altogether."
Guinevere "No attacking of other cities is needed to seize the control of Avalon. They just need to destroy their own antennas!"
Gawain "Is it too late?"
Arthur "I hope it's a happy ending!"
Guinevere "Hm?"
Arthur "The throne is yours with Avalon. Human's greed doesn't let you give up just because you don't have the key!"
Reafe "W-wait!"
Reafe "I’m picking up more antennas, re-joining the system. There are more joining than disappearing now!"
Arthur "Haha. See?"
Reafe "It’s the Magic Guild! They are erecting more antennas, faster than the Sword Castle faction can tear them down!"
Gawain "They're experts in magic. They probably analyzed the Ancients’ technology and figured out how to build new towers."
Arthur "Human ingenuity!"
Arthur "Even if you give up the control, someone will always want the Avalon. We will never know peace if this goes on."
Arthur "For us to be reassured, I have no choice but to claim Avalon for myself!"
Nibbling at the Edges (Boss Battle) 35 600 Unity Points
300 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "The Sword Castle faction have launched a campaign against the cities of the Magic Guild."
Reafe "It seems like they're trying to prevent the Magic Guild from getting the Avalon for themselves."
Guinevere "We can take advantage of the situation, and attack the Magic Guilds’ cities while they are distracted."
Guinevere "The Sword Castle faction have already destroyed their own antennas. We need more antennas to control the Avalon."
Guinevere "We can sneak into the Magic Guilds’ antenna research labs and steal what they have learned."
Reafe "The Sword Castle faction are trying to destroy those labs. Let's follow their route to enter the labs."
Scene Change
Arthur "This is so terribly vexing! If only they all listened to me, we wouldn’t need to fight like this."
Gawain "Be that as it may, it has come down to the sword. Britain being what it is, perhaps there was never any other way."
Guinevere (Radio) "In any case, your mission is to get the information and then destroy the lab facilities."
Guinevere (Radio) "Try to avoid any harm to the civilian population..."
Reafe (Radio) "Right here. Once you’ve turned the corner, you’ll be in the land of the Magic Guild."
Arthur "...Why, it looks just like my own realm."
Gawain "Where are the antenna research labs?"
Arthur "First things first. We need to beat off these other would-be monarchs."
Gawain "It’s the leader of the Magic Guild!"
Arthur "I don’t think so. Sword Castle faction, I’d say."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "...And they’re not here to lend the Magic Guild a helping hand."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Which means they’re trying to pilfer the antenna mass-production technology for themselves--to control Avalon, of course."
Arthur "Simply destroying their own antennas isn’t enough. It’s like I told you - everyone wants the Avalon..."
Arthur "More than ever, I know my choice is the right one. Come friends - we must hold steady to our chosen course!"
Battle against Arthur: Blade Protector
HP 167440
Gawain "Arthur!"
Arthur "Gah and curses! We were SO close... But at least we have the analysis data."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "And what exactly do you intend to do with OUR data?"
Arthur "Ah, here’s the ringleader."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "We have our own plans. You have no reason to criticize us when you are stealing our technology with no regard for our plans!"
Battle against Arthur: Sorcery King
HP 189520
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Gah... I-I’ve been...hit hard..."
Elle (Radio) "We should pull back for now!"
Arthur "I d-don’t feel so good... I’m all woozy... Might...pass...out...loss...of...blood..."
Reafe (Radio) "Arthur! There are flames coming from the research lab!"
Guinevere (Radio) "It must be the Sword Castles’ [sic] doing - we won’t be able to recover the data!"
Gawain "This is our chance. Let’s get out of here while we can."
Post-Battle Report
リーフェ [sic] (Reafe) "With the Sword Castle faction destroying the Magic Guilds’ research facilities, our own plan has failed."
Guinevere "We need to regroup, and come up with a new way to deal with Avalon and keeping Britain safe."
The Situation 36 1 AP Potion, 1 BC Potion
1000 Exp, 300 Gold
Mordred "Arthur of the Tech Chapter planned to use military might to claim Avalon for herself."
Mordred "The Sword Castle faction destroyed their antennas and gave up the Avalon to prevent a war between the city states."
Mordred "Magic Guild forces increased their antennas to attain the Avalon without clashing with the Sword Castle faction."
Mordred "......"
Mordred "Now that the Magic Guild have lost their antenna research center, the race for Avalon appears to be at an end..."
Mordred "...but would they know..."
Mordred "With the weapon that they could have grasped far from their reach, the factions think it is their loss."
Mordred "To take over the situation, swords have clashed after infiltrating into other kings' cities, and bred vengence."
Mordred "Britain is on the verge of sliding into civil war."
Nimue "......"
Mordred "Hm? A faerie?"
Nimue "I’m super worried, so I’m relieved. Tensions are running high, so I'm feeling relaxed."
Mordred "What are you doing here? The king’s your master, not me."
Mordred "Unless... Perhaps you’re reacting to all the Arthur genes I have inside me...?"
Nimue "The kingdom is in trouble, so I’m heavy. If shaken, let's all be cry with smily faces."
Mordred "Hmm... I see you’ve used translation magic in the past, but it’s since been deleted from your system."
Mordred "Merlin’s handiwork, I presume..."
Mordred "Still, I should fix this language problem."
Mordred "Come on, then. I don’t have Merlin’s magic ability, but I’ll see what I can do."

Chapter 8[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Weighty Matters 37 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Don’t we ever get to eat dessert around here?"
Gawain "Good grief, we have more important things to worry about than dessert! We’re in the middle of a crisis!"
Arthur "I wouldn’t mind a bit of cake myself, actually. What’s in the fridge?"
Gawain "GAH! Imbeciles! I’m surrounded by imbeciles! People, can we please focus here? We’re wasting time--"
Guinevere "I’m tired of same old dishes. I'm sick of them! I hope changes can be made to the menu by adding desserts!"
Arthur "Exactly! Reafe is a vegetarian and she doesn't use salt or sugar! There's no fulfilment! It's like eating grass!"
Guinevere "Er, well, I didn't think it was that bad..."
Arthur "Reafe must have been a cow in [sic] past life! Anyway, I thought I was the only unhappy one, but I guess you are too."
Guinevere "Hey, hey, don’t put words in my mouth! If Reafe hears this..."
Reafe "......"
Guinevere "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Now I'm in the middle of a misunderstanding!"
Reafe "Heheh. I was worried for your health so I put in effort for the menus. But if you don't need it, by all means."
Reafe "How about simple kids' menu? Hamburgers, fries, steak, fried egg, fried chicken..."
Reafe "Just don’t come crying to me when you have to face the consequences later––on the bathroom scales."
Guinevere "ARGH, NO! Not that! Gawain, say something, will you?!"
Gawain "I won't get fat too, ...would I?"
Reafe "Hurhurhurhur..."
Arthur "Oh, I wouldn’t worry, Gawain. You and I will be fine."
Reafe "Oh?"
Arthur "We’re fighting a war! Do you how much we run around in the battlefield? Any amount of food is not enough!"
Gawain "So the only person who has to worry is..."
Guinevere "W-Wait! Why is everyone turning slowly and ominously in my direction?!"
Arthur "(Shrug) Well, that’s not my problem..."
Arthur "Reafe, be a darling would you, and serve up a bit of steak every now and then?"
Guinevere "H-hey! Are you going to abandon me? Stop! I don't want to be fat!!"
The Parting of Sisters 38 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Morgause "Many antenna towers in Camelot have been destroyed. Controlling Avalon might not prove to be as easy as we thought..."
Elaine "We used those radio towers when we interfered with the Avalon too."
Morgause "Now that our secret weapon’s off the cards, I guess it’s back to the drawing board, huh. Any ideas, Morgan?"
Morgan "...Nothing’s changed."
Morgan "Avalon was merely a means to an end. We shouldn't give up crushing Camelot just because of one minor setback."
Elaine "Morgan. We’re witches, not demigods. Even we have our limits, you know!"
Morgause "Elaine’s right. If we’re really that powerful, we would have attacked Camelot head-on and destroyed it already."
Morgause "We teamed up with the Eleven Kings because we needed their help, remember? Just like we need Avalon’s power now."
Morgan "Hmph... Is that really what you think?"
Morgan "Safety safety safety! It was all we cared about until now but our plans never worked! And we're growing weak!"
Morgause "THAT’S why you’re proposing we risk our lives in an ill-advised assault? Mark my words: it’ll end in failure."
Morgan "What do victory and failure mean to you? I think we have different views on them."
Elaine "Morgan."
Morgan "Who says we’ve failed if we lose our lives? The only thing that matters is whether we succeed in crushing Camelot."
Morgause "That sounds more like your definition of revenge."
Morgan "And you two don’t want revenge...?!"
Morgause "Honestly, the targets for my revenge are not many. Merlin and his Coronation Experiment are the only top priorities."
Morgause "To achieve that, I can even take Camelot's side like the Eleven Kings and wipe Merlin's existence from Camelot."
Morgause "That’s the kind of revenge I’m after."
Elaine "Even if we do end up launching an attack, do we really need to be so hasty about it?"
Elaine "If needed, we can build our strengths for a few months, or even years. Though it may be hard, the outcome is all that matters."
Morgan "...I get it now."
Morgan "You are not wrong. But with your plans, we wouldn't have taken revenge even when 500 years have passed from now."
Morgan "You two should do whatever you like. I’m going to crush Camelot my own way."
Scene Change
Morgan "Following in my sisters’ shadows won’t get me anywhere."
Morgan "We’ll never topple Camelot if we’re just saving up our strength for self-defense."
Morgan "Besides, Avalon is still out there."
Morgan "And if I don’t mind taking a few risks, there’s a chance I can still get it running."
Witch Connection 39 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "......"
Arthur "Er, what’s wrong with Reafe? She’s just staring into blank space..."
Gawain "Why should I care. Isn't she just tired of all your tantrums?"
Arthur "What? Don’t tell me she’s still angry about me suggesting she wear a cat-ear maid’s costume?"
Gawain "Of course she is! Don’t you realize how ridiculous she would look in one of those things?! No wonder she’s devastated!"
