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Side Stories are unlocked by finding new cards. Rewards obtained can be 200/400/800 Unity Points or Gacha Ticket.

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Volume 1[]

1 to 25[]

No. Title Characters Story
1 Zoo Special - Gringolet Icon.png Special - Ywain's Lion Icon.png
Ywain’s Lion "GROWL..."
Gringolet "NEIGH..."
Guinevere "When did Camelot turn into zoo? (sic)"
2 Perpetual Motion Support - Lynette Icon.png Support - Lyonesse Icon.png Second - Gareth Icon.png
Lyonesse "Gareth...Gareth!!! I need you to run to the store and get me some grape juice. On the double!"
Lynette "How dare that guy get all close to my Lyonesse! I’ll beat him to a pulp! (sic)"
Gareth "What the...I feel like I’ve been trapped in a never-ending cycle of hatred..."
3 Silent Couple Support - Enide Icon.png Second - Erec Icon.png
Erec "Mm."
Enide "Mmm."
Merlin "From what I can tell, they’re two peas in a pod."
4 Iseult the Closet Drinker Support - Brangaine Icon.png Support - Iseult the Blond Icon.png
Brangaine "Love Potion is in this cabinet, my Purr Potion is in that one."
Iseult the Blond "Phew, it’s hot today!"
Brangaine "What do you think you’re drinking?"
Iseult the Blond "Hm? Just the Cleavage Potion, Sexy Potion, and the Popularity Potion."
Brangaine "Noooooo!!!"
5 Long Awaited Strip Down Support - Ither Icon.png Second - Percival Icon.png
Ither "Good deal. With this crimson red armor, even the Invaders don’t stand a chance..."
Percival "Mesmerizing! The shine of that armor is magnificent! Can I have one too, Ither?"
Ither "She’s always after my things! Fine, I’ll just wear my sexiest swimsuit and have her take that..."
Percival "Oh, Ither, how bold of you. But I admit, it looks great on you"
Ither "Uh-oh, she passed up on it. And why is she not surprised to see me in a swimsuit...?!"
6 3 Sisters Sorceress - Morgan Icon.png Sorceress - Elaine the Sorceress Icon.png Sorceress - Morgause Icon.png
Morgause "Oh Arthur, you’re so spoiled."
Elaine "Arthur, I packed your lunch today. Does it taste alright?"
Morgan "Arthur, you can rest your head on my lap!"
Guinevere "Just what kind of bug got into the lake system?"
Guinevere "Or could it be that this is what the witches are really like?"
7 Woman Power Support - Ragnelle Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png
Ragnelle "Today, we’re talking about woman power!"
Ragnelle "So Gawain, I want you to head overseas to fetch some Iberico pork and caviar."
Gawain "Are we talking about gender equality or are you just using me as an errand boy?"
Ragnelle "Unless you’d like to see (sic)"
Gawain "Fine, fine! I just have to get it, right?!"
8 Tristan the Lover Support - Brangaine Icon.png Support - Iseult of the White Hands Icon.png Second - Tristan Icon.png Support - Iseult the Blond Icon.png
Iseult the Blond "Call me the tragic heroine! King Tristan and I are having a falling out."
Iseult of the White Hands "I’m still married to King Tristan, for your information."
Brangaine "This is hard for me to say, but I lost a lot when I fooled King Mark."
All "..."
Guinevere "I think they have a consensus. They’re totally gonna punch that guy."
9 Unsolicited Support Support - Laudine Icon.png Support - Lunete Icon.png Second - Ywain Icon.png
Lunete "Yow! There is an army of roaches in the kitchen!!!"
Laudine "Ywain, I only live to serve my knight. You have my wholehearted support."
Ywain "I don’t wanna deal with it either!"
Laudine "Ywain, Ywain, it’s your domain!!!"
Ywain "Darn it! Guess this means I can’t just sweep them out the window into the outer moat..."
10 Treasure Hunter First - Galahad Icon.png Second - Percival Icon.png
Galahad "Where is the ruins of the Ancients?!"
Percival "!!!"
Galahad "Keep digging. We’re bound to find something if we keep digging."
Percival "Come one! Show me the treasure!"
Guinevere "Why is there an underground maze in town!?"
11 Kingdom Judge First - Mordred Icon.png
Faye "「It’s about time we settled this.」"
Reafe "「The title of beauty queen.」"
Elle "「I don’t really care for such a useless title, but I won’t back down from the competition!」"
Mordred "「Please don’t tell me you summoned me here to be the judge of this little contest?」"
12 Runs in the Family Second - Agravain Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png Second - Gaheris Icon.png Second - Gareth Icon.png
Gawain "「Mwahaha! Do not run your mouth before we cross swords!」"
Agravain "「Hehe. I will find your weakness. I specialize in finding information about infidelity and scandals!」"
Gaheris "「My name is Gaheris! I will cut down all evil, even if it’s my own mother! That is the Gaheris way!」"
Gareth "「I have to live up to the standard all my siblings have set!」"
15 Unalike Sisters Second - Breunor Icon.png Second - Dinadan Icon.png
Breunor "「As a knight of Camelot, I will never take this bandage off until I get my revenge! Never!!!」"
