I've been progressing through the Four Symobls event and was happy that I had managed to secure well over 30-40 copies of Vermillion Bird so not only could I max her I could use the remaining copies as fodder. So I set my sites on her Holo version, vigorously hunting down any "awakened" (I hate the term aroused) copies of her so that I might find her Holo version. Now with 7 days over I am still wholly unable to find a Holo version of her, but before that I am unable to find a Holo of anything at all. As of right now the only Holo in my collection is apparently a Lyonesse or whatever her name is that I accidentally fused away, no biggie being that she is of low rarity, but other than that I have had nothing, NOTHING. Not only am I wholly unable to find the Holo for Vermillion Bird, but no drops and I mean absolutely zero of the drops have received are Holo.

Are they really that freaking goddamn rare? Is this normal? My brother who started playing at the same time as me said he has obtained the Holo's for not only Vermillion Bird but also White Tiger and I think he is likely to get Black Tortoise's Holo soon as well. So again I ask, is this normal? Or is my luck with RNG so abyssmally bad that I should just uninstall the game and quit because I will never get anywhere no matter how much time or effort I put into the game?

I apologize that it turned into a rant towards the end but I am just so freaking pissed off and frustrated right now. My only goal for this god forsaken event was a MLB Holo Vermillion Bird, but is that to lofty a goal, to far a distnace? So again I ask, is this normal? Are Holo's realistically impossible to obtain? Are there other Arthurs who share my frustration? Please let me know, any information would be appreciated.

Standing on 50+ copies now without any Holos so as it stands less than 2% chance I guess? Also 20+ copies of White Tiger also a no show for Holos...

Update: So 2 weeks and 60+ copies later I finally got my Holo. I ended up answering my own question. It's is not quite impossible and my melo drama was not warranted. That said the drop rate is still ungodly low, not as bad as other games *cough* AGG *cough*, but still low. Well whatever the case maybe I'm now content, but still fighting hard in hopes of getting Holo Taiga, here's hoping it drops in this last week. 

Good luck to the rest of you as well.

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