Reafe "No! I’m not devastated, I was just detecting suspicious packet exchanges on Camelot's network!"
Gawain "See? She's speaking in faerie language that is harder to understand than ever. The shock must have been big."
Arthur "(Sigh) I guess I’ve got no choice but to wear the costume myself, by way of apology."
Gawain "Ew, yuck! You need to be cute and delicate to pull one of those things off!!!"
Arthur "HEY!"
Reafe "Can we PLEASE get back on the topic? What I have discovered poses a grave threat to our Camelot."
Arthur "How so?"
Reafe "The witch Morgause seems to be using the Ancients’ information network to send messages..."
Reafe "The recipient is a Blade Protector. It will take time to decode the message, but I suspect it is about [sic] secret meetup."
Gawain "So the witch Morgause is trying to connect with other Camelots?"
Arthur "Perhaps now that the Eleven Lords have fallen, she is searching for a new master to serve."
Reafe "In any case, I don’t know the details yet, but we should be very careful."
Reafe "According to Urien, she is one of the witches who brought the Dragon Fang. She might just tilt the balance of power."
Gawain "And not in our favor, most likely."
Arthur "Then for the sake of peace, we must find this witch and break her connection with the Sword Castle faction."
Cut the Roots of Evil (Boss Battle) 40 600 Unity Points
300 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 1000 Unity Points
Reafe "So the witch Morgause is trying to connect with another Camelot of the Sword Castle faction."
Reafe "I have no idea what their motives might be, but it’s not likely to be good for the Tech Chapter faction."
Guinevere "Then we should sever this connection soon, before the two threats can unite against us."
Reafe "The enemy is setting up a defensive network inside Faye’s Camelot and a guard organization consisting of Lake knights."
Reafe "Direct assault will likely damage Camelot - our biggest asset. Let's sneak in with a few elites."
Guinevere "You’re thinking we should strike fast at Morgause, as she is the one setting up the meeting."
Scene Change
Arthur "(Sigh) That Camelot is such a pretty place. I’d hate to see its gilded corridors awash in blood..."
Gawain "A castle is a castle... It was built with war in mind."
Guinevere (Radio) "I still think you should have gone with my idea and dressed up as innocent maidens."
Arthur "...Er, right. The problem was, it wasn’t clear what we were supposed to do in our disguises..."
Gawain "(Shudder) Scare the enemy to death, maybe?"
Reafe (Radio) "Be more serious. You are almost at Morgause and Sword Castle's secret rendezvous location."
Gawain "Shush!"
Arthur "...I can barely hear a word. What is she whispering about?"
Morgause "...I am here in the first place.. Lamorak... ...received from a knight..."
Morgause "...I thought it strange...yearning for a witch..."
Arthur "...You thanks..."
Lancelot "But how...? By what means do you...?"
Morgause "Patience! ...revealed in good time..."
Morgause "...are no more...revenge...complete."
Arthur "Very well. I shall help you, Morgause."
Gawain "What’s this about?"
Arthur "Whatever it is, they have decided to work together, it appears."
Reafe (Radio) "We’re got trouble! Faye’s upped the security! That area is going to be swarming with knights soon. Move!"
Gawain "We’ve seen enough. They’re definitely plotting something!"
Arthur "Right. You mean, let’s break up their party before they can mobilize all their knights!"
Scene Change
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Gah! The Tech Chapter forces!"
Arthur "Wahaha! Sorry to break up your secret pow-wow!"
Reafe (Radio) "Stay focused! You’re facing a king and a witch. This is not going to be easy!"
Battle against Arthur: Blade Protector
HP 196880
Battle against Morgause
HP 218960
Arthur "Got it!"
Morgause is slashed.
Morgause "Gah! Oh...oh!!!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Morgause!"
Morgause "...So. This is the response I get from Camelot, is it?"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Wait, Morgause! They’re not..."
Morgause "Mark this prophecy, Arthur."
Morgause "The Camelots were always destined to slide into civil war, with or without Avalon."
Morgause "Although originally, it was meant to be Guinevere who provided the spark."
Arthur "What on earth are you talking about?"
Morgause "Enough. See for yourself what happens when you reject a witch and Britain plunges into chaos."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "Morgause escaped. But at least we managed to avoid the worst scenario of the Blade Protectors collaborating with the witch."
Guinevere "But what did Morgause want? And what did that little speech mean?"
Reafe "We can't ask her since she's gone. I'd be lying if I said I'm not worried, but this is the best for now."
Building Broken Roads 41 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "The Sword Castle and Magic Guild are trying to set up a grand conference."
Arthur "To what aim? Are they trying to hammer out a truce of some kind?"
Gawain "They may say that, but mark my’ll be about protecting their interests."
Reafe "Perhaps it’s about the Morgause situation?"
Reafe "The Sword Castle are not collaborating with witches. Magic Guild requested witch technology to be revealed."
Reafe "I wouldn’t be surprised if they have ulterior motives, though."
Arthur "Well, there must be SOME reason they are agreeing to join a conference proposed by the Sword Castle faction."
Gawain "Yes, yes. But what, exactly?"
Gawain "Maybe they’re going to demand compensation from those who fouled up the peace negotiations with the witch."
Reafe "Right, though things are favorable to us, we should arm ourselves. We don't want damage from some nonsense!"
Arthur "Ungh, politics makes my head hurt. I just want to whack them all~!"
Reafe "...Yes, quite. In any case, someone is bound to get the short end of the stick."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Ah, it’s the Tech Chapter faction."
Arthur "Yep. The main course has arrived!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Now, now. We don’t hold you responsible... We understand your position."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "YSave [sic] this for when the conference starts. We’re all interested in the reason why Morgause is here too."
Gawain "...I’m not sure this conference is a good idea. Oh, now look who’s here."
Elle "You have misused the computation domain. It can be lighter if you simplify and optimize the algorithm."
Faye "Hey, your focus on lightweight has made the security is [sic] too lax. Do you remember who did the patch for you?"
Reafe "Thanks for the patch, but leave me a report. I can't use the previous software if I just keep it like this."
Lancelot "...I can’t make any sense of this faerie speech of theirs. What on earth are they arguing about?"
Gawain "Beats me."
Galahad "If you cannot feel the Ancients’ presence prickling the back of your neck, then you truly lack imagination."
Scene Change
Arthur "About time for the conference to start."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Finally."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "It’s rather impressive that we managed to get one million Arthurs, AND their knights, to all agree to this."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "We may be many, but much greater is the population of Britain. Think of this as a practice for ruling over them."
Arthur "(...Anyway, beware, Blade Protector.)"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Of what?"
Arthur "(...Those who don't like such shows will want this conference to fail. Then what do you think will happen?)"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Someone will draw the sword?"
Arthur "(...I'll keep an eye on my side. So you should focus on Sword Castle faction. If something happens, no one will be spared.)"
Time passes...
Gawain "So these are all the kings. What a sight. It’s like watching lava flow..."
Reafe "We have to admit that Britain is full of capable people."
Arthur "...Oh?"
Reafe "What’s the matter?"
Arthur "I was wondering, has anyone seen Guinevere recently?"
Gawain "No, but it’s not surprising in this crowd. Maybe she slipped off to visit a king."
Elle "I don’t think she’s making social calls."
Arthur "What do you want, my magical faerie friend? Don’t get too close or I’ll set my cat-ears maid on you."
Elle "...You mean Reafe?"
Reafe "No, never!! Do you think I'll ever wear those stupid cat ears?!"
Faye "W-wait! Guinevere appears to have left Camelot. Anyone has any idea?"
Arthur "...What was that?"
Elle "Yes, look! She signed out in the log by the main gate."
Reafe "I can’t imagine she would leave on her own accord. She wouldn’t want to miss this conference."
Gawain "Guinevere is always visiting cities ruled by other kings, and usually with armed security."
Arthur "But at a venue with a million kings... It would take long to find Guinevere if she is kidnapped."
Arthur "Which means... This conference itself could have been organized with the purpose of kidnapping Guinevere!"
A Necessary Gamble 42 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "I’ve pulled data off Camelot’s network, and I can confirm that Guinevere was taken by a group of several people."
Reafe "I don’t know what they're after, but with Guinevere gone, it means that the Round Table maintenance is stalled."
Reafe "Since it's linked to managing the Lake knights, Camelot is in a very serious danger indeed."
Arthur "...Dammit. I was hoping it was just a case of the princess running away from home."
Gawain "We have to go after Guinevere and her kidnappers."
Reafe "Outside the castle, we are going to have very few clues to go on. And the longer we delay, the scarcer they’ll become."
Scene Change
Gawain "The maids were saying that they may have seen the culprits."
Arthur "Oh? And how come YOU know so much about the maids’ gossip?"
Gawain "Wh-What are you implying?!"
Arthur "So what did these kidnappers look like?"
Gawain "Their faces were hidden, but judging by their weapons and shields they were likely Maleagant soldiers."
Arthur "It doesn’t make sense that they hid their faces but it's obvious who they are. A trick maybe?"
Gawain "Can’t rule it out. But even so, it’s useful information, right?"
Arthur "Maleagant is a knight of the Sorcery Kings, right?"
Gawain "Enemies of Magic Guild would make use of this. Magic Guild would say it's a trap."
Gawain "We will need to cut through a tangle of lies to reach the truth, I warrant."
Arthur "I’m not concerned with the truth. I don't mind fighting whoever it is if we can get Guinevere back."
Gawain "The faeries keep a close eye on the comings and goings of the humans, but their records have been tinkered with."
Arthur "Has Maleagant been interviewed?"
Gawain "It's gone. Though it's unclear if it's voluntary or taken by someone."
Arthur "The Magic Guild could have altered the records."
Gawain "The forces will be mobilized now. Either to rescue Guinevere or take advantage of the situation..."
Arthur "Well, let’s do what we always do, and let the chips fall where they may. It’s worked so far..."
Gawain "I suggest we use this."
Arthur "Amphibious ship! It's a vehicle of dreams. Filled with a special gas, it works on land and water."
Gawain "Is it safe? A new technology at a time like this... I hope nothing goes wrong."