Dinadan "「You are too riled up for my tastes. Isn’t that baggy coat really hot?」"
Breunor "「You may be my sister, but you look sloppy. Your clothes are a joke.」"
Breunor "「Come, cover up your body in these bandages! I can’t let you off the hook as a fellow knight!」"
Dinadan "「Huh, the knight’s code comes in pretty handy at times like these, eh?」"
16 Travelers Second - Percival Icon.png Specific - Blanchefleur Icon.png Second - Lohengrin Icon.png Second - Kardeiz Icon.png
Percival "「Kardeiz! I’m headed out to look for artifacts from the time of the Ancients.」"
Blanchefleur "「Where does she think she’s going? I’m going to beat some sense into her!」"
Lohengrin "「I am a loyal knight, so I must go and support my lady.」"
Kardeiz "「Only I alone can keep these lands in order. It’s not like I was left behind or anything!」"
17 True Lie Second - Lamorak Icon.png Second - Tristan Icon.png
Lamorak "「First you pour wine into this mystic cup.」"
Tristan "「Uh-huh...」"
Lamorak "「Then when a liar picks it up, it is said that he will spill the wine due to magic.」"
Lamorak "「Now, pick it up! As your friend, I will bestow you the opportunity to declare yourself a true knight!」"
Tristan "「Lamorak, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but you are spilling the wine all over the place...」"
18 Knights Code Second - Ywain Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png Second - Morholt Icon.png
Gawain "「 hear Morholt is quite strong. I would love to have a spar with him.」 (sic)"
Ywain "「Well you can’t just randomly attack him on the street. There is a process to setting up a spar.」"
Ywain "「First, I’ll pick a fight with him. Then I’ll lose on purpose. That’s where you come in.」"
Gawain "「Yes...revenge has always been an impetus for action. The knights code will bring us victory!」"
Morholt "「Now wait just a minute you frauds!!!」"
19 Bernard's School of Magic Second - Bernard Icon.png Support - Elaine of Astolat Icon.png
Bernard "「Having been in a battle does not make you a master of the art. You must study more, Elaine.」"
Elaine of Astolat "「Yes, sir! I actually have a request!」"
Bernard "「With knowledge comes power to take the initiative against misfortunes and tribulations.」"
Elaine of Astolat "「Please show me how to make a typical love potion! I also need a way to get Sir Lancelot to drink it!」"
Bernard "「Miss Elaine, the only thing you will be learning is how to make a cure for foolishness today.」"
20 Weapons in Disguise Second - Maleagant Icon.png Second - Balin Icon.png First - Galahad Icon.png
Balin "「It says “Only the bravest knight may unsheathe this sword.” Well then, let’s take a look. AGH!」"
Galahad "「Balin, what happened? There was an eerie noise and now you’re cursed!」"
Maleagant "「Actually, my daddy was cursed when he picked up a strange shield from over there!」"
Galahad "「There’s more to the inscription. “The sword and shield are both meant for Galahad.”」"
Balin "「Then why in Arthurs name were we the first to see them?!」"
21 Middleman Kay Trainer - Kay Icon.png Support - Laudine Icon.png Second - Calogrenant Icon.png Second - Ywain Icon.png
Ywain "「I heard some strange knight challenged you after being caught in that typhoon near the fountain?」"
Calogrenant "「I know everything sounds crazy, but I’ll do something about this on my own.」"
Laudine "「Indeed. I’d much rather be rescued by Ywain or someone as cute as her.」"
Kay "「Am I supposed to fix this?」"
Kay "「Ahem. Calogrenant, friend! I think you should just admit defeat and let the young one...OUCH!」"
22 A Maiden’s Dream Support - Elaine the Grail Bearer Icon.png Support - Brisen Icon.png
Elaine the Grail Bearer "「Sir Lancelot never looks at me no matter what I do.」"
Brisen "「You must use an illusion. Turn into the woman he would fall for!」"
Brisen "「I can do this much. Voila! Don’t I look exactly like Lancelot? This illusion...」"
Elaine the Grail Bearer "「Oh that is good. DROOL」"
Brisen "「Elaine, hold it right there. Elaaaiiinnneee!!!」"
23 Don’t Do it Bedivere [1] Control - Bedivere Icon.png Second - Lucan Icon.png
Bedivere "「What are you doing, Lucan?」"
Lucan "「Hey. I’m stacking and carrying 20 boxes.」"
Lucan "「This ritual must be done very carefully. You must absolutely not scare me.」"
Bedivere "「But sis, there’s a poisonous snake right there.」"
Lucan "「YEEEOOOWWW!!!」"
24 Parents Day Queen of Avalon Icon.png First - Lancelot Icon.png Support - Elaine the Grail Bearer Icon.png
Queen of Avalon "「Yoo-hoo! I was nearby so I thought I’d stop by. I brought some British cookies for everyone.」"
Lancelot "「What’s this fuss about... M-M-Mother!」"
Queen of Avalon "「Oh dear. You were never a match for your stepmother.」"
Elaine the Grail Bearer "「I don’t believe it. Lancelot, don’t tell me you have an Oedipus compl...」"
Lancelot "「Stop right there! It’s not like that. This queen reigns over all faeries. Who wouldn’t be afraid?!」"

