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Stat points can be either AP (Action Points) or BC (Battle Cost). The starting amount is 47 points, and a player can obtain an additional 3 points from adding a friend. Between level 1 - 50, players receive 3 points for levelling up and between 51 - 120, players only receive 2 points for levelling up. 

The current level cap is at level 120. 

Action Points (AP)Edit


These are used for exploration. You can completely restore your AP by using AP potions. AP recovers at 1 point per 3 minutes. An AP potion can be purchased from the item shop at 35 MC, or obtained for free from events, through clearing chapters of a story, reaching the end of a zone, or clearing the Wednesday daily event dungeon.

Battle Cost (BC)Edit


These are used for battles. The BC used is equal to the cost of your deck. It can be useful to create a small deck of your best cards that uses a half or a third of your BC when attacking. You can completely restore your BC by using BC potions. BC recovers at 1 point per minute.  A BC potion can be purchased from the item shop at 35 MC, or obtained for free from events, or clearing the Thursday daily event dungeon.


  • AP and BC would recover at the same rate when one's BC is 3 times that of one's AP.
  • Restatting is possible in Million Arthur through the adding and deleting of friends, such that one can reallocate their AP into BC or vice versa. Only a maximum of 2 friends can be removed each day. It will reduce your spare stat points first. If you don't have spare points, it will reduce your highest stat.
  • A player can allocate more points into AP if he or she wishes to speed level. However, it is generally recommended to put more points into BC, as better rewards can be obtained through hitting Faeries (Bosses) than exploring.
  • There is a chance of recovering AP and BC through exploring (spending AP) and battling (spending BC) with certain card skills, such as Support - Lynette's skill. The chance to recover AP/BC through exploring is increased on certain weekdays (see here).

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