Arthur "What we need now is to be at the upper hand compared to other Arthurs. We have to get to Guinevere first."
Arthur "So! Let us cast the dice then, and see if we can’t roll a lucky seven."
Let the Chase Begin (Boss Battle) 43 600 Unity Points
300 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 2000 Unity Points
Reafe "The so-called "Maleagant" who has kidnapped Guinevere is being chased."
Reafe "Sword Castle and Magic Guild are also making their move. We can't avoid battle if we meet on battlefield."
Reafe "I don't know about the Magic Guild, but the Sword Castle faction is going to going to [sic] chase on horseback."
Reafe "With our Hovercraft, we should have an advantage: rivers will not slow us, for starters."
Reafe "We can destroy bridges as we come to them, and force the Sword Castle back without a fight."
Scene Change
Gawain "...Why are we stopping here to hide?"
Arthur "Change of plans. This thing is noisier and messier than I thought. The Blade Protectors might shower us with arrows!"
Gawain "Downside of new technology. Just as I expected! This should have been tested more beforehand!"
Arthur "I hate those who always say "See what I told you!" when something happens."
Reafe (Radio) "Stop bickering, you two."
Arthur "...But what do we do know?"
Gawain "What are the Sword Castle faction up to?"
Arthur "Hm? I can see that they're advancing swiftly. But they are drawing up in columns in order to cross the bridge."
Gawain "Perfect! This is where Hovercraft comes in! If we can destroy that bridge, the advantage will be ours again."
Arthur "We have a battery of 200 mm cannon with us. We should hit the bridge from close range, as we approach it."
Gawain "Should? What are our chances?"
Arthur "I don’t know. It’s a gamble, but when has that stopped us?"
You hear something...
Gawain "Curses! This is hopeless!"
Arthur "Oh, shush! I never thought they would plant traps to burst our Hovercraft!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "The Tech Chapter forces!"
Arthur "Dammit. We were supposed to move in fast, grab Guinevere, and be home in time for tea. Instead, we’re in for a fight!"
Battle against Lancelot
HP 207640
Battle against Arthur: Blade Protector
HP 229540
Gawain "I think we did it. Sword Castle is beating a retreat."
Arthur "If it wasn’t for Guinevere, I’d have half a mind to go after them."
Reafe (Radio) "I’m going to assess the damage to [sic] Hovercraft. If it’s just the gas bladders that are damaged, we can repair them."
Arthur "Got it. I’m anxious to get across this river and bring Guinevere home."
You hear the sound of a plane...
Gawain "Huh? What’s that sound?"
Reafe (Radio) "Up above! It looks like an aircraft similar to the White Wyvern. It must be the Magic Guild faction!"
Arthur "How can that be?! Didn’t we try to develop our own White Wyvern, only to throw up our arms in failure?"
Reafe (Radio) "Yes. We were worried about engine vibration ripping the wings off, and the difficulties of landing and take off."
Reafe (Radio) "Without Merlin’s know-how, we couldn't make it work. The chances are it would spin off and drop into the sea..."
Reafe (Radio) "Not to mention, that with all the vibrations, it would be too dangerous to load it with precision magic weapons."
Arthur "Look what it’s doing now! Is it dropping knights out of the sky?"
Reafe (Radio) "I see. So humans and knights can withstand the vibrations much better than the magic weapons."
Reafe (Radio) "Still, I wonder if the pilot knows how dangerous it is to land that thing. The frame may not last for long..."
Gawain "Whatever! They’re one step ahead of us now-- we have to hurry!"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "We drove back the Sword Castle faction, but now the Magic Guild have opened up a big lead."
Reafe "If the Maleagant Forces have been acting against the Magic Guild forces, they are unlikely to receive any mercy."
Reafe "Let us hurry before Guinevere is caught up in the crossfire."
Full Stop (Boss Battle) 44 600 Unity Points
400 Exp, 2000 Gold
(3) 2000 Unity Points
Reafe "Magic Guild developed White Wyvern troop carrier and is attacking the Maleagant forces from the air."
Reafe "If we strike Maleagant now, we can kill them off swiftly, but it's not going to be all simple."
Reafe "The Magic Guild is just trying to wipe them out without trying to find out the truth behind the abduction."
Reafe "If we approach the Maleagant Forces, the Magic Guild will likely turn on us as well."
Reafe "We would be bogged down in a pitched battle, with no easy way to extract ourselves."
Scene Change
Arthur "What a horrific sight! It’s like a slaughterhouse, and they intend to make sausage meat out of the soldiers..."
Gawain "Ew, yuck. Can we avoid the grotesque food analogies? Are these...Maleagant’s forces?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Well, well..."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "It appears that the peace-loving Blade Protectors failed to stop you. I’m not entirely surprised, frankly."
Arthur "The Magic Guild, I presume. Aren’t you too young to play at soldiers?"
Gawain "...Er, My Grace. You may have noticed, but we are surrounded by knights."
Arthur "This is where I’m supposed to ask about Guinevere, but I’m guessing she’s with that greasy gang of hoodlums. Am I right?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Now, now. Guinevere was only one of the objectives. Which is to say, she was not the main objective. Far from it."
Gawain "...So what’s the story?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "They called themselves Maleagant forces, but they had nothing to do with the Magic Guild."
Arthur "Would you have done differently if they had?"
Arthur "You’re not here to find the truth. You’re just here to make sure the interests of the Magic Guild are protected."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "...Do you feel clever now, figuring that out?"
Arthur "You don’t care about anything or anyone unless it affects you."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Isn’t everyone the same?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "It’s true, in this world, it's sometimes easier to just be out-and-out evil..."
Battle against Arthur: Sorcery King
HP 223560
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Wah!"
Arthur "What is it?! You don’t have to feign being struck just to prove your wicked cunningness!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "It’s not over..."
Reafe (Radio) "I’m getting multiple readings, coming in from all angles. I think it may be more White Wyvern troop carriers!"
Arthur "I thought they’d show up sooner or later."
Arthur "I was wondering something... Guinevere knows the whole truth. How exactly do you intend to muzzle her?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "We intend to watch her very closely. The kidnapping shall be used as a pretext for assigning a permanent guard detail."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "...We can’t allow her to control events by giving out her version of the truth."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Guinevere could spin any tale she wants and spark a civil war. We have to avoid that, no matter what."
Arthur "So that’s what this is all about!"
Arthur "You’re just playing the role of villain so you can protect the people from war."
Reafe (Radio) "The White Wyvern troop carrier has launched multiple knights--and they’re coming this way!"
Arthur "I guess they’re determined not to make it easy for us."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "I wouldn’t have it any other way - it’s on the battlefield that we earn the right to wear the crown."
Battle against Galahad
HP 234600
Battle against Arthur: Sorcery King
HP 245640
Gawain "I think we did it..."
Arthur "Maleagant’s soldiers and weapons are in ruins. Anything that could be used as evidence has been destroyed."
Arthur "I think we were the main targets. Whatever Guinevere said, we cannot prove it either way."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "The Maleagant forces and Sorcery King army have both been defeated."
Reafe "However, thanks to the Magic Guilds' interference, we failed to find out [sic] identity and purpose of Maleagant forces."
Reafe "But our priority is still Guinevere. At least we have learned how strategically important she is..."
Reafe "The fight for Guinevere is only going to get more ferocious."
Reafe "Suspicious movements have been caught near the Sword Castle faction. We need to keep a watch on them."
In the Balance 45 600 Unity Points
300 Gold
Faye "Arthur! Everyone’s saying Lancelot's gone missing! Is it true?"
Reafe "Some people say he ran away to the land of Invaders, calling himself an envoy of peace, if you can believe it."
Elle "Is it also true that Lancelot leaked Guinevere's Round Table technology too?"
Arthur "That's right."
Arthur "We are [sic] not decided on how to deal with the Invaders yet. He can't just initiate talks as our representative."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Even worse, it’s possible he might intend to leak information about the Round Table to our enemies."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "With that, the Invaders may create knights similar to our own, or develop counter-measures to defeat our troops."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "What do you want me to do about it?"
Arthur "Why, you must take responsibility, of course."
Arthur "Leaving aside the issue of the Invaders for a moment, it's agreed that traitor Lancelot must be eliminated."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "If you have any objections, I advise you to make them known now."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "I don’t want to believe it... But the evidence is compelling."
Arthur "It’s too late to play the innocent victim now. He was your responsibility: it’s up to you to kill him."
Faye "W-Wait...!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "It’s okay, Faye. Britain is in a time of crisis. We are in no position to refuse."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "That said, I do have one condition."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "I want you to set up an independent body to protect Guinevere, so that none of the three clans is able to kidnap her."
Arthur "And how do you propose we do that?"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "I’m just about to kill my most cherished comrade on your orders, aren’t I? Can’t you allow me this one request?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "It’s fine by me."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "It would probably be easiest if we station her in the castle of Camelot, rather than in the cities."
Arthur "Hmph, whatever. We can work out the details later, but the regiment will be formed using troops from all three clans."
Scene Change
Reafe "Arthur, are you sure about this?"
Arthur "You’re always telling me to be more serious, and the one time I am this is the reaction I get?"
Gawain "I mean, don’t you think this is far too harsh? It doesn’t seem like you..."
Arthur "But if we don’t follow through, we’ll never figure it out."
Reafe "Figure what out?"
Arthur "They claim Lancelot betrayed the Blade Protectors and fled to the Invaders. But is he really working on his own?"
Gawain "You mean, it might just be part of a larger plot, dreamed up by the Blade Protector leadership?"
Gawain "Invaders' technology has been infused in Guinevere's Round Table technolog. [sic] The power balance of Camelot will fall soon."
Arthur "Of course if that happens, the Tech Chapter and Magic Guild would unite to destroy the Sword Castle faction."
Arthur "When the Invaders betray the Blade Protectors, Britain will fall..."
Gawain "The Sword Castle faction would take time to combine technologies by itself to make new weapons too."
Gawain "If we can sow confusion, we could delay them even longer."
Reafe "B-but what if Lancelot IS just working on his own?"