26 to 50[]

No. Title Characters Story
26 Horoscope Maniac Prototype - Vortigern Icon.png
Vortigern "All I have to do is be in the front line of battle to claim the reward from the manor."
Faye "Your star horoscope says that your lucky place is a busy battlefield."
Reafe "Cat divination says your lucky item is a sword, and the tissue divination says your lucky color is blood red."
Vortigern "Tell me this sooner, idiots! Now I will fight to my heart’s content!"
Elle "What is with him? Is he that easy to manipulate?"
27 Unfruitful Effort Second - Damas Icon.png Second - Onzlake Icon.png
Damas "Here we go again. We’ve been summoned to fight the Invaders. This time on the coastline."
Onzlake "Just cover for me. I’ll stick around Accolon. I’ll fake something with bandages and all."
Damas "You’ll be in big trouble if they find out. If you’re going to do things this way, do it right."
Onzlake "What do you think you’re doing with that hammer..."
Guinevere "They should just join the fight. Instead, those knights are seemingly up to no good."
28 Tale of Another King Clone - Fisher King Icon.png Support - Elaine the Grail Bearer Icon.png
Fisher King "Lancelot is vital if we are to retrieve the Grail of the Ancients, known as the most important artifact."
Elaine the Grail Bearer "I understand. You’re saying that I must bear his child, right?!"
Fisher King "Whoa there. That is our end goal, but there are steps to be taken."
Elaine the Grail Bearer "I must accept my destiny. Lancelot, prepare yourself for the power of wine!"
Fisher King "I’m not sure I could rest at ease if she ever became the queen!"
29 Warning: Close Friends Prototype - Lot Icon.png Prototype - Rience Icon.png Prototype - Brandegoris Icon.png
Brandegoris "Hey, did you look into your roots? My genes come from a king accused of treason by King Lot."
Rience "My genes come from someone King Lot struck down."
Lot "Mumble..."
Brandegoris/Rience "We’ll never forgive him!"
Lot "Hold on, guys. I’m just a clone made from his genes. I don’t even know who you two are!"
30 Uncontrollable Sword Second - Balin Icon.png Second - Balan Icon.png
Balin "In a far and distant land, they crack open watermelons for fun. We have no melons, but we do have pumpkins!"
Balan "Are you sure this is such a good idea? Swinging a sword blindfolded is bound to get someone...ouch!"
Balin "Did I hit the pumpkin?"
Balan "Does I look like a pumpkin to you? You got me right on the head! (sic)"
31 Too Uptight Special - Gorlois Icon.png Revival - Uther Icon.png
Gorlois "Careful...careful... Two more cards to complete my card pyramid..."
Uther "Gorlois! It’s an emergency! BAM!"
Gorlois "Nooo! What do you think you’re doing? Is it a swarm of Invaders?"
Uther "I want to meet girls! It can even be your wife, as long as she’s young."
Gorlois "I’m going to kill you!"
32 One Man’s Trash... [1] Second - Lucan Icon.png Control - Bedivere Icon.png
Lucan "Bedivere! I thought his majesty ordered you to throw away that stack of comics!"
Bedivere "I can’t. I started flipping through the pages, and now I can’t bring myself to throw them away!"
Lucan "Give me a break! Just get it done!"
Bedivere "Okay, I’ll definitely throw it away this time... Oh! This comic’s about cooking..."
Lucan "Really? Huh... Whoa?! Where’d the time go?!"
33 Welcome to Britain Invader - Bors Icon.png Invader - Ban Icon.png
Ban "They keep talking about magic, but does it really work? We use Invader tech, so I don’t get it at all."
Bors "Yes!!! I want to use magic to become popular with the ladies!"
Ban "I’m not sure if you’re joking or not, but they say that kind of magic exists too."
Bors "Really? Why do you have to bring reality into my fantasy? Just let me keep dreaming..."
Bors (sic) "What is that supposed to mean? Sounds like reality hasn’t been very nice to you lately."
34 Colgrevance the Mediator Second - Bors the Younger Icon.png Second - Colgrevance Icon.png
Bors the Younger "Colgrevance, help! There’s a swarm of bees chasing me!"
Colgrevance "That is quite the task for a first job!"
Bors the Younger "Also, there are some pirates, a lady who just quarreled with her husband, and a debt collector!"
Colgrevance "..."
Bors the Younger "Hey, why are you hiding behind me like that? Isn’t it your job to protect me?!"
35 Kahedin the Messenger Second - Kahedin Icon.png Second - Tristan Icon.png
Tristan "I don’t think I’m going to make it. Can I trust you to get a message to Iseult of the White Hands?"
Kahedin "Don’t get me involved in your love affairs! Besides, you just have a common cold!"
Tristan "I swear I just ran into Iseult the Blond earlier. We aren’t having an affair or anything..."
Kahedin "I’m totally going to get beaten! I refuse to become a punching bag!!!"
36 The Underdog Support - Enide Icon.png Second - Mabonagrin Icon.png Second - Erec Icon.png
Erec "Mm."
Enide "Mmm mm."
