Million Arthur (SEA) Wiki

This is a guide for adding a new card.

Card layout[]

[Prefix/Title] - [Card name]

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  2. Release date
  3. Infobox
  4. New section: Detail
  5. New section: Combo

You can paste this in source mode then go back to visual editor for easy editing.




Be careful in typing the card name. Sometimes the space isn't entered correctly.

Getting data/content[]

Go to Despite the URL, it is safe for work. It has data for different servers of Million Arthur but it's not in English.

Main page

You might have to wait some days after the update for new data to be uploaded.
Note: The site is regularly inaccessible because of server costs.

The site has data decrypter that uses iOS data.

1. Go to a faction page and look for new cards.[]

Magic Guild

2. Copy the card info.[]

Don't add holo stats for the following type of cards because the holo aren't obtainable unless announced:

  • Fragment
  • Evolution
  • Monthly Login

Toddler - Gareth's page

First - Lancelot's combo section

3. Adding images[]

Change the size of the image in the URL before saving:

  • Icon: w=120&h=120
  • Card: w=436&h=610



You might see some errors along the way but don't change what's written on the card.

Gender error

Cost error