Arthur "Then Sword Castle will fall for sure. All the soldiers and civilians would be in serious trouble."
Reafe "...So you need to find out the truth about Lancelot."
Gawain "Well, if Lancelot’s betrayal is part of a Sword Castle plan, their rulers will want to do everything to keep him alive."
Arthur "I think it’s rather noble of me, not to launch an immediate attack on Sword Castle."
Reafe "...Maybe we should let the historians decide that-- AFTER this is all over."
Arthur "Audacious!!"
Reafe "Argh! Can we get back to work?!"
The Pledge of a Judge 46 1 AP Potion, 1 BC Potion
1500 Exp, 300 Gold
Guinevere "Sigh... Well this is a fine mess I’m in."
Guinevere "Hm?"
Nimue "...Scrrr... Tsscckkk..."
Guinevere "Y-You’re Nimue, right? The faerie who used to protect Merlin’s research facility...?"
Nimue "...Scrrrr....And y-you’re...Guinevere...tsschk...."
Guinevere "You can talk?!"
Nimue "...Mordred...scrrr...made it for me...tschkk..."
Guinevere "A translator spell, you mean? It sounds like it could do with a little fine-tuning..."
Nimue "I’m happy though..."
Nimue "Scrrr...Happy that...tscchkk...I can say I’m happy..."
Guinevere "Beggars can’t be choosers, I guess."
Guinevere "Perhaps it’s none of my business, but Mordred strikes me as far more reliable than that silly king of ours."
Nimue "...Guinevere. Scrrr...Do you know where Mordred is?"
Nimue "Tsschkk...I want to...thank him...Sc...scrrr...I want to say thank you...with my own voice..."
Guinevere "Now that you mention it, I haven’t seen him in a while..."
Scene Change
Soldier "Yikes!"
Soldier "I-I’m a soldier of Camelot! I protect Britain! Please, I-I’m just like you...!"
Mordred "I catch you sneaking into a neighboring village, and you have the gall to call yourself a soldier of Camelot?"
Mordred "Then is your gluttonous face fed with the money extorted from citizens the real face of a soldier of Camelot?"
Soldier "N-No matter what you say, I’m still a member of Camelot’s armed forces."
Soldier "If you kill me, you’ll be a traitor against Camelot!"
Soldier "...You hear me?"
Mordred "I have already died once before. I was resurrected to serve as the kingdom’s judge."
Mordred "Do you really think your petty threats scare me?"
Soldier "G-Gulp..."
The soldier disappears...
Mordred "Ever since the three main clans started fighting over the throne, they have neglected their duties to their people."
Mordred "So this is the kind of kingdom they’re fighting for..."
Mordred "No matter. A judge must fulfill his duties without question."
Mordred "Even if that means making an enemy of the king..."

Chapter 9[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Let the Chase Begin (Boss Battle) 47 800 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 3000 Unity Points
Reafe "Chase after Lancelot who has extracted Round Table maintenance information from Guinevere and fled to the Invaders."
Reafe "Our plan is to cross the sea and infiltrate the Invader's continent. The first one ever in Britain's history."
Reafe "Fortunately, the Invaders do not appear to be expecting us. However, we still need to be careful."
Gawain "We will be joining forces with the Sword Castle and Magic Guild for strength. But we do not know their true aims."
Gawain "Especially beware of the Sword Castle, Lancelot’s home faction. We don't know what they're up to."
Reafe "The plan itself is simple. We will use our Air Cushions to cross the ocean, pick up Lancelot’s trail, and hunt him down."
Reafe "Of course, Lancelot will surely be expecting to be followed. We will have to advance carefully."
Scene Change
Arthur "So this is the Invaders’ homeland. I always figured I’d be more overwhelmed when I finally saw [sic] it."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Perhaps we’ve matured more than we even realized..."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "That’s strange. My magic..."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "The atmosphere is different from home. Communication spells won’t be affected, but powerful attacks will not work."
Arthur "Logs from Britain have been washed up on shore. But the further inland we go, the less we’ll be able to use our magic."
Reafe (Radio) "Watch out! I’m picking up a large energy reading nearby. It doesn’t appear to be the Invaders!"
Elle (Radio) "It looks like it’s Lancelot!"
Arthur "You’re up, Blade Protector."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Very well."
Arthur "Right. If old stick-in-the-mud is actually taking action, I suppose we should get started, too."
Gawain "What great bow is that, pointing at the heavens?!"
Arthur "Did you think that Arthur can only ever use Excalibur?"
Gawain "It's developed for long range. You aim it upwards, and it launches missiles that end right on the heads of distant foes."
Arthur "Exactly. It's a new weapon built with the altitude measuring device which helps with the calculation of the angles."
Gawain "But what do you intend to do with it?"
Arthur "Hit Lancelot, of course."
Reafe (Radio) "Arthur...?"
Arthur "Now, now. Don’t try to talk me out of it with appeals to my conscience. Everyone knows Lancelot must die at Arthur’s hand."
Arthur "If we really start acting, the audiences will not know what is fake. So we shall let our acting skills do the job."
Reafe (Radio) "But what if the Sword Castle faction is innocent of any plots?"
Arthur "Whether Sword Castle is behind him or not, Lancelot has clearly turned. Surely no one will deny THAT."
Arthur "Anyway, Reafe, try intercepting the Sword Castles’ [sic] communications. We should dig out their secrets."
Gawain "Perfect, just that other factions won't be happy. The remaining problem is that the Magic Guild are looking this way."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Let them spy on us. Our goal is Lancelot. If we can catch him, who will begrudge us then?"
Arthur "Someone made a dreamy new character while I wasn’t looking..."
You hear the pull of string of the bow...
Arthur "Let’s launch a strike shall we? I bet the audience will enjoy that."
You hear metal...
Reafe (Radio) "The arrow that Arthur released has taken down the king of the Blade Protectors!"
Arthur "See! That silly stick-in-the-mud had no intention of abandoning his precious Lancelot after all!"
Gawain "...Well, there goes the grand plan, right out the window..."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "...What are you playing at, Techno Smith fools?!"
Arthur "I think the stick-in-the-mud is in a panic, and now he’s going to stir up trouble!"
Battle against Lancelot
HP 267260
Battle against Arthur: Blade Protector
HP 351072
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Ach...!"
Lancelot "Your Grace, are you all right?!"
Arthur "Now, now. Are you going to yield or not?"
Reafe (Radio) "...Arthur. I intercepted a Blade Protector message. You might find it useful in shaking down their king."
Reafe (Radio) "The Sword Castle faction set up Lancelot as the bad guy to stop factions from coming to blows over Guinevere."
Arthur "So from the beginning, their plan was not to deal with the Invaders?"
Reafe (Radio) "No. They were just buying time so they could set up an independent organization for Guinevere."
Arthur "Devious, devious..."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Hm?"
Elle (Radio) "WARGH!"
Elle (Radio) "This is trouble! REAL trouble! I mean it, too! This looks very, very bad!"
Arthur "...We don’t usually get calls from other factions."
Gawain "Egads, the Magic Guild are a tiresome lot..."
Elle (Radio) "Look, this is serious!"
Elle (Radio) "The walls of Camelot castle are falling! It's a revolt! Someone is launching a direct attack on the castle!"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "If our castle falls, we’ll be at their mercy."
Reafe "The instigator of the revolt is Mordred. Seems like he took the opportunity when we were busy fighting the Invaders."
Reafe "He has control of most of the strategic points in Britain. It is only a matter of time before Camelot falls."
Reafe "I don’t think we have time for Lancelot now. Go back to Britain and get the situation under control!"
The End of Transience 48 800 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Reafe and the other faeries took whatever they could and escaped?"
Guinevere "...What are you, crazy?!"
Guinevere "You might have taken control of the Royal Palace for now, but you know as well as I do that it won’t last."
Guinevere "You’ve as good as sealed your own fate!"
Mordred "I know very well the position I am in."
Mordred "I’ve made enemies of one million Arthurs, not to mention the Round Table and all the knights of the Lake."
Guinevere "So then, why...?!"
Mordred "Because I can still win this."
Mordred "Have you forgotten? I am a knight created by Morgause's hand to slay all the monarchs."
Guinevere "You have access to all their weak points, and know the best way to defeat them..."
Guinevere "But Britain’s military is more than just its rulers: you’ll need to defeat all their knights as well!"
Mordred "I know."
Mordred "And that’s where I need your help: I need you to make it possible for me to control the knights of the Lake."
Guinevere "What...?!"
Mordred "There’s no reason it shouldn’t work. Morgause fused the genes of all the Arthurs inside me together with her own."
Mordred "Witch’s gene, allows me to create knights from the lake. With the Arthurs' genes, I can control the Round Table."
Mordred "However, to bring my Arthur genes to the surface, my genealogical imprint stored in the Round Table has to be overwritten."
Mordred "I’ll also need to make adjustments to the Round Table Model if I’m to lead a force of knights without Excalibur."
Guinevere "...It’s a suicide mission."
Guinevere "Knights are created stable. We don't know what will happen if you bring your Arthur genes to the surface."
Guinevere "The very strain could tear you apart. Besides, you were engineered to kill Arthurs, remember? Which means..."
Mordred "That my Arthur-killing genes and my Arthur genes could end up consuming themselves from within me."
Mordred "No matter. So long as I have enough time to accomplish my goals, I don't care what happens to me."
Mordred "But I do need your help, Guinevere. I need you to adapt the Round Table for me."
Guinevere "And why do you think I’ll do that?"
Mordred "I can't control Camelot like this forever. When time comes, I will use the Round Table with or without your help."
Guinevere "Even if you can fiddle with the outer layers, I'm the only one who can manage the internal structure."
Mordred "Did I not just mention that I have witch genes? Accessing the inner structure is not a problem."
Mordred "The tricky part is tampering with that inner structure. The whole system may stop if I do it alone."
Guinevere "...Very well. So that’s your threat, I assume?"
Mordred "Without the Lake's powers, the Invaders might see a fresh opportunity."
Mordred "Of course, if you cooperate with me, all this can be avoided."
Guinevere "What are you after? Why go to all this trouble?"