Mabonagrin "What have I gotten myself into. How am I supposed to pick a fight with them to test their love?*"
Erec/Enide "Mmm.☆"
Mabonagrin "This isn’t going to work. They are in their own world. I can’t think of anything I can do!"
37 Treasure Bearer [2] First - Mordred Icon.png Monarch - Constantine Icon.png
Guinevere "There’s a message from Arthur. “Enjoy these cookies from Britain.”"
Mordred "In that case..."
Constantine "CHOMP"
Mordred "..."
Guinevere "Hey, these cookies are for everyone! And Mordred, sheathe your sword!"
38 Fair & Square Second - Ironside Icon.png Second - Gareth Icon.png
Ironside "I am Ironside! Each of my seven right arms gets stronger as the sun shines brighter!"
Gareth "A true knight is not afraid to face that power head on. Now, let us do battle!!!"
Ironside "Rock...paper..."
Gareth "Seriously? You’re going to use all seven arms in a game with only three possible choices?!"
40 Faeries Hybrid - Nimue Icon.png
Nimue "Scrrr... Tsscckkk..."
Faye "Another newbie just came out!"
Reafe "That reminds me, Merlin was gathering all of the faeries’ maids. I wonder why?"
Elle "That old man probably just wanted some friends or some such."
Fay/Reafe "You should watch your language!"
41 Teacher & Student Second - Percival Icon.png Second - Gornemant Icon.png
Percival "Ither. Can I have one of those British cookies? Thank...huh!?"
Gornemant "Percival. It hasn’t been that long, and yet you’ve already forgotten about restraint."
Percival "My home tutor! What are you doing here?"
Gornemant "Get over here! We’ll have a remedial lesson about what it means to be a knight and beauty."
Percival "Why are you eating Ither’s British cookie? Am I supposed to imitate that?"
43 Invisibility Second - Garlon Icon.png Second - Balin Icon.png
Balin "That’s dirty, Garlon! I know you’re invisible and have been stalking me!!!"
Garlon "Psh, well I guess she’s driven me into a corner."
Balin "Now it’s my turn. I’ll beat you to a pulp for what you’ve done!"
Garlon "By the way, Balin, what would you do if you could turn invisible?"
Balin "Well, you know...hehe. Even girls wanna sneak into the boys locker room. Hey, where’d you go?!"
44 No Escaping Revenge [1] Second - Tarquin Icon.png Second - Hector de Maris Icon.png First - Lancelot Icon.png
Tarquin "Ah! This kid is eating my British cookies without my permission!"
Hector de Maris "Nom? Hey, wait a minute...these were yours?!"
Tarquin "It’s payback time. Lean over for a spanking of a lifetime!"
Lancelot "What the? What is she doing to my boy?"
Tarquin "Now you know what it feels like to be spanked by the strongest!"
45 Carrot Bait & Horse Second - Pellinore Icon.png
Pellinore "Pardon me! I’m chasing a beast, so I’ll be borrowing this horse!"
Arthur (Blade Protector) "Huh? What just happened here?"
Arthur (Techno Smith) "This brat. I can’t believe she has the nerve to bump... Oh no! My Excalibur is chipped!?"
Pellinore "Pardon me! I’m chasing a beast! I can’t be bothered to stop, so I’ll keep going!!!"
Arthur (Sorcery King) "Is that meant to be one of Britain’s finest...?"
46 Mostly Human Second - Bisclavret Icon.png
Guinevere "You use your disenchanting powers against your opponents, right?"
Bisclavret "Yes. As a werewolf, I have arm strength too. I am much stronger than the average knight."
Guinevere "I am curious, why have you been collecting chicken bones in that vase over there?"
Bisclavret "What?!"
47 Attack & Defense Invader - Lucius Icon.png Second - Cador Icon.png
Cador "I hate that guy! He always makes other people pay for things, and he even steals my British cookies!"
Lucius "If you don’t like it, then take your shop elsewhere. Find a place your customers can pass through."
Cador "Arthur! Can I punish this guy and charge everything to his tab?"
Lucius "You are no better than a hooligan!"
48 Surface Level Second - Tor Icon.png Second - Bagdemagus Icon.png
Guinevere "There are five British cookies left due the absence of Arthurs. Three goes to Tor, and two to Bagdemagus."
Tor "Yay!"
Bagdemagus "Gah! Why is it always him? Does it mean I have to study harder?"
Guinevere "Oh? There are quite a few left. Alright Tor, help yourself."
Tor "Yay!"
49 Peeved Guivret Second - Guivret Icon.png Support - Enide Icon.png Second - Erec Icon.png
Guivret "All I have to do is put them in a fight in order to bring those two closer together."
Erec "Mmm."
Enide "Mn."
Guivret "..."
Guinevere "Hey! Why are you hunched up like that trying to sneak home?!??"
50 Riddling Siblings Second - Gromer Somer Joure Icon.png Support - Ragnelle Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png
Gromer Somer Joure "First question! What is it that a refined girl wants the most?"
Gawain "Huh?! I"
Ragnelle "Nope. That’s the worst answer ever. We want the strength to win any argument against men!"
Ragnelle "We’re going to have to confiscate those British cookies from you for answering wrong!"
Gawain "Is this some new kind of scam?!"