Mordred "I have but one goal: to fulfill my duty as judge of this kingdom."
Like Friend, Like Enemy (Boss Battle) 49 800 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 3000 Unity Points
Faye "We need to get back to Britain and release Camelot from Mordred’s control."
Reafe "The operation will be a joint venture between the Sword Castle, Tech Chapter, and Magic Guild."
Elle "The plan itself couldn’t be simpler: sail back to Britain and force your way onto shore. It’s all about brute strength."
Faye "Needless to say, Mordred’s forces will do everything they can to stop you from reentering Britain."
Reafe "Remember, landing successfully is just the first stage. Use up all your resources here, and we’ll have nothing going ahead."
Elle "And keep the damage to a minimum, if you can? This is our home, remember."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "(Huff...) We finally made it! British soil!"
Arthur "Hah! I never expected we’d learn how strong British troops have become first hand someday!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Britain’s emphasis has always been to protect against attacks from the sea. I guess we fit the bill this time."
Faye (Radio) "Mordred forces up ahead! Here they come!"
Battle against Mordred Soldier
HP 286120
Lancelot "Wait... Are these Knights of the Lake?!"
Gawain "But Excalibur and the Round Table belong to Britain’s rulers...! Who could be controlling them?!"
Galahad "They’re definitely Knights of the Lake, alright. Mordred must have found a way to harness the powers of the Ancients!"
Elle (Radio) "Knight reinforcements incoming!"
Reafe (Radio) "If we can get past this lot, we'll reach the shore defense line base! Keep going!"
Battle against Mordred Soldier
HP 288420
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Did we...make it through?!"
Faye (Radio) "Wait...!"
Faye (Radio) "We’ve got trouble! I’m picking up a reading from the mountains inland... It’s a Class 1 Dragon!"
Arthur "The Invaders...?! But if it’s coming from inland, then..."
Reafe (Radio) "It’s not the Invaders. It’s a British species of dragon that’s been grown to massive proportions!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "...Which means that... Mordred must have collected data from the Invaders, and raised dragons on British soil!"
Elle (Radio) "The Dragon’s energy reading is reaching critical levels! Seems like it's prepared for an internal breakdown!"
Gawain "Get out of the way."
Arthur "Gawain?"
Gawain "We need all the strength we can muster for the battle with Mordred, right?"
Gawain "As much as I hate him, even I recognize that Lancelot’s our best hope of survival!"
Gawain "I’ll deal with the dragon. Now get out of here!"
You hear an explosion and the screen goes white...
Faye "Our landing at Britain was a success."
Elle "Thanks to Gawain’s courageous handling of the dragon, we managed to keep damage to a bare minimum."
Faye "Gawain has always excelled at defense, but a Class 1 Dragon on a suicide mission was too much even for her. [sic]"
Faye "Still alive, but damage to internal system is undeniable. Lake can repair her, but everything is under Mordred's control. [sic]"
Reafe "A natural recovery has its limits. Though small battles might still be fine, she [sic] can't fight 1:1 battle with Mordred."
Arthur "...Blade Protector."
Arthur "Frankly, I don’t trust you, and I never will. Especially after whatever happened back there in the Invaders’ homeland."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "......"
Arthur "...However, Gawain thought you were worth protecting."
Arthur "I respect Gawain’s judgment. We need all our strength going forward. I won't give up battles because of boring politics."
Elle "What should we do?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Put simply, we owe Gawain for saving our lives back there against the Class 1 Dragon."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "I’m not the kind of person who can just turn her [sic] back on a debt and live happily ever after."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "In that case...are you ready?"
Arthur (All) "We’re coming for you, Mordred! Next stop, Camelot!"
A Separate Resistance 50 800 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "Mordred may have grown stronger using the Round Table for now, but it will end up being his ruin."
Guinevere "Why’s he doing all this? What reason does he have to want power so badly?"
Guinevere "Hm?"
Nimue "...Scrrr... Tsckk..."
Guinevere "Nimue? Is that you?"
Nimue "Sccrr... Are you okay, Guinevere...?"
Guinevere "I’m not injured, if that’s what you mean. Nimue, can you help me get out of here?"
Nimue "That might be tricky... Sccrrrr..."
Nimue "Mordred used his witch genes to control Camelot's network. Pzzz I can't control much now."
Guinevere "I suspected as much..."
Nimue "However, I can still research things without Mordred knowing... Tsschkk..."
Nimue "Mordred is acting strange. Pzzz... The uprising has nothing to do with his goals or interests."
Guinevere "I agree."
Guinevere "He threatened to stop the Round Table system, but that has nothing to do with getting rid of king's forces."
Guinevere "Instead, he’s left the Arthurs’ forces completely intact, despite knowing they’re on their way to stop him."
Nimue "Something strange is afoot."
Nimue "Tsschkk... There must be another factor influencing his actions."
Guinevere "If only we knew what his real goals were, we might be able to figure out a way to stop them."
Nimue "Most of Camelot’s network is under Mordred’s control...scccrrr..."
Nimue "Still...tssschkk...I think I can find a way in. Once I’m inside, I might be able to find out what he’s hiding."
True Motives 51 800 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Once we make it over this mountain, we’ll be at Camelot."
Arthur "I never thought I’d be reduced to sneaking into my own territory like a common bandit."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Be honest, though: did you ever really imagine you’d be sitting atop a throne?"
Arthur "Ha ha! You’ve got a point."
Elle "I’ve received a message from Mordred’s forces. He’s making us a peace offer."
Lancelot "Now? But neither side has any significant advantage at this point over the other... Why would he just cave?"
Faye "I broke into Camelot's network and found out that Mordred has started a plan called Operation Poison Snake."
Reafe "It has to be a trap. He’s waiting for us to drop our guard before hitting us with everything he’s got."
Galahad "But isn’t it all rather...strange?"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "I agree. It’s too obvious for a trap. Even without our faeries, we would have seen it coming a mile away."
Arthur "In which case... Maybe his real goal isn’t to attack us after all?"
Elle "Wait... It’s another message from Camelot!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Is it from Mordred?"
Reafe "No. There’s no serial number on the message. Whoever it is, they must be sending it without Mordred knowing."
Guinevere (Radio) "Crrrzzrr... Arthur, can you hear me? It’s Guinevere. Nimue’s helping me to send you this message..."
Faye "It’s Guinevere! I’ve verified Nimue’s authentication code. It really is her!"
Elle "Let me try and remove the static."
Guinevere (Radio) "I’m holed up in here and can’t get out, but I’ve been looking into Mordred’s movements within Camelot."
Guinevere (Radio) "Are you sitting comfortably? Here’s what I know."
Guinevere (Radio) "Mordred’s real target isn’t the Arthurs. It’s Morgan the witch! Or more precisely, it’s what she’s controlling: Avalon."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "But we disabled Avalon when we destroyed the antenna towers dotted around the kingdom...!"
Guinevere (Radio) "It appears she’s given up on accessing Avalon remotely - she’s going to try controlling it directly!"
Guinevere (Radio) "As far as we can tell, she’s attempting to restore Avalon via a method only she understands."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "While Camelot was distracted with all its internal strife, Morgan must have been busy making preparations."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Mordred must have noticed her plan and decided to stop Avalon himself, even if it meant severing his ties with us."
Guinevere (Radio) "He didn’t rob you of your knights’ power, despite having access to the Round Table to save them for the fight against Avalon!"
Arthur "Then why is he trying to fight us off? It's too complicated to be a secret operation for peace."
Guinevere (Radio) "The operation is just for buying some time."
Guinevere (Radio) "In the meantime, Mordred will complete the Clarent - the magic sword of betrayal that can kill all Arthurs at one blow."
Guinevere (Radio) "Although, now that you’ve all banded together, even he won’t be able to take you all on at once..."
Guinevere (Radio) "The reckless use of Round Table, pressure from the witch, and Clarent's energy... I don't think Mordred can stand all that."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Is all this really worth it, Mordred?"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Is this what fulfilling your duties as judge really means...?"
Detoxify the Poison Snake (Boss Battle) 52 800 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
(2) 3000 Unity Points
Faye "If we’re going to stop Mordred, we first need to put an end to Operation Poison Snake."
Reafe "Mordred plans to arrange self-destructing dragons around the peace negotiation location."
Elle "He must have planned to shoot at us in all directions at a distance to overcome the disparity in strength."
Faye "Instead, we’re going to sneak up on each of his dragons, and take them down individually."
Reafe "The three factions will each attack a dragon at the same time."
Elle "Operation Poison Snake is purely to buy Mordred some time. If we don’t hurry, he will complete work on his demonic blade!"
Scene Change
Arthur "Well~ That naive fool has made me act like a bandit."
Gawain "Ah, I don’t know. I like a bit of guerilla warfare every now and then. It feels like the old days."
Reafe (Radio) "Frankly, I’m more worried about Mordred’s demon blade Clarent."
Reafe (Radio) "To wield that kingdom-destroying blade goes against Mordred's beliefs, but he has decided to use it nonetheless."
Reafe (Radio) "...If he’s prepared to break his own faith to get what he wants, he must be nursing a bigger grudge than I imagined."
Arthur "...See, this is why I don’t like hard-working types."
Gawain "Indeed. You have many faults, but in your ability to avoid excess effort, you flirt with greatness."
Reafe (Radio) "We’ve almost reached the dragon ambush point."
Arthur "Shall we do this, then?"
Gawain "Wait. We’re supposed to attacked [sic] at the same time as the Sword Castle and Magic Guild factions."
Arthur "Oh, come on..."
Reafe (Radio) "Please, My Grace, be patient! Our allies are still getting into position."
Arthur "Oh come ONNNN! BOR-ing. In ten seconds, I’m going to--"
Reafe (Radio) "W-wait, My Grace! The Sword Castle and the Magic Guild are arriving now..."
Arthur "Zero! ATTACK!"
Gawain "Couldn’t you wait ten stupid seconds?!"
Battle against Mordred Soldier
HP 310040
Arthur "All right! Dinner is served!"
Gawain "If we can defeat foes all willy-nilly like this, maybe our Arthur IS truly powerful..."