51 to 77[]

No. Title Characters Story
52 Tristan's Loyalty Second - Mark Icon.png Second - Tristan Icon.png
Tristan "Sir Mark! Here is the war horse you asked for!#"
Mark "Wow. She’s a beauty. How can I accept such a fine beast?"
Tristan "Anything else would be an insult to you, my lord. Please let me know if you need anything else."
Mark "Actually, I do have a question. Why are you so close to my wife?"
54 Latent Strength Support - Ganeida Icon.png
Guinevere "Are you Ganeida? I hear you are a failed attempt of making a witch from Merlin’s genes."
Ganeida "I am Ganeida. I am a failure. I can’t do anything, so I’ll just sit around and do nothing."
Guinevere "Really? You can’t do anything at all?"
Ganeida "Well, I can cause sudden gusts of wind to lift up skirts."
Guinevere "Yeeeep! She is definitely hiding her true potential..."
55 Honest Man Second - Launfal Icon.png
Launfal "Phew. Finally, time for lunch. Wow! Another ketchup heart!"
Guinevere "I’ve been meaning to ask, but who makes your lunch every day?"
Launfal "Um, nobody! Nobody makes my lunch!"
Launfal "It’s not like my partner is 100 times more beautiful than you or anything!"
Guinevere "You must love her very much, but I’m afraid I can’t let that last one slide..."
56 Clumsy Help Second - Pelleas Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png
Pelleas "Gawain! I’ve been trying this new diet, but I’m not losing any weight? Why?!"
Gawain "Let’s see. First, hand over those British cookies. You don’t need that junk food."
Pelleas "..."
Gawain "But they’ll go bad by the time I give them back to you. I suppose I’ll just have to eat them."
Pelleas "Nooooo!!! Gawain, you’re evil!!!"
57 Faerie Prize Second - Meliot Icon.png Second - Pellinore Icon.png
Pellinore "I finally found you. Hand over that Nimue, or I’ll have to take it by force."
Meliot "Looks like we got trouble!"
Pellinore "There’s also a beast I’m looking for. Give me a horse for the chase."
Meliot "This is outright theft! I can’t believe there is a knight of Britain that would act like this!"
58 Fading Dream Second - Elyan Icon.png Second - Bors the Younger Icon.png
Bors the Younger "Yep. Yep. This frying pan being offered is definitely the one I want."
Helin "What’re you doing?"
Bors the Younger "Agh! D’oh, I just ripped the order form for my pan!"
Helin "By the way, I just ran into a lady who said she’d kill you if you ordered anything else from catalogs."
Bors the Younger "Eeep! I shouldn’t get involved with this person, my dreams’ll fade away!"
59 Battle Before Time Special - Ambrosius Icon.png Prototype - Vortigern Icon.png Revival - Uther Icon.png
Vortigern "My horoscope says today’s my lucky day! I can’t lose!"
Uther "Some have the ability to overcome fate through pure strength."
Ambrosius "Queen to H5. Boom! Checkmate!"
Vortigern "The two of you are working together. That’s cheating!!!"
60 Lanceor the Tracker Second - Lanceor Icon.png Second - Balin Icon.png
Lanceor "Balin!!! You ate my British cookies, didn’t you?!"
Balin "Gulp! You already noticed?"
Lanceor "I won’t let you get away until you give me back my cookies!"
Balin "What? I don’t have any right now... How about this sandwich?"
Lanceor "Show me the cookies!!!"
61 Anniversary Support - Evaine Icon.png Invader - Bors Icon.png
Bors "Britain’s redeeming feature is that it has many beautiful women. I’d love to talk to all of...oh, hey!"
Evaine "What do you think you’re doing leaving your wife at home? SMIRK"
Bors "This isn’t looking good!"
Evaine "I’m the one who isn’t so good! How can you even think of having fun on your own?"
Bors "Ouch-ouch-ouch. Are you facepalming me? You’re much stronger than the average knight!"
62 Dissatisfaction Support - Agravadain Icon.png Invader - Ban Icon.png
Agravadain "As a lover, I must put on perfume. *spray spray*"
Ban "Augh! Do you even know how to use that stuff?!"
Agravadain "As a lover, I must use this knife and ashtray! Because I’m a lover!"
Ban "Whoa! Hey, can we talk about this?"
63 Diffusing the Situation Special - Rowena Icon.png Prototype - Vortigern Icon.png
Vortigern "No. I can’t let Arthur lead Britain! I’ll lead this nation myself!"
Rowena "Now, now. Leave such boring matters to the young, will you?"
Vortigern "This is a surprise. You don’t agree? Then we should at least attack the Invaders!"
Rowena "Now, now..."
Vortigern "Now, now... Are you just going to keep saying that?"
64 Inglorious Proxy War Second - Griflet Icon.png
Guinevere "I’m sorry for making you fight my fight."
Griflet "Not at all, milady. It is my duty and my pride to fight for you."
Griflet "Exactly who is it I’m supposed to fight?"
Guinevere "They are currently gathering their forces in the middle of the kitchen. Defeat the roaches!"
Griflet "Oh, hell no!"
65 Keep it to Yourself Prototype - Urien Icon.png
Urien "So this facility was constructed using Ancient technology. I wonder what kind of magic lies within..."
Faye "And this is a magic device that massages your shoulders."
Reafe "That device over there helps you debone a fish easily."
Elle "This says it makes your breasts bigger. You better not say it’s impossible!"
Urien "..."
66 Egotistical Archers Specific - Orion Icon.png Specific - Robin Hood Icon.png Specific - Caesar Icon.png Specific - Wilhelm Icon.png
Wilhelm "With my skills, I can hit an apple sitting on top of a person’s head."
Robin Hood "I can hit the bullseye of multiple targets in any forest."
Orion "Let’s give it a shot then. I’m confident in my bow and arrow skills too."
Caesar "Um, excuse me gentlemen. Why is there an apple on top of my head?"
Wilhelm "Don’t worry, it looks good on you!"
70 Impervious [1][3] Specific - Lady Kai Icon.png Specific - Joan of Arc Icon.png Specific - Nadezhda Icon.png
Lady Kai ", do I smell okay? Perhaps I sweat too much?"
Joan of Arc "Don’t worry! We’re fine! Just because we fight day in and day out doesn’t mean we smell!"
Nadezhda "Both of you are wearing heavy armor. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to the smell..."
71 Brainstorming Specific - da Vinci Icon.png Specific - Odysseus Icon.png
Odysseus "Hm...I wonder if the enemy will really consider this wooden horse as a gift?"
da Vinci "If you’re worried about that, we just have to make it more extravagant! Give it some cool features!"
Odysseus "You’re absolutely right! How about a beam from its eyes and smoke from its mouth?!"
da Vinci "We could even make the legs operational, so we could just barge into their inner citadel."
Guinevere "Oh my Arthur! What in the world is that huge looking thing?"
72 Signature Weapons Specific - Hervor Icon.png Specific - Dietrich Icon.png Specific - Georgius Icon.png
Dietrich "Man, sword maintenance is not easy."
Hervor "Our swords are our signature, we’ve got no other choice."
Hervor "I think my sword is more well-known than I am. By the way, does that spear of yours have a name?"
Georgius "I’m just an ordinary spear."
Dietrich "Oh, okay...wait a minute!"
73 Back to the Future Specific - Himiko Icon.png Specific - Perseus Icon.png Specific - St. Germain Icon.png
Himiko "You over there! My fortune says that if you throw a stone, you’ll hit an old man!"
Perseus "That’s some fortune. It seems rather specific and possibly useful for every day life."
St. Germain "I come from the future. Everytime you get your fortune told, it creates a butterfly effect."
Perseus "Then what’s going to happen now that you’ve just told us that?!"
74 The Bourgeoisie Effect Specific - Antoinette Icon.png Specific - Lucrezia Icon.png
Antoinette "Ugh, money is money after all, but along with it comes a lot of trouble."
Lucrezia "Being poor has problems of its own, but I’d rather deal with the problems that come with being rich."
Antoinette "Well said. I suppose we should splurge while we still can. Let’s get some expensive sweets!"
Guinevere "If we could sneak these two in the Invaders camp, they could destroy the enemy from the inside!"
75 Choice Ride Specific - Hannibal Icon.png
Hannibal "These so called horses you ride are not very comfortable to use."
Guinevere "Exactly what would you prefer to ride?"
Hannibal "Elephants."
Guinevere "Seriously? Are you saying we can use those animal with their cute, round eyes? (sic)"
Hannibal "You only say that because you don’t know their true nature. Elephants are quite frightening!"
77 Ettarde's Interests Second - Ettarde Icon.png First - Gawain Icon.png
Ettarde "Say, Gawain! I really wanna see a beautiful flower from Lothian. Climb the highest peak and get one."
Gawain "You always come up with these impossible requests!"
Time passed.
Gawain "Gasp... Wheeze... Here. You like it?"
Ettarde "Yeah. I guess it isn’t much once it’s in your hands. Ooh! Look at that hat! I want it!"
Gawain "I’m going to sock you one of these days..."

Volume 2[]


No. Title Characters Story
78 Child’s Play [1] Gem - Ruby Icon.png Gem - Adamas Icon.png Gem - Sapphire Icon.png
Ruby "I’m down to a single card. You’re up, Adamas. Hey, did you hear me? It’s your turn."
Adamas "This sucks. This card game is just a game for kids. I’m way too sophisticated to be bothered with such a stupid game."
Sapphire "Why don’t you beat us at least once before you call this game stupid."
Ruby "Why do you have so many cards left? And why are your hands so sweaty?"
79 Postwar [1] Support - Citrine Icon.png Gem - Garnet Icon.png
Citrine "I wonder if this war against the Invaders will ever come to an end."
Garnet "Of course it will. That’s why Arthur and we are fighting with everything we have on the line."
Citrine "I’m kind of nervous about it. If the battle ends, then we won’t have a need for me anymore, the goddess of victory.!"
Garnet "If that’s your outlook on the situation, then you’ve already failed as the goddess of victory. Who should I report this to?"
Citrine "Nooo! Stop! Don’t tell anyone. I’ll pay you off!!!"
80 New Poison Mushroom [1] Second - Lava Icon.png Gem - Topaz Icon.png
Lava "We're testing the new fungus today. We need a strong stomach. Topaz, you'll taste the samples."
Topaz "It looks absolutely disgusting, but actually tastes pretty good. Ngh..."
Lava "I knew it. It didn’t work."
Topaz "You knew what? Was it poisonous? My feels so hot...hey! My body’s getting bigger?!"
Lava "Ah, I may have overdone it this time. This isn’t good. Hey don’t come this way! Aaauuuggghhh!"
82 Strictly Business [1] Second - Peridod Icon.png Support - Carnelian Icon.png Gem - Garnet Icon.png
Peridod "You always seems to be crying. Did something sad happen to you?"
Carnelian "I dunno..."
Peridod "Don’t tell me you’re suicidal. If you are, sell me your soul first. A knight’s soul is hot on the market!"
Carnelian "I dunno..."
Garnet "Peridod? Are you up to your no good schemes again?"
Garnet "If Guinevere were to find out, she’d be furious. Maybe I’ll go and fill her in!"
83 Boss Second - Duty Icon.png Second - Paggi Icon.png Gem - Onyx Icon.png
Duty "Incredible. You’re planning to steal gems from that monstrous Onyx. You have my utmost respect, Paggi."
Paggi "You can call me boss if you want."
Onyx "..."
Paggi "Onyx! Good to see you. Off to battle? I’ll come with. No, I’m not coming just to pan for gold, silly you."
Duty "Pan for gold? I thought you were stealing gems?"
84 Pearls Before Swine [1] Support - Citrine Icon.png Gem - Onyx Icon.png Second - Paggi Icon.png
Citrine "Boss, you are so strong, you should be more proactive in battle. Arthur wishes you would do more as well."
Onyx "I don’t care if I’m fighting an Invader or a dragon. I simply hate battles."
Citrine "But some really enjoy seeing you fight. Like that guy who pans for the gold dust that comes off of your golden shoes."
Paggi "Hey, hold on just a minute there! Who do you think you’re talking about?"
Onyx "Ridiculous..."
85 Just Say It [1] Gem - Lapis Icon.png Gem - Turquoise Icon.png
Lapis "Turquoise will say “oh my lord” when she sees this new weapon made from my sweat and blood! Rise, Macaron!"
Lapis "When she sees what Macaron can do, she’ll definitely say it!"
Turquoise "“Oh my lord.”"
Lapis "Have you no pride?! I don’t want you to say it just for the sake of saying it! Ugh!"
88 Housewife Support - Chianti Icon.png Second - Pieke Icon.png
Chianti "I survived this past battle, but I think a pot and ladle can only take me so far."
Pieke "How about a needle then? Use a thick one and stick it up its..."
Chianti "Pieke! That’s nasty!!!"
Pieke "Huh? We’re talking about weapons, right?"
89 The Show Must Go On! [1] Support - Melt Icon.png Second - Lava Icon.png Support - Pansy Icon.png
Melt "The atmosphere at Camelot has become so thick you could cut right through it."
Lava "The Invaders have been attacking so frequently lately that everyone’s on edge."
Melt "That’s where I come in! I will host a magic show to enliven our knights! What do you think of this idea?"
Pansy "I bet Guinevere would throw a fit and claim that the show will demoralize our troops."
90 Uncommoner [1] Gem - Quartz Icon.png Support - Chianti Icon.png
Quartz "Sigh...I’m feeling cramped being in Camelot Castle this entire time. I want to take a break and just go shopping."
Chianti "You don’t have a pence on you. How do you expect to shop?"
Quartz "That’s not a concern. I’ll just put it on a tab and have my old man pay for it later."
Chianti "Proudly mooching off your parents when you’re a full grown adult. I’ll never understand the minds of the rich."
93 Marginal Difference Support - Hibernia Icon.png Second - Sleet Icon.png
Sleet "The sound of the flute traverses the walls of Camelot. I knew it had to be you, Irish the flautist."
Irish "You show up everytime I perform. And how many times do I have to tell you, it’s not a flute, it’s a fife!"
Sleet "Hahaha, Irish, you know so many difficult words!"
Irish "It’s not difficult at all! You just never make the effort to remember!"
94 Cold Remedy Second - Frances Icon.png Support - Aegi Icon.png
Aegi "You’re down with the cold. Even kids catch colds, you know."
Frances "I’m not a kid! Cough..."
Aegi "Yes, you are. Now put this cherry on your forehead and wrap this leek around your neck."
Frances "Can you prescribe me a method used from the time of the Ancients?"
95 I'm Just a Girl Support - Unia Icon.png Second - Frances Icon.png
Unia "Now close your eyes. You’re doing great."
Frances "Will I look more beautiful?"
Unia "Of course! I am Britain’s number one make-up artist. My makeover will make you prettier or your money back guaranteed!"
Frances "Awesome! So once the make-up is finished, I’ll have my figure 8 body again, right?"
Unia "You’ll have to ask the faeries or someone else to grant you that one."