You hear a dragon's roar...
Reafe (Radio) "Watch it! The self-destruct dragon has seen you!"
Arthur "Oh goody. There’s nothing like a big bowl of minced dragon to finish off a fight."
Gawain "You Grace, perhaps you should take a page from Mordred’s book and take this a little more seriously."
Battle against Class 1 Dragon
HP 312340
Reafe (Radio) "You did it! You defeated the self-destructing dragon! I honestly didn't think you could."
Arthur "Tsk. O ye of little faith."
Arthur "Hehe. I’m going to take Mordred’s dreams of conquering Britain and squish them up like a big bowl of mashed potatoes!"
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "In any case, we’ve derailed his plan to slow us down."
Reafe "But I wonder how our allies got on. Did the Sword Castle and Sorcery Kings prevail?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) (Radio) "We’re just mopping up now. You go ahead and find Mordred!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) (Radio) "We’ve got our hands full here, too! We’ll keep the rest of the defenders occupied-- you push on ahead!"
Reafe "We just need to defeat Mordred to put an end to this."
Reafe "Let’s hurry and find Mordred!"
Blades Clash (Boss Battle) 53 1 AP Potion, 1 BC Potion
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
(2) 3000 Unity Points
Reafe "I’m detecting Mordred in nearby Camlann hills!"
Reafe "This area offers no military advantage. There seems to be no reason to occupy it. Unless..."
Gawain "The demon blade Clarent."
Reafe "To make the blade complete, he must cast certain spells. Hence, Camlann."
Reafe "I can’t tell how complete Clarent is. Worst-case scenario: it is powerful enough to slay all the Arthurs."
Reafe "Even if that’s the case, we can’t turn back now. Arthur, together you and Excalibur must destroy Clarent!"
Scene Change
Mordred "Ah, Arthur. Here you are. Just in time for me to test the demon blade Clarent."
Arthur "Oh, come off it, Mordred. Isn’t it time you stopped being so pig-headed?"
Arthur "Don’t you think that if Clarent could prevail over Excalibur, Merlin would have found out and done something about it?"
Arthur "You are trying too hard to fill that gap too. You're at the cliff now. It's time to stop, Mordred."
Mordred "It’s going to take more than a speech to make me give up."
Arthur "Yes, I assumed as much. Then we'll just have to settle this the hard way."
Mordred "Your prattle bores me."
Mordred "I want a quick ending. I will test my sword against you and let this be the stepping stone to destroy your army."
Arthur "All right, fine. But couldn’t you put a little bit more regret in your delivery?"
Mordred "Ah, does widdle Arthur want someone to feel sorry for her?"
Arthur "The regret isn’t for me."
Mordred "Hm?"
Nimue (Radio) "...Scrrr... Tssckk..."
Nimue (Radio) "...Mordred..."
Mordred "......"
Arthur "Why are you frowning like that? This is all your doing, remember."
Nimue (Radio) "Sccrr....Help me...Mordred..."
Nimue (Radio) "Please..."
Nimue (Radio) "Help me..."
Mordred "Why are you making me listen to this?"
Mordred "I will save Britain, do you hear me? Perhaps not in the way that its inhabitants want, but I will save it!"
Arthur "So you're going to torture your own body to defeat some Arthur and take on Avalon and Morgan again with that battered body?"
Mordred "Pretty much, yes."
Mordred "I'm happy enough to be able to fight. We all have a right to choose our own destiny."
Mordred "I'm fighting for those who can't. I will fight for the ones who can only cry for help even if I destroy myself!"
Arthur "What a great judge. Then listen to this."
Arthur "Listen to the cries of help."
Nimue (Radio) ""
Nimue (Radio) "Please, someone help Mordred!"
Mordred "Wh-what the--?!"
Arthur "Look, I know you meant well...but your antics are starting to get annoying."
Arthur "It’s not just Nimue. All these people who helped you in the revolt were prepared to lay down their lives for you."
Arthur "Maybe you’re prepared to throw away your life, but do you think that will please the people who sacrificed so much for you?"
Mordred "......"
Arthur "So anyway. My plan is to give you a good beating then drag you back to Nimue. Sounds good?"
Mordred "...Very well."
Reafe (Radio) "The demon blade Clarent has been activated! And the readings are off the charts! It’s going out of control!"
Mordred "Someone may cry for me for a second, but I can't stop if centuries of stability and prosperity can be achieved."
Mordred "I have but one goal: to fulfill my duty as judge of this kingdom. I will give up my life with no hesitation!"
Arthur "Some people take their jobs WAY too seriously..."
Arthur "All right. Now I’m well and truly ticked off. Guess I’m just going to have to slap some sense into you!"
Battle against Mordred
HP 320160
Mordred "GrrrraooaAAARRRRR!!"
Reafe (Radio) "No! The demon sword Clarent is getting even stronger!"
Mordred "...Face me, Arthur..."
Mordred "I will change this nation. Did you really think I would give up so easily?!"
Battle against Mordred
HP 326600
Arthur "He’s allowing the blade to swallow him up just to make it stronger."
Nimue (Radio) "Please...sccrr.. Help Mordred, Your Grace... Please!"
Arthur "Oh, all right. I suppose if I am to be ruler, I have to act the part now and then..."
Battle against Mordred
HP 333040
You hear metal falling...
Mordred "Aaaaarrrggghhh!!"
Reafe (Radio) "You destroyed the demon blade Clarent! The connection to Mordred has been cut!"
Arthur "(Gasp... Wheeze...) You underestimated me. You think I’d let someone like you come in and turn MY realm upside down?"
Mordred "Do you realize what you’ve done?!"
Mordred "Without my powers, who is going to save the nation from Morgan and Avalon?!"
Arthur "The ruler, d'uh. Who do you think?"
Arthur "See, we couldn’t just blow off our promise to Nimue. And now, I’m going to show you what a REAL monarch is made of."
Post-Battle Report
Reafe "Mordred’s forces have been defeated."
Reafe "The revolt has fizzled out, and the rebels have given up the strongholds they took--including Camelot."
Reafe "So now all that’s left is to deal with Morgan and her Avalon."
Reafe "Arthur, it is time for the final showdown!"

Chapter 10[]

Name Unlock at Reward
Indolence 54 1000 Unity Points
300 Gold
Guinevere "SIGH... Ever since I was rescued from Mordred’s clutches, I just can’t seem to shake this ennui..."
Nimue "But you were held in a grand castle... You must have been more comfortable and relaxed than elsewhere."
Guinevere "In a sense, I suppose. But even so..."
Guinevere "I need to shake this terrible lethargy! I need a drink, spicy food - something to give me a boost."
Nimue "So really, the problem is you’re hungry."
Guinevere "It is my heart that yearns for nourishment! ...Arthur! Hey, Arthur!"
Arthur "Huh...?"
Nimue "Hohohoho. I do believe our Arthur is feeling even less energetic than m’lady."
Arthur "(Yawn) I am beat."
Guinevere "Perhaps you overdid things in that battle against Mordred."
Arthur "Whatever. I need sleep, and lots of it. I want to spend a whole year just snoozing."
Guinevere "Well, you can’t! You have things to do. Why, that witch still has to be dealt with!"
Arthur "When do I get my reward, that’s what I want to know. We solve one crisis only for two more to pop up in its place."
Guinevere "Here, have a candy."
Arthur "You’re making fun of me, aren’t you? See? All the work I do, and instead of gratitude, I just get teased...(Sniffle)"
Nimue "Hoho. I do think Arthur is starting to cry..."
Guinevere "Oh, dear. She’s in a worse shape than me! What can I do to make you feel better, my dear Arthur?"
Arthur "A handsome young man?"
Guinevere "Why, the cheek! I’m not going to rustle up gigolos for you!"
Arthur "You’re not? Oh. Well, I guess I'll head for the kitchen and see if Reafe has anything in the oven..."
Guinevere "......"
Nimue "You two are SO similar it’s scary..."
The screen goes black...
Reafe "Oh, hello, Arthur. Is that Guinevere? Hey, what are you doing?! Stop it! Get out of the pantry this minute!"
The Birth of a Queen 55 1000 Unity Points
300 Gold
Elaine (Radio) "Morgause’s plan to join forces with Camelot ended in her injury. Mordred’s uprising was also promptly put down."
Morgan "No insurgent force is powerful enough to defeat Arthur’s Camelot. The Invaders, the Round Table... Not even we witches."
Morgan "So we should just give up and accept the results of Merlin’s Coronation Experiment without a fuss?"
Elaine (Radio) "You can’t seriously be planning to control Avalon directly all by yourself?"
Morgan "If that’s what it takes to rid Britain of Merlin’s influence once and for all, then so be it."
Elaine (Radio) "Have you gone crazy? Forget Camelot. Avalon can destroy the whole Britain, the Invaders even! The whole of humanity!"
Morgan "I’m not asking you to come with me."
Morgan "In fact, I’d prefer it if you could take a leaf out of our “master of disguise” sister’s book and vamoose."
Morgan "Defeating Arthur won’t be a problem, but I might lose control of Avalon. I need an insurance for such cases."
Elaine (Radio) "In that case, I’ll take my leave."
Elaine (Radio) "You won’t be able to contact me anymore. You’re on your own from here on out."
Morgan "......"
Morgan "I’m on my own... Finally."
Morgan "I’ll just connect this undersea cable to my wrist... There we go."
Morgan "Entering command code: 9981011ade. Now to release Avalon’s direct entry port."
Interface (Radio) "Command received. Disabling safety mechanisms [sic] Welcome, new user. You will be the queen of all faeries."
Interface (Radio) "Disabling standby and engaging assault mode. Releasing main generator from sleep. 120 seconds until energy production."
Morgan "Oww...! This thing’s noisier than I thought!"
Interface (Radio) "Commencing automatic verification on all Avalon weaponry. Onboard faeries 1 to 5000 awakening."
Interface (Radio) "Avalon will surface in 2000 seconds and counting. Please enter your name, new user."
Morgan "Morgan..."
Morgan "Morgan le Fay. The leader of all faeries, and archenemy of Britain."
Land of the Faeries 56 1000 Unity Points
300 Gold
Reafe "Gods above...?!"
Arthur "Reminds me of that time they had a bargain bin sale at the castle store..."
Reafe "Look, don’t you think it’s time to drop the jokes? This is serious, you know."
Reafe "Avalon has risen from the sea bed! It is fully operational!"
Reafe "Avalon’s signal and data storage have been added to Britain’s network. Access was authorized using a witch’s account!"
Faye "We’re working on cracking the code, but from what we can tell, the encryption looks like Morgan’s handiwork!"
Elle "Although now Avalon’s connected to the network, it looks like we can access some of the data we haven’t seen before."
Reafe "Wait... What? can’t be...?!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "What have you found?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Please don’t tell me that Avalon is even more powerful than we thought...!"
Faye "It’s worse than that."
Reafe "Avalon is fitted with a Magical Optimization Disintegrator beam!"
Arthur "A dis-inty-what?"
Elle "Humans evolve slowly, but this thing can make that process happen in an instant. And that’s not all..."
Arthur "Er, why don’t you just give me the executive summary, all right?"
Elle "Suppose humans reached their final stage of evolution. If a powerful shock forces them to evolve further, what happens?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "I haven’t the foggiest idea."
Elle "They would cease to be human."
Elle "According to our data, in the time of the Ancients, it was widely believed that humans could turn into faeries."
Guinevere "Legends told of how people who went to the land of the faeries were themselves turned into faeries when they got there."
Guinevere "Whether this was a natural phenomenon, or whether the Ancients created a machine that could do that, we don’t know..."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "So what exactly is Morgan trying to do?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Is she planning to use Avalon to destroy Britain, or to turn all its people into faeries?"
Faye "We don’t know."
Faye "As of right now, Avalon is hovering above the sea close to Britain’s coast. But it seems to be moving further away..."
Faye "If Morgan planned to launch an immediate strike on Britain, she’s going the wrong way about it."
Arthur "Ah-hah. So she’s the daughter of King Gorlois and Igraine, is she? Few are more proud or vain than an exiled princess."
Reafe "Hm?"
Elle "What do you mean?"
Arthur "Morgan hates the Coronation Experiment. She believes the only way to save Britain is to destroy all of Merlin’s schemes."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Then Morgan could put forth what she believed was her rightful claim to the throne."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "A reigning queen would never invade her own country. She’s waiting for us on her throne.. Waiting to swat them like flies."
Round Up the Remnants 57 1000 Unity Points
300 Gold
Arthur "SIGH. Do we really have to pull another all-nighter?"
Reafe "We must deal with this by sunrise--come the morrow, it will be too late."
Guinevere "Where is Avalon now?"
Reafe "It’s hovering at an altitude of 5000 meters off Britain’s southern coast!"
Reafe "Even if it’s playing into Morgan’s hands, we have to go where she is."
Reafe "If we allow her to maneuver into position, our castle and the four major cities will be at the mercy of Avalon."
Guinevere "The last thing we need is for her to blow our kingdom to smithereens when we try to provoke her."
Arthur "If we’re going to attack her in the air, I think we’ll be needing the White Wyvern troop carriers of the Magic Guild."
Arthur "But Avalon shot down Merlin’s White Wyvern easily. We need to find a hole in its defenses if we want to survive."
Reafe "Avalon can split the energy from its main turrets and use it for precision fire. That was used for the last White Wyvern."
Arthur "It can hit us with strafing fire or wide-dispersal beams."
Guinevere "We won’t be able to repel that fire with the technology we have right now."
Arthur "Our idea is to launch balloons as decoys, but we can’t be sure that it will be enough."
Arthur "Morgan had quite the ace up her sleeve. I rather wish we’d know about this earlier. You know, to be better prepared."
Elaine "You can say that again. Although if you ask me, it’s a little much for a spoiled little princess to be waving around."
Arthur "?!"
Arthur "Elaine! If a witch is showing up now at this crucial juncture, I can only assume it’s bad news for us!"
You hear swords being unsheathe...
Elaine "There’s no point trying to surround me."
Elaine "Morgause was only injured because she was caught by surprise. Face to face, she'll make this place a deluge of fire."
Elaine "Not a good situation for someone who is preparing to attack Avalon day in and day out. Am I right?"
Arthur "...Gosh, you’re good at disguises!"
Arthur "Let me guess: you’ve come here to foil our elaborate plan to destroy Avalon."
Elaine "If that were the case, you’d already know it by now."
Elaine "I came here because of what my sister Morgause has done. Now, will you believe me, or are you going to make me beg?"
Arthur "Depends what you want me to believe."
Elaine "Take this. The faerie should be able to read what’s on the disk."
Guinevere "What is it?"
Elaine "It’s the trajectory data Avalon is using to defend its perimeter from aerial attacks."
Elaine "From the simulator, you can see that under a frontal assault, Avalon cuts off the energy to its rear-side cannons."
Arthur "Oh! Interesting..."
Reafe "Wait! We have no guarantee that this data is accurate!"
Guinevere "She’s right. If the information is false, we’ll be shot out of the sky in an instant!"
Elaine "Oh, brother. Look, you’re welcome to do all the calculations yourself. Rather a waste of time if you ask me, but..."
Arthur "Let’s assume you’re telling the truth: why betray your sister Morgan like this?"
Arthur "What are you really after? If you helped your sister, the two of you might actually have a chance of sinking Britain for good."
Elaine "I’ve asked myself the same question."
Elaine "Of course, my sister Morgause’s retirement is one reason. It reminded me that witches weren’t [sic] invincible."
Elaine "But also, I couldn’t bear to se [sic] Morgan cling on to Avalon like that."
Guinevere "Cling on to Avalon...?"
Elaine "Avalon is an afterlife, where the good souls go to when they die. Well, it appears to be a machine's soul."
Elaine "We lost our kingdom due to Merlin's diabolical plan. Our parents, Gorlois and Igraine, were victims too."
Arthur "So this is all about a pampered princess trying to restore the world as she believed it was, in her childhood?"
Elaine "I doubt it’s quite as clear-cut as all that. I’m not even sure Morgan herself is aware of what she is doing."
Elaine "Back before our kingdom was destroyed, she used to sneak out every day to play with her friends around town."
Elaine "She loved our mother and father more than anyone else in the whole world."
Arthur "Aww..."
Elaine "When our kingdom fell, our father was murdered, and our mother kidnapped, the three of us decided to turn into witches."
Elaine "...We thought everything was destroyed. If the little princess inside her is still alive, should I destroy it?"
Arthur "Gargh! I KNEW it wouldn’t be simple!"
Arthur "I hate it when I’m supposed to feel sympathy for the foe. Why can’t we just have a regular evil madman to fight?!"
Elaine "Heh..."
Elaine "You're kind of like my father... Maybe Morgan is after the reflections of him during her fights."
Elaine leaves...
Guinevere "She’s gone, hasn’t she?"
Arthur "Reafe. I want you to stop what you’re doing and analyze this disk. It may contain clues."
Reafe "Can we trust her?"
Arthur "It will be all right."
Arthur "She's a dangerous witch, but a caring sister at the same time. But I guess she'll kill me if I sasy [sic] that to her."
Boarding Avalon (Boss Battle) 58 1000 Unity Points
200 Exp, 1500 Gold
3000 Unity Points, 1 Super Cherry
Faye "We will take positions over Britain's southern sea and land on Avalon which is slowly approaching Camelot."
Reafe "We should be able to use the White Wyvern troop carrier the Magic Guild developed to reach it."
Elle "Morgan is trying to lure us, with Avalon’s interceptor missiles ready. Do your best!"
Guinevere "It's enough to be called a Faerie Kingdom, with all those forces too. Let's show them how strong Britain is!"
Scene Change
Arthur "Gods above, this is going to be a feast to end all feasts! That was a spectacular ride, getting here!"
Arthur "But was it part of the plan for us to scrape right up against the entrance because there's no landing space?"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Look, we made it, okay? We’re here on Avalon, and that’s the main thing. Turns out those calculations were bang on!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Yeah, great. But this isn’t over yet. With damage to the White Wyvern fuselage, we’ve got no way to get off this thing."
Faye (Radio) "Avalon faerie defense forces incoming! Looks like they’ve sent out the welcome party!"
Elle (Radio) "Time to give them a welcoming of our own. Hold fast!"
Battle against Puca
HP 381984
Arthur "Aaaaarrrggghhh!!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "(Pant...) And here I was thinking one faerie was tough... Now we’ve got to fight entire regiments of them...?!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Not to mention, they appear even stronger than the ones we’ve fought in Britain... Could Avalon be increasing their powers?!"
Arthur "We are a long way from Britain, yet they are still casting powerful spells. Is Avalon some kind of magic hotspot...?!"
Faye (Radio) "Get ready! More faeries are on their way!"
Arthur "Egads, it’s like a massive swarm of locusts!"
Reafe (Radio) "According to our data, there are estimated to be around 5000 faeries on board Avalon!"
Arthur "Morgan must be using something to control that many faeries at once."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "If we could just find a way to stop whatever it is..."
Reafe (Radio) "Database search complete. I’ve got new information. Arthur, destroy the southeast gate!"
Faye (Radio) "Behind it, you should find Prism Sand that we can use to counteract Morgan’s lasers!"
Faye (Radio) "If you destroy the gate, transparent sand will be released that will obstruct the lasers that are controlling the faeries!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "The faeries have blocked our way all of a sudden: do they know what we're planning?"
Arthur "Perhaps they’re using technology developed by the Ancients to listen in to all our communications...?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "We can’t go up against 5000 of these things. It’s now or never."
Elle (Radio) "We’ll have to charge at them directly. during [sic] the course of the battle."
Battle against Shellycoat
HP 384744
Post-Battle Report
Faye "By destroying the gate to all that Prism Sand, we could obstruct the lasers used by Morgan to control her faeries."
Reafe "We don’t know how long it will last, so let’s use this opportunity to take out Morgan as quickly as possible."
Elle "Still, why do I get the feeling that Morgan has been looking forward to a showdown with us all along?"