Volume 3[]

96 to ??[]

No. Title Characters Story
96 Trauma Second - Florence Icon.png Support - Giorgio Icon.png
Florence "The faeries approved of the wedding. Then, Invaders attacked on the big day. Why..."
Giorgio "That’s rough. Here, drink up. Drown your sorrows with this beer. So..."
Florence "He was a great man. Tears just flow when I think about my wedding... Hey! Are you even listening?!"
Giorgio "A crying drunk talking about a past love... I barked up the wrong tree."
97 Girlfriend Second - Salafia Icon.png Support - Etolier Icon.png
Etolier "Words cannot describe your beauty. I am so in love. I shall never leave your side."
Salafia "I didn’t know Etolier had a lover. What kind of person is she? A fellow knight, perhaps? Maybe just a peek..."
Etolier "I cannot resist your smell. Why do you excite me so much? We will be up all night."
Salafia "..."
Etolier "Oh ancient weapon, I love you!"
98 In the Midst of Battle Support - Tinia Icon.png Support - Juanita Icon.png
Tinia "Juanita! Juanita!!!"
Juanita "Yaaawn...I’m so tired. What is it?"
Tinia "Get up! We’re about to start the battle simulation! Everyone in the Round Table is taking part!"
Juanita "I get the gist of what you’re saying. But there is no way I can fight against sleepiness. I’ll join you when I wake up."
Tinia "Arthur, is she really a knight of the Round Table? Perhaps you should reconsider?"
99 Barely Awake Support - Juanita Icon.png Support - Candy Icon.png
Candy "Juanita! Are you still sleeping?! I’ve made a candy to keep you awake! I’m going to wake you up with this!"
Juanita "Zzz..."
Candy "Sleep while you can. You’ll be awake soon enough. Take this!"
Juanita "Hm? Oh, hey. Thanks for the candy, Candy. It’s really...zzz..."
Candy "Stay awake! Was that it? You were only awake long enough to make that lame pun. All my work for this?!"