Elle "Morgan is connected to Avalon - she's now more than just a witch. Now she's like the supreme Queen of the Ancients!"
A Queen in Two Minds (Boss Battle) 59 1000 Unity Points
300 Exp, 2000 Gold
1 Gacha Ticket, 3000 Unity Points
Faye "I’m picking up Morgan’s energy reading from inside Avalon!"
Guinevere "Judging by her behavior so far, there's a high chance she’s just trying to lure us in."
Reafe "Still, we won’t accomplish anything just standing around here."
Elle "Let’s take the battle to her and put an end to this. You can do it!"
Scene Change
Arthur "Morgan, what are you now? Are you one of three witch sisters... or a princess exiled from her kingdom?"
Morgan "Whatever suits you. As long as I am the enemy, what does it matter?"
Morgan "Finally, my chance to rid the world of all traces of Merlin and the Coronation Experiment."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Tell me: what is it you’re really after?"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Are you using Avalon to raze Britain to the ground, or to turn its people into faeries? Which is it?!"
Morgan "...Beats me."
Morgan "I don't know anymore. Part of me despises this country, while another part loves it. What do I want to do with the Avalon?"
Morgan "Still, whichever method I end up using, the end result will be the same."
Morgan "Destroying the country, or starting a new civilisation - either way, no trace of Merlin will remain!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "This isn’t what you really want."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Your hatred for Merlin is clouding your thoughts. You’re forgetting the very people you set out to protect!"
Morgan "Save your whining for the afterlife, okay?"
Morgan "My name is Morgan le Fay: daughter of the proud King Gorlois and his wife, the witch Igraine."
Morgan "In honor of my family and lineage that was torn asunder by Merlin’s Coronation Experiment, I challene the king!!"
Battle against Morgan
HP 407376
Arthur "Grrr. She’s not going to go down quickly. I HATE these battles of attrition."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Wait. Something strange is happening!"
Morgan "Don’t disappoint me, Arthurs. We’re just getting started."
Morgan "All I was doing just then was collecting sample data from which to deduce your weak points!"
Reafe (Radio) "Something’s happening to Morgan’s energy reading! I-It’s just like what we saw with Mordred and his demon sword...!"
Morgan "Mordred used the genes he already harbored within himself to search for your weak points."
Morgan "Now that I’ve fought you and gained information on your genes, I can start searching for your weak points immediately."
Reafe (Radio) "M-Morgan’s energy reading is off the scale...! She’s way over the amount any individual should be able to withstand!"
Elle (Radio) "It’s like her true form is emerging... Here she comes!"
The screen goes white and then Morgan emerges with a new form...
Morgan Le Fay "Now where were we, Arthurs? Let’s see if you keep up with the Queen of the Ancients!"
Battle against Morgan Le Fay
HP 9999999
Arthur "(Gasp...!)"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Cripes. How much more powerful can she get?!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "I-It’s...too much. We don’t stand a chance!"
Morgan Le Fay "Look on the bright side, Arthurs. With Merlin’s help, you became the strongest people to walk the earth."
Morgan Le Fay "But that’s only in the present day. Even you don’t stand a chance against the ruler of the Ancients."
Arthur "(Gulp...)"
Morgan Le Fay "Come at me as many times as you want. The result will always be the same!"
Morgan Le Fay "When I finally break your spirit, Merlin’s plans will forever crumble to dust!"
Morgan Le Fay "Of course, even if you rulers get up, that won’t change the fact that your knights are entirely annihilated."
Arthur "...That’s where you’re wrong, Morgan."
Morgan Le Fay "What did you say?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Britain’s power... The true protectors of this nation are far more tenacious than you think."
Elle (Radio) "A White Wyvern troop carrier has arrived! It’s lowering knight reinforcements onto Avalon!"
Morgan Le Fay "What...?"
Reafe (Radio) "Balloons and airships carrying knights have finally reached Avalon! More reinforcements are on their way!"
Arthur "Well, well. Turns out just about everyone is willing to fly up here and risk their lives..."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "When it comes to protecting the realm, Britain’s ruler does not stand alone."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "So how about that fight now, Morgan? As many times as we like, wasn’t it? Prepare to feel Britain’s true might!"
Battle against Morgan Le Fay
HP 412896
Morgan Le Fay "Gah...!"
Morgan Le Fay " Merlin’s Coronation Experiment should have cowered before the feet of the Ancients’ power..."
Arthur "Britain didn’t stop advancing just because it lost Merlin."
Arthur "Did you really think we would allow Merlin to jerk us around like puppets?"
Arthur "Britain has moved on. Our realm is greater now than it was in the Ancients’ times."
Arthur (Blade Protector) "This is the true face of our nation."
Arthur (Sorcery King) "And this is our nation’s true power, long since free of any trace of Merlin’s existence."
Morgan Le Fay "...I see. So someone already took my revenge for me, long ago."
Morgan Le Fay "But the damage and hatred I’ve inflicted upon you remains all the same. Finish me, Arthur."
Arthur "Which Arthur are you asking?"
Arthur "Of those of us who stand here, I can tell you no one is going to accede to such a foolish request."
Arthur "Gorlois and Igraine believed in justice, and now you have the chance to be a true heir to their noble spirit. Princess."
Post-Battle Report
Faye "You defeated Morgan! The faeries and weaponry onboard Avalon no longer pose a threat."
Reafe "It finally looks as though we can put all this Avalon business behind us."
Elle "Still, is it really wise to just leave it floating in the sky in standby mode like that?"
Guinevere "Someone could attempt to hijack it gain, or even try to kidnap Morgan. She’s still connected to it, remember.."
Adieu to Land of Faeries 60 1 Limit-Break Cherry
300 Gold
Arthur "So Sword Castle and Magic Guild are procuring balloons and airships. Well, maybe they are suspicious..."
Morgan Le Fay "You just used that as an excuse to get rid of them. What do you want to talk about?"
Arthur "I want you to tell me how to stop Avalon for good. Without the other factions knowing, that is."
Arthur "No one can destroy this thing. Someone might try to highjack it one day, and knowing how to stop it will give power."
Morgan Le Fay "...It’s just the two of us, you know. You don’t have to pretend for my sake."
Arthur "Oh. Okay..."
Morgan Le Fay "The quickest way to destroy it is to switch off the generator and let it sink into the ocean. But there's a problem."
Arthur "It seems like everyone will take credit for this so I just want to look like I did the most work here~"
Morgan Le Fay "Ah... Stop your acting! You just don't want to be entangled in this!"
Scene Change
Reafe "No... Arthur and Morgan aren't evacuating! They must be planning to send Avalon to the bottom of the sea!"
Faye "But if they switch off the generators and let Avalon crash into the ocean, won't they have to go down with it?!"
Elle "Avalon’s altitude is dropping by the minute."
Arthur (Blade Protector) (Radio) "What is going on? Why aren’t they heading for the airships?"
Arthur (Sorcery King) (Radio) "There’s no time! If Avalon’s descent speed keeps on increasing, we won't make it out alive either!"
There's a slash...
Arthur "So we’ve broken a hole in the floor and unfurled a cable. Is this going to work?!"
Morgan Le Fay "The balloons and airships are about to go without you, Arthur. If you don't leave now, you’ll be stuck here."
Arthur "But I told you--I want to take all the credit."
Morgan Le Fay "Be honest with me now, or I won’t help you."
Arthur "Say...I know we’re both girls and all, but how about a last kiss?"
Morgan Le Fay "Woah! Didn’t expect that!"
Arthur "Anyway, if I leave now, how can I be sure that Avalon will be well and truly finished?"
Morgan Le Fay "I can handle whatever needs doing, so get out while you can. You’re the one who asked ME for help, remember?"
Arthur "Tsk. This is supposed to be MY grand finale. Just tell me how to run the final code and then YOU escape, okay?"
Morgan Le Fay "Only one person can run it. Namely me. The queen."
Arthur "What? So you want me to flee alone without you? That’s not exactly the heroic gesture I’m going for."
Morgan Le Fay "......"
You hear something...
Faye (Radio) "Wha–! Excalibur’s energy reading is moving further and further away from Arthur!"
Reafe (Radio) "Could Morgan have snatched it and thrown it off Avalon...?!"
Morgan Le Fay "There. You’ve lost whatever power you had that made you special."
Morgan Le Fay "Now get on a balloon or airship and get out now! Once this thing goes down, there’ll be no getting out!"
Arthur "But I keep telling you!"
Arthur "I need a grand gesture to set me apart from my rivals. It’s no good to me if YOU go down as the hero."
Morgan Le Fay "...Are you for real?"
Faye (Radio) "Avalon is descending too quickly! The standby balloons and airship can’t hold on!"
Elle (Radio) "The generator has lost all power! Ocean impact in 39, 38, 37...!"
Morgan Le Fay "...It’s too late now. You’ll never make it in time. Is this really what you wanted?"
Arthur "If you’re asking me, do I want to live like a ghost in a dead land called Avalon, the answer is no."
Arthur "I plan on coming out of this alive--to the awe and amazement of my rivals."
As the screen goes white, you hear a crash and then the sound of waves...
Arthur "(Cough... Splutter...)"
Arthur "Wow, that current got us away to god knows where. Hey, Morgan! Wake up or I'll give you the kiss of life."
Morgan Le Fay "I can’t believe...the two of us actually survived..."
Morgan Le Fay "I feel like I’ve finally understood why Merlin lost."
Arthur "Hm?"
Morgan Le Fay "You've succeeded in bringing Britain's unification, defeating the Invaders, and and stopping of Coronation Experiment."
Morgan Le Fay "...All that had failed in other hands... And to top it off, you’ve wielded the legendary, unwieldable sword."
Morgan Le Fay "It all seems clear now. You probably have the strength to defeat the Invaders and create your own fate."
Arthur "Oh, I don’t know if I’m THAT amazing..."
Morgan Le Fay "I wonder... Still, it looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so. Look, there’s something that belongs to you."
Arthur "...Excalibur?"
Morgan Le Fay "Which of you follows the other, I wonder? I’d say the two of you have many adventures to come. Wouldn’t you, Arthur?"