Volume 6[]

160 to 185[]

No. Title Characters Story
160 Impervious [1][3] Specific - Lady Kai Icon.png Specific - Joan of Arc Icon.png Specific - Nadezhda Icon.png
Lady Kai "*Sniff*...Um, do I smell okay? Perhaps I sweat too much?"
Joan of Arc "Don’t worry! We’re fine! Just because we fight day in and day out doesn’t mean we smell!"
Nadezhda "Both of you are wearing heavy armor. Perhaps you’ve gotten used to the smell..."
161 Same But Different Support - Klackie Icon.png Support - Reese Icon.png
Klackie "Sharp teeth! A slim body! I am the amazing avant-garde mage girl! How do you like that?!"
Reese "I’m not exactly sure."
Klackie "This aura of a young avant-garde girl perfectly meets the needs of today’s society."
Reese "Oh really? I wonder about that..."
Klackie "Well, in all fairness, Reese, you’ve got the face going for you, but you’re a bit too...developed."
Reese "Hey! I never asked for these things."
Klackie "What? You’ve been blessed with such wonderful melons, and you don’t want them? Hand ‘em over! I’ll take them!"
Reese "You’re crazy! That’s impossible! I thought you were happy being the amazing avant-garde mage girl?!"
Klackie "Are you an idiot?!"
162 Just Playing Support - Lusca Icon.png Second - Rexanne Icon.png
Rexanne "D’oh! Mah bawl floo rite into the water hazard. Om sucha klutz."
Lusca "Did you lose this gold ball? Or was it this silver ball?"
Rexanne "Geez! Hoos a you? You’s jus come poppin’ out this pond ere... You’s a creepy!"
Lusca "..."
Rexanne "And wuz wit dat gold bawl? You’s some character! You’s tryin to corrupt mah innoncence by tempting me wit gold?8"
Rexanne "You’s a crazy person!"
Lusca "... ... ... ... ... ..."
Rexanne "Well? Got nuthin to say?"
Lusca "You stupid brat trash vermin! I was just trying to have some fun and yet you called me creepy!"
Lusca "You ever listen to yourself? You’re the creepy one! Stupid! Idiot!"
Rexanne "Them words hurt more than stones..."
164 Misunderstanding Support - Pollygraff Icon.png Support - Alma Icon.png
Pollygraff "Whoa!"
Alma "Watch out!!!"
Pollygraff "...ngh."
Alma "Phew. That was a close call. You’re lucky I’m good at lassoing."
Pollygraff "Thank you."
Alma "Is that doll that important to you?"
Pollygraff "Yes. It’s important. But can you..."
Alma "Oh right. Let me get my rope off of you."
Pollygraff "Hm?"
Alma "A girl, entangled tightly in rope. A fall from grace...sounds pretty cool, huh?"
Pollygraff "You’re scaring me..."
168 A Minstrel’s Words [1] Stellar - Lyra Icon.png Support - Iliad Icon.png
Lyra "Iliad, you play a stringed instrument? I play the harp. Why not perform together?"
Lyra "Don’t worry if you can’t. Just tell me."
Iliad "I am a minstrel~ Do you wish to become a minstrel too? Then, sing with me..."
Lyra "No, I don’t want to become a minstrel. I just want to perform together. Vega is calling for me. Maybe next time!"
Iliad "Oh lord, why is it that when I sing my song, they all run along~"
169 Effective Milk [1] Support - Cookie Icon.png Second - Funk Icon.png
Cookie "We got some fresh milk from Britain! Thought you’d like to taste it first, Funk!"
Funk "Thanks! Wow! This is good! But this isn’t Briton milk. It’s milk from Camelot, from cows raised by the faeries."
Cookie "No way?! You are drinking such effective milk, and yet you never grow an inch!"
Funk "Leave me alone!"
172 To Be Loved Support - Fyne Icon.png Second - Oryll Icon.png Support - Harun Icon.png
Harun "Sigh...where are all the good men? I want to find my soulmate..."
Oryll "The name’s Oryll! I’m a feral child raised in the open grasslands and I look great wearing bones!"
Harun "Sigh...there must be a kindred spirit out there! Oh where could he be?"
Fyne "Miss, I could show you paradise if you just come with me. Now, take my hand..."
Fyne "Your legs are so fair... I’d love to give them a leg rub... Tee hee!"
Harun "Come on! Aren’t there any decent men in Camelot?!"
177 Good Kid Second - Borda Icon.png Student - Gareth Icon.png Student - Peridod Icon.png
Borda "Peridod! Help me out, will ya?"
Student - Peridod "Huh? No way!"
Borda "I can’t carry all this by myself. I’ll just have to carry on tomorrow. The kids will be so disappointed."
Student - Peridod "Ugh. Fine. I’ll help."
Student - Gareth "That kid... She surprises me sometimes."
Time passed.
Student - Peridod "I’m done. Where’s my reward?"
Borda "Oh. Did you want one?"
Student - Peridod "That’s what I was after."
178 New Camelot Castle Project Student - Hector de Maris Icon.png Command - Guinevere Icon.png Support - Aphidna Icon.png
Aphidna "We need to get rid of this lame architecture and rebuild Camelot Castle into something more beautiful!"
Guinevere "That’s a great idea! While we’re at it, let’s make my room bigger and Arthur’s room much smaller..."
Aphidna "We’ll increase the number of quarters for knights as well! Strawberry patterns for curtains and walls~!"
Student - Hector de Maris "And who’s paying for this renovation? Why don’t you two clean up your rooms first."

Volume 7[]

186 to ???[]

No. Title Characters Story
192 Addiction Second - Suneka Icon.png Support - Aklys Icon.png
Akyls "Hey, you over there. Won't you dance to the beat of my drum?"
Suneka "Not interested."
Akyls "Now now, hear me out. You can lift your spirits through dance. Here I go!"
Suneka "I said I'm not interested... What the... my body!"
Akyls "See? Fun, right? I've never seen anyone dance like this before!"
Suneka "Why am I doing such an embarrassing dance?!"
Akyls "You're really into it! I'm going to turn it up a notch!"
Suneka "N-Nooooo